January 27, 2023

All about APAP! This video will help you understand APAP in the prehospital world or if you are studying for your NREMT. Let’s start a discussion, comment down below!

Right welcome back everyone i’m frank the firemedic in this video we’re going to be talking all about cmenopin also known as tylenol apap or panadol so first things first um what’s sc class what does it do it’s an antipyretic so it reduces fevers and it’s a non-narcotic analgesic so it has mild to moderate pain relief effects so cmfn mechanism mechanism

Of action why does it work how does it work well xenomation targets um clear oxygenase enzymes that produces prostaglandins that are responsible for pain and fever so this little diagram on the side i just found it a little while ago it’s kind of a good illustration of what kind of happens with the fever and pain aspect so starts with injury infection and goes

All the way down to some membrane disruption which affects the phospholipids and then after that goes to the arcanidotic acid and then that starts affecting the colonoscopy this inhibits inhibited inhibition sorry about that which then affects prostaglandins which then reduces your pain and fever or increases your pain fever and then we get acetaminophen to

Reduce the fever it’s genome acetaminophen pharmacokinetics i can not talk to apologize so it starts working within 15 to 30 minutes um again with any of these medications um but this one can be given orally and directly so typically orally it’s gonna take a little bit longer about 20 to 30 minutes since it has to go through the whole gi system rectally is

Going to be a little bit faster since it kind of bypasses that acidity of the stomach let’s go on the the reverse direction so there’s a lot more absorption a little bit faster so when do we give you cmf and again this is very dependent on your local protocols typically we give this to pediatric patients or children less than 12 years old if they have a fever of

Greater than 102.2 degrees fahrenheit or 39 degrees celsius who are conscious and alert if they’re conscious and alert we can give it orally depending on your protocols if they’re out of it not completely alert not completely conscious you might be able to give it regularly it just kind of depends on your protocols recent seizure if it is a suspected hypothermic

Seizure or hypothermia is the suspected cause of the seizure then you can give this medication just make sure it’s not environmental heat causes because that’s completely different pharmacology whereas you just want to get them out of that hot environment which is external rather than an infection injury colds or sicknesses whatever whatever it might be which

Is more of an internal cause of these higher temperatures and then you can get from mild moderate pain again i’ve seen some protocols where you don’t give it for pain whatsoever some protocols that allow you to just make sure you study your own protocols but this is kind of just a general general indications of what i could find in several different protocols

So some contraindications um known liver disease uh chronic alcohol abuse which kind of goes along with liver disease um and if they have taken the cinnamon filling in the last four hours now these for these the first two liver disease and chronic alcohol abuse that’s going to pertain more towards the adult side rather than the pediatric and again if you can give

This for adults in your protocols just you got to know that stuff because the cmf and is very hard on your liver and if they’ve taken the same meth in the last four hours you don’t want to overdo it you don’t want to give them too much of course so another thing you got to consider which would be in one of the next few slides where i talked about a little bit

Is that a lot of medications contain cm medicine even though that might not be the main reason why they’re taking that medication so you just got to make sure you get a good patient history a good over-the-counter and prescription medications and try to find the bottle see if that contains any cmf so some precautions like we just said um make sure you consider

That when you’re calculating your dosage again that’s completely depend on protocol if you’re allowed to change the dosage if they have taken this knife within the last four hours most of them i have seen that do not allow you to give it at all um meghan tolley protocol dependent let me know in the comments below if you guys are able to give it if they’ve already

Over taken scene four hours i’m kind of curious i haven’t seen very many protocols that allow you to yeah just let me know side effects there’s none in the pre-hospital setting i haven’t been able to find any acute side effects you know there might be a little bit of stomach pain associated with it if they’re sensitive to the medication and your dosage for

The little pediatrics typically it’s 15 milligrams a kilogram to maximum of a thousand milligrams total and orally directly and again that’s really protocol dependent i haven’t seen very many protocols that aren’t 15 milligrams a kilogram i have seen it where you’re not you typically don’t forget it’s adults and only pediatrics just something to consider your

Overdose management um some signs and symptoms sweating anorexia which anorexia it’s not in one of the protocols i decided to put it in there that’s going to be definitely more of a long-term side effect and that definitely in my opinion that shouldn’t be your your first thought if they’re having a cmf and overdose because of a lot of other different causes for

Anorexia as well as sweating margin vomiting abdominal pain cramping diarrhea there’s so many different signs and symptoms that mimic this um so just just get a good history if you can i’ll get a good medication list um so if they did overdose and acetaminophen um your go-to is gonna activate charcoal um and pretty much every protocol i’ve seen is you only give

It within 20 within two hours of ingestion or if you get online medical controls approval to give it if it’s after two hours that’s pretty much it guys um thanks for thanks for joining me on this quick uh medicine lesson uh let me know what you guys think if you have any questions comments concerns uh put it in the description um if you guys protocols are different

I would love to know or if you don’t agree with something i said i love having discussions so yeah let me know like like comment subscribe it really helps me out i know i’m just getting started and i love teaching it helps me learn as well hopefully it helps you guys learn as well or at least have a review all right see you guys you

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Acetaminophen – EMT/Paramedic Medications By Frank The Fire Medic