May 29, 2023

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Today we are going to see about the acetaminophen that is paracetamol so the action of acetaminophen that is paracetamol is it blocks the pain impulses which is uh generated in the peripheral area that occurs in the response to inhibitions of prostaglandin synthesis and basically now there is a myth of acetaminophen that it is work as an anti-inflammatory drug

But it does not possess anti-inflammatory drug properties and it is also used in antibiotic action results from inhibitions of prostaglandin in the cns so basically so basically a hypothalamic heat regulation center coming to the uses of that uh it is like uh your uh acetaminophen is used on as a mild to moderate pain or a fever and don’t get confused and aspirin

And asynchrony and all things uh because mostly it is uh or like a normal um layman words uh like ester menophin is called as aspirin fa or aspirin three and as in mostly they are confused in this it is also used in dental pain and dysmenorrhea so what it is basically uh it is a menstrual cram so for this purpose also ester menophane is used my myalgia wherein

Muscle pain osteoarthritis which is a very down of cartilage or in joint basically it is mostly seen in the uh like uh in the elder age like to say uh old age and erythralgia wherein it is a pain in joint so hope you are cleared with the action and the uses coming to the dose part uh your varian i have not written in the page uh so it is like uh it is in

The form of uh suppository uh soft suit tablet with the caps and even in the oral uh and even in an iv it is in liquid form also in an oral draw form also so guys the side effects of the acetaminophon is hepato toxicity renal failure and ut carrier wherein those there will be or if the patient or the person who is taking if he is having any kind of allergy

Or some he is not getting like it is not suiting to him then he will be having rashes in the skin anemia neutropenia and jaundice let’s see the pharmacokinetics so 80 to 90 percent metabolized by liver and because of that reasons it is metabolized in liver because of that reason uh as a health education or as a nursing responsibility we need to check the liver

Function test liver function test coming to the next it it is excreted by the kidney so even for as a nursing consideration we have to check the kidney if any uh in findings there is blood then it means there is a nephritis is formed if it in the like you know we have to check like a renal function test so it is like in a kidney we can check the creatinine

Level and urea and unmore is bun so guys not only the blood but also albumin if this both content is seen there is a present so it is like nephritis is that metabolized may be toxic if overdose occur widely distributed and it also cross pleasant at the main highlighted point over here it also crossed the placenta in low concentration form so basically if any

Pregnancy women is the contra indications guys just don’t uh let tell or educate them don’t take any uh opioid like it is an analogy kind of thing so don’t take it and it is excreted in the breast milk also i have done a little bit of mistake i have not written yes over here and the other thing other part is the half-life that is half-life of this acetaminophen

Is one to four hour as i’ve already informed what is half-life the time it takes for amount of drug active uh substance in your body to reduce and in a simpler way i can tell to to determine uh for uh like why we need to know this because we have to like to determine the ex uh excretion rate coming to the other is in oral form the onset what is onset it is like

In a hindi we can say it like a shrub or stan starting point where in 10 to 30 it is 10 to 30 minutes and the peak point or like it is the highest levels of medication is present in the blood so it is like half to two hour and the duration will be four to six hour and if you are taking ester menophone in the form of iv then the peak level will be guys 30 to 1 to

20 minutes if it is in the form of suppository like a rectal suppository the onset is slow and the peak is one to two hour and the duration is for four to six hour absorptions varies according to the person like it varies and i hope this is clear little bit uh i i have guys missed one thing in this that is acetaminophen is like the chemical class of this is a

Non salicylate salicy late it is non salicylate and the function classes is it is a non-opioid analgesic as well as an antibiotic so for ester menophone guys you have to remember uh n and a and for non-opioid analysis and you can tell it like analgesic but if you will tell non-opioids so it will be very good and the other thing is anti-piratics so by this

Word you will get to know it is working for a fever as well as for pain so thank you so much for attending hope this is helpful helpful for you

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Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) mechanism of action,side effects, uses, nursing consideration in detail By Klitzy Study