May 29, 2023

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Twenty three percent or fifty two million adults in the united states consume drugs each week that contains sedum if in it’s a little bit of a cause for concern when you find out that there is a connection between this drug and autism and children today we are going to briefly talk about a new study connecting autism to acetaminophen i think we can all agree that

An epidemic of autism and other neurological disorders is happening in our present time something doesn’t seem right it doesn’t seem natural for so many people to be improperly developing and getting so sick i believe most of these conditions we are seeing in this day and age our mainly man-made and just rarely caused by nature on its own one example of this would

Be a new study in spain showing that the use of acetaminophen may be part of the cause the over-the-counter drug acetaminophen aka paracetamol is commonly used by women during pregnancy the drug is mainly used to reduce fever and pain the study aim to examine the health effects of early life exposure to acetaminophen expectant mothers were interviewed by trained

Evaluators using standardized questionnaires twice at weeks 12 and 32 of pregnancy and one of the questions they asked the mothers if they were taking any medication sporadically or continuously a month before becoming pregnant or during pregnancy based on the answers and the questionnaires they determined how many trimesters they were exposed to acetaminophen

Neuropsychological development was tested on the children at different ages up to five years of age using various tests to determine if the drug had any effect over 40% of the children were exposed to acetaminophen 66 percent of the reports were used for pain relief the results found that exposure to the drug was associated with lower attention function development

Along with a greater risk for adhd in dsm-iv hyperactivity / impulsivity symptoms compared to non exposed children male children showed more autism spectrum symptoms compared to females there are numerous ways acetaminophen could have harmed the body causing neurodevelopmental issues all of which will have to eventually be studied to confirm them males could have

Been affected differently because acetaminophen may be able to disrupt the endocrine system affecting testicular function and the production of androgens the male brain may also be more vulnerable to stressors early in life compared to females stimulation of the endocannabinoid system which could potentially affect neuronal deferment ation x on all migration

Synapse positioning or immune modulation toxicity due to deficits and salvation’ capacity which is reduced during pregnancy and in some autistic children and oxidative stress besides all the complexity involved in the study it did indeed show a connection to autism that we should all be aware of not only does it affect brain development it also affects empathy

And the amount of joy you experience you may want to look into natural plant-based pain relievers instead of acetaminophen so you can enjoy life more well that’s it for this video if you haven’t yet be sure to watch my other video on acetaminophen affecting empathy hit like on this video like your life depends on it share this video with anyone you know that takes

This drug especially if they are pregnant and subscribe to my channel if you’re new i upload numerous health videos so that you won’t want to miss as always i’m brenna gogi and i’ll see you in the next video bye stay motivated urban survivors by the way this study was simplified in this video for media purposes see the full study in the link below you

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Acetaminophen & Autism Spectrum Disorder By Brandon Lawes