June 4, 2023

This question came up a lot so in just going to refer all those questions to this video

Hey guys so i’m just gonna shoot all these videos back to back i’m wearing the same shirt i’m doing them all at the same time i got tons of questions about painkillers difference between tylenol ibuprofen acetaminophen advil i thought this was going to be easy for me to answer until i realized that these drugs have different names in different countries i’ll

Try to put up a visual to kind of differentiate them i probably didn’t capture all the different names so it’s called something else in a different country and i didn’t talk about it i’m sorry you know just show me a message similarities between the two drugs tylenol acetaminophen and advil ibuprofen or other drugs in that class naproxen they both work for

Fever and pain but they have different mechanisms tylenol kind of works one way the other ones are in a class called nsaids non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs first difference is that nsaids have anti-inflammatory properties if you have an injury that has some kind of inflammatory component that might be a better choice there are some downsides to the nsaids

They can harm the stomach so you have to take it with food they are very broadly speaking their blood thinners if you’re for example somebody who’s on a different blood thinner or taking something else you need to pay attention to that a lot of people ask when can you use this drug and how do you use it first don’t get the wrong idea for most healthy people

Short-term use of these drugs is fine right they’re over-the-counter for a reason if you follow the instructions don’t go over the maximum dose and you don’t have any other diseases and you just have a headache or some pain it should be fine to take these but there are disease states that you have to be very careful of before taking them high blood pressure

Liver disease kidney disease if you have liver disease if you have something that affects the liver you might want to avoid tylenol you have high blood pressure kidney disease problems with bleeding you want to make sure you check with the doctor before you take any nsaids ibuprofen advil cetera but one more thing i want to make sure i throw in there there is

This drug called aspirin it’s very common there’s something called baby aspirin it’s 81 milligram it’s a very low dose we give it to patients who are at risk for future cardiovascular events i don’t understand why we still call it baby aspirin because we don’t give it to babies there’s something called rye syndrome r-e-y-e-s i found the clip of it in a movie

Called black mass this child he had rye syndrome nobody knew they kept giving him aspirin and it made his condition worse and eventually he died that’s the real thing okay so don’t get asked for the children check with the doctor first that’s why make sure i add that in there okay but but again for the most part tylenol ibuprofen for most healthy young people

It’s okay to take it in the short term to treat short-term pain

Transcribed from video
Acetaminophen Vs Ibuprofen + NSAIDS By RxJohnwu