June 1, 2023

ACETAMINOPHEN RECTAL Medicine, Acetaminophen rectal (Acephen) generic: USES, DOSAGE & SIDE EFFECTS.

What is acetaminophen rectal used for and how does it work acetaminophen rectal is an over-the-counter otc product used as a fever reducer pain reliever antipyretic analgesic acetaminophen rectal is available under the following different brand names ocean feverall fever all infants fever all junior strength and adults fever all dosages of acetaminophen rectal

Dosage forms and strengths suppository 80 milligrams 120 milligrams 325 milligrams 650 milligrams dosage considerations should be given as follows antipyretic slash analgesic adults and children over 12 years 325 to 650 milligrams rectally every four to six hours as needed not to exceed four grams slash day six to 12 years 325 milligrams rectally every four to

Six hours as needed three to six years 120 milligrams rectally every four to six hours as needed one to three years 80 milligrams rectally every four hours as needed three months to one year 80 milligrams rectally every 6 hours as needed maximum daily dose children under 12 years not to exceed 5 doses slash 24 hours administration patient should lie on left side

With knees bent remove protective wrap before inserting gently insert tip into rectum with slight side to side movement tip of suppository pointing toward navel what are side effects associated with using acetaminophen rectal common side effects of acetaminophen underscore rectal include itching rash hives rectal discomfort angioedema increase in bilirubin

Alkaline phosphatase kidney toxicity chronic overdose kidney injury decrease in chloride glucose uric acid throat swelling agranulocytosis decrease in bicarbonate sodium calcium low white blood cell count leukopenia neutropenia low white blood cell count low red blood cell count low platelets pancytopenia low platelets thrombocytopenia thrombocytopenic purpura

Anaphylactoid reaction this document does not contain all possible side effects and others may occur what other drugs interact with acetaminophen rectal if your doctor has directed you to use this medication your doctor or pharmacist may already be aware of any possible drug interactions and may be monitoring you for them do not start stop or change the dosage

Of any medicine before checking with your doctor health care provider or pharmacist first acetaminophen rectal has no listed severe interactions with other drugs moderate interactions of acetaminophen rectal include evaporatinib accident diclisimab l tramapag phlebancerin imatinib isoniazid ivacafter lemborexin levonorgestrel oral slash ethynol stradial

Slash ferrous bischlycinate laminipide midazolam intranasal mipo mercen tasmetostat tetrocaine tonitazole acetaminophen rectal has mild interactions with at least 54 different drugs what are warnings and precautions for acetaminophen rectal warnings this medication contains acetaminophen rectal do not take a sephen feverall fever all infants fever all junior

Strength or adults fever all if you are allergic to acetaminophen rectal or any ingredients contained in this drug contraindications hypersensitivity cautions acetaminophen is available in many dosage forms and products check label carefully to avoid overdose risk of hepatotoxicity is higher in alcoholics chronic high dose or use of more than one acetaminophen

Containing product g6pd deficiency risk for rare but serious skin reactions that can be fatal these reactions include stevens-johnson syndrome sjs toxic epidermal necrolysis ten and acute generalized examples pustulosis agep symptoms may include skin redness blisters and rash pregnancy and lactation acetaminophen rectal may be acceptable for use during pregnancy

Either animal studies show no risk but human studies are not available or animal studies showed minor risks and human studies were done and showed no risk acetaminophen rectal crosses the placenta but is considered safe to use in all stages of pregnancy short term consult your doctor acetaminophen rectal is excreted in breast milk acetaminophen rectal is compatible

With breastfeeding pregnant or breastfeeding patients should seek advice of a health professional before using over-the-counter otc drugs

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ACETAMINOPHEN RECTAL Medicine, Acetaminophen rectal (Acephen) generic: USES, DOSAGE & SIDE EFFECTS By Medicines/Diseases