February 8, 2023

This animation shows the actions the stimulant Ritalin has on the brain, when used inappropriately by a healthy individual. This simulation hopes to address the growing concern of stimulants in schools. The message is illustrated by two sisters, (Ellen) who has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), and her sister Joan, who just wants to try Ritalin out of curiosity. The video illustrates how the focus center of the brain works and why it works differently for children with ADHD from those who do not have ADHD. Other concepts covered by the animation are how stimulants act on the focus center of the brain, how brain stimulants are absorbed in the body, and the type of side effects they can have when used improperly. The intended audience for this video is school aged children, especially middle school through high school kids. We recommend that the video be followed by a class discussion about proper medicinal use of Ritalin.

Here we have ellen and joan they are sisters ellen is the younger sister she is 14 in middle school and takes ritalin for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or adhd her medications help her focus in school and learn like the rest of her classmates ellen also uses ritalin to focus on her homework after school ellen’s doctor put her on ritalin when she was in

Elementary school and was told that this medicine was just for her joan is a few years older and in high school she is a junior in taking a lot of difficult classes joan has a lot of things in her life competing for her time whether it’s spending time with friends from school or after school practices for lacrosse she never seems to have enough time to sit down and

Focus on her study she gets very worried about her grades and has been looking for a way to make studying easier she recently discovered that some of her classmates have been taking drugs to help them study joan has known that ellen has been on ritalin for a few years now and is thinking of trying one of her sisters pills to study for a test that she has this week

We are going to take a look at why taking study drugs won’t be this easy fix that joan is looking for now as we all know the part of our body that helps us focus and learn is the brain let’s take a closer look at jones the brain is the most important and complex organ in your body it sends signals to all parts of your body your muscles your stomach and especially

Your heart this part of the brain is called the basal ganglia and it’s job is to help you focus on tasks like active listening now to understand how the focus center of joan’s brain works we are going to have to go down to the level of single brain cells when we look closer we can see these long branch cells called dendrites they allow the brain to send signals to

Other parts of the brain into places all over the body here is one of the sites where two dendrites meet this area is called a synapse let’s see how the signal gets passed on these small molecules are called dopamine dopamine has many jobs in the body here in the synapse is working to make john concentrate on something the movement of the dopamine from one brain

Cell to another is always happening even when we are asleep when john’s brain wants to concentrate more on something it will send more signals using more dopamine now let’s take a look at alan’s brain and find out why adhd causes her brain to work a little differently pez ellen has adhd her brain doesn’t allow her to send the necessary signals for her to focus for

Long periods of time this is why ella needs to take drugs like ritalin ritalin comes in many shapes and sizes pills capsules liquid and some people even take it as a patch this is a single drug molecule ritalin ritalin is a drug that gets into the body and goes right up to the brain to help send better signals adderall concerta medidate are other medicines that do

The same thing as ritalin joan has decided to take a few of her sisters ritalin pills before she gets to the studying she needs to do for her big calculus test in a few days she feels very nervous about taking the pills because she hasn’t been on any drugs before unless she was sick how long will they last well they work right away i hope these do the trick have to

Ace this test it is only seven if i take them now that gives me a solid three hours study now when joan’s brain receives the ritalin and has a different reaction than ellen’s brain because joan does not have adhd her brain is going to overreact to the amount of signals being sent joan’s brain is being flooded with dopamine and then this happens joan is not just

Going to be concentrating more but it’s going to cause the rest of her body to react about a half hour after joan took the ritalin pills she knows that along with the increased focus she had begun sweating breathing very fast her hands have started to shake she has started to feel nauseous she has become very anxious and has developed a nervous twitch dealing with

All these side effects makes it hard for joan to study and before she knows it three hours have gone by and it’s 10 o’clock if she wants to get enough sleep for tomorrow she will have to go to bed soon joan gets ready for bed and lies down but can’t seem to fall asleep because of her edelyn she sits awake in bed till one o’clock to alert to sleep but too exhausted

To study joan begins to think was turning to drugs really helping her can you guys help me what do i do now you

Transcribed from video
Abuse of ADHD Drugs By URIanimation