June 4, 2023

Do you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn? ❤️🔥

It’s time to relieve your acid reflux by taking a breath check this out so how is a physio supposed to help you with acid reflux that symptom of burning pain in the chest often referred to as heartburn well it’s simple i see this a lot in the clinic and i see it in conjunction with a lot of other problems that people come through the door with the same problems

Relating to a poor circulation and that poor circulation coming as a result of a suppressed diaphragm your diaphragm is your main breathing muscle your diaphragm is located at the bottom of your ribcage it wraps all the way around on the inside of the rib cage now the important part to bear in mind with your diaphragm is that it is also consider to be the floor of

The heart and the ceiling of the stomach that is it divides the two sections of your thoracic cavity take a look at this image and i want you to see how that diaphragm is designed we’re looking up inside the rib cage now as if we’re looking up the inside on top of a tent and when you look at that image it’s labeled to show you where you have these three hiatus these

Three openings through the diaphragm check out that opening right in the middle of the diaphragm that is your esophageal hiatus that means it’s the opening for the pipe to go through that carries your food to your stomach so where does this all fit in it’s so simple okay when you take something into the mouth to eat when you drink you are passing it down through

Your esophagus it travels down through the cervical the neck part of the esophagus into the thoracic part the middle back part of the esophagus and eventually through your diaphragm and then into your stomach now if you suffer with heartburn before you start taking that medication lands up result omeprazole the acid reducing medication that the doctors going to

Prescribe you i urge you to try this out first the very likelihood of you having this reflux is more related to use pressing your diaphragm now this relates more to as we’ve said before the posture that you’re in the most causing emotional problems so before you take any medication consider how you’re sitting how you’re spending most of your time during the day

And if you are rounding off if you’re sitting in a chair looking at your screen again with your head going forwards you’re not only blocking the esophagus up at the throat but you’re compressing it at its hiatus at its opening at the diaphragm you’re closing the diaphragm down by suppressing it at the front of the ribcage so how do you fix it it’s really simple

All i want you to start practicing is some slow and low deep abdominal breaths trickle the air in breathe as slow as you can and send that breath down if your stomach in doing so you’re going to start to open up your rib cage you’re gonna flare the ribs apart you’re going to work those intercostal muscles and stretch the ribs but at the same time you’re going to

Ask your diaphragm to work a lot harder as you work that diaphragm more so than you will do on a regular basis you’re going to stretch it open and as you stretch your diaphragm open it takes the pressure off of those hiatuses off of those openings so it’s not compressing your esophagus it’s not squeezing the esophagus stopping the food going into the stomach and

Sending it back up causing that heartburn you start to expand the chest as you were designed to do as you used to do when you were a kid so really simple if you want to try and fix your acid reflux symptoms that feeling of burning in the throat in the chest the heart burns and symptom that you’re getting really simple regular deep abdominal breaths expand your

Ribcage give it a go let me know how you get on if you’re having any more problems with it and you want to ask feel free details are along the bottom of the screen see in a bit

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Acid Reflux- How To Fix It! Part 1 – The Theory By Challenge Physio