March 24, 2023

Hey guys what’s up i did january 2019 happy new years i haven’t posted anything in but since i don’t know what is it total remaining november i don’t know that’s been a while ah you know holidays were really busy i cooked for thanksgiving and for christmas our dog got sick he’s better now my whole family got sick my kids me and my husband and then we got hit like we

Got flu and then the stomach bug like one after the other so it was crying not so fun but um yeah we’ve been doing a lot of updates to the house we have finished scraping all the ceilings of the popcorn made popcorn ceilings got that all gone we took out the scene boards that are in are we living on cash at home so and we sealed everything up and now we just need

To texture paint but anyway if it’s not the point of this video at all if you watched any my other videos i am documenting my journey on the drug spironolactone it is well it’s a diuretic but i’m using it for its prescribed for me for cystic acne hormonal acne specifically i actually don’t have mm like a weird fluctuations with my hormones but i’m just sensitive

To androgen hormones like testosterone all the male hormones cuz it makes me produce way too which oil o’clock my pores breaks me out frick’s mess you know i have tried everything that you can think besides accutane all natural to seeing a skin specialist to buying the fancy at sephora doing the fancy acne kits all that stuff i’ve tried it all spironolactone is

The only thing that is actually really worked my acne is 99.9% gone like i swear dudes the freakiest thing well like since i started it i have not gotten one six so that was crazy i still was like having pimples like these little tiny whitehead pimples close comic coma tones or whatever you want to call them i was still getting those in like a break get like three

And then they go away and then maybe next month next month around my period i’d get a little break out again but every time i have that breakout it gets smaller and smaller than the previous one so now get like maybe one tiny little clothes coming down or whitehead i don’t know what they’re called but literally it’s like you can scratch it off with your nail and

Go about your day it’s nothing it won’t doesn’t leave scars or anything like that i mean it it’s a trip right now i have my it cc cream which is like my favorite now i really like the ingredients and i love a lot of ingredients kids fighting huh okay so yeah i’ve been using my cc cream for a year now i used to always have to wear my estee lauder double wear when

I go out or do anything like that which i don’t have to do anymore which is such a relief because that that makeup is like paint y’all like that will stick to your skin i mean it’s great but personally i just want to um kind of get away from all that makeup i was using i mean literally you guys since i was 12 i had these this acne that was just awful and um and

Anyway um i just cover my face with like makeup every single day thick makeup powder just blush concealer highlight bronzer i mean then the spray like setting spray it’s just so much too much i couldn’t i can’t keep up with it anymore i’ve done it for so long like the years i’m 27 now so for a long time it feels so amazing to be able to just put some of that at

Cc cream on like hands and just what like put it on my face like i don’t need to use a sponge like you sad that the beauty blender which is a get every three or four months because it gets really nasty even if you wash it every day which i did but i just i’m so happy to not have to use so much on my face anyway um it’s time to give it a break i’d say anyway um

So i’ve been using that and it’s been really well i wanted to tell you guys like my favorite products of 2018 i know this is a sephora bag i love i still love sephora i like i don’t hate makeup at all i just don’t want to have to use it as a mmm i have know how to explain it i it was my security blanket you know um covered my face and made me feel good and helped

Me through high school and all that but i just want a hat feel to wear it when i want to wear it not like i have to wear it because like even they at home you would worry about like someone knocking on the door or come on with your house unexpectedly or even just being on my own husband who i’ve been with forever you still feel kind of like without makeup and i

Have like something like pickaxe scars like those little they look it looks like enlarged pores i guess some of them um but that’s for another battle another day i’m just so thankful that i don’t have these big dark horrible pictures with crazy scars hi baby we need pants okay my name is sun – yo wants boo-boo what’s he breastfeed god help me i’m trying to wean

God help me anyway um i don’t know what i was saying before huh something about makeup i don’t know but i wanted to tell you guys like my favorite products of 2018 that i’m going to definitely be repurchasing this year and the first thing i want to talk about is sunscreen and i hope y’all wearing sunscreen because this should be a staple in your life i can never

Wore sunscreen ever even when i go to the beach in rocky point or go to california or whatever i mean i live in arizona so i won’t talk about the beaches i mean i live in arizona we get sun all the time and i never wore sunscreen i mean my cc cream has sunscreen but that’s not enough i started watching like like the dermatologist money too name’s dr. dre you

Probably heard of her but if not check her out but she really explains the importance of sunscreen and the differences between physical chemical sunscreens and her just recommend a recommendations are overall so the one i just have been in love with is neutrogena clear face breakout free liquid lotion sunscreen it’s a broad-spectrum spf 30 they have a spf 55

1/2 but i’m kind of scared to do that one just because this one works so well i’d hate to get that one in it’d be a little funny texture wise or work funny with my makeup this not only does it look like pretty alone like on our skin is it it’s got too much i met the cone in it and silica so it’s crap that stuff too like what about a primers have so this is like

Basically to me anyway i use it as a primer – it’s a primer and a sunscreen or it works really well as a primer my makeup at least really likes it i was pretty sad because i got this on the power of tiger grass sick a pair derma green solution it’s dr. jart and it is a it’s a color correcting treatment but it’s a broad-spectrum spf 30 and it says it’s like almost

Like a primer and stuff it’s green it’s a color corrector okay so it’s green but then it turns to like a beige kind of anyway it looks amazing on the skin it looks so pretty and i was like soaks i wanted to get it you know it’s like like 50 bucks or something for like a alice don’t quote me on that but it just it’s a physical sunscreen and it just did not work with

My makeup i turn into a grease ball in like 20 minutes which doesn’t happen to me because i mean it’s fire on a lactone really way my oil like oh my god so i don’t know that just made me so greasy and my makeup excuse me when i wore makeup on top my makeup like broke apart after a little while what it’s gonna have to take it all off and redo my makeup there’s me

So i i’ve been you i use this maybe three times and each time it kind of disappointed me like in the beginning me first iran is like awesome he’s seen but you know just do not work um so this sunscreen yes is a winner to me and also at night before i take my leg before i wash my face i need to take my makeup off before i cut my face i should say so what i do is i

Use 100% pure natural grape seed oil i use this in my hair as well and i freaking love it this is an 8 ounce bottle i don’t know how much it costs from sky organics i got it on amazon so it is rich in vitamins a e b and d plus all the acids and essential fatty acids that are essential for keeping your skin and hair looking their best the rest so yes i really love

This it melts and makeup right off is that the water is not gonna rinse it really well off since it’s oil really sticks to the base huh so i go in with my savi hydrating facial cleansers amazing light cleanser and it’s like a milky gel kind of substance um so those are all three things that i’m going to continue using that work amazing for me oh here is my otc

Cream i use medium if you’re wondering but this is and it’s funny because this is a physical sunscreen so i wear a physical and a chemical but they work great together so if you’re like you need something check these guys out this is their matte version it’s it’s i guess i’ve charred their other version and honestly i don’t think i could tell really the difference

But in between the cc creams i i tried their bye-bye foundation some moisturizers that mm i don’t really like that one as much as a cc cream i thought i would but i know it’s stuck to my makeup my makeup stuff like crazy not that i need it like i don’t use that sponge anymore and i barely use my brush but ah i don’t know i this is probably the one that i’m going

To continue on using okay so different gel this stuff aya was also prescribed and this is amazing these a tiny bit tiny tiny bit every single night and my face still gets kind of dry from the different gel but i use this herbivore blue tansy resurfacing clarity mask this is like the deluxe sample i got in a like a value kit and i used it all up but i got this in

August and i just finished it last week so come on and i think the full-size is like it’s pretty big and it’s expensive i think it’s like 40 40 to 50 bucks but i love it i love it i really really really really like this it it has like fruit enzymes so it eats all the dead skin cells away and then you leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then you um kind of wipe it

Off with a warm washcloth and literally it my face is so tall except for use it and i only use it maybe once to twice a week and every other week that makes sense so not okay i think that’s it oh my clinton messiaen i’m pricing that long cleansing this and glenda missin gel really like this stuff my son is on the table so every new book to i’m only 40 pages date but

If you guys listen to joe rogan or anything he recently hit a podcast on youtube check him out if you want to learn some stuff anyway he had david collins on there the very inspirational man his wrote a wonderful book called can’t hurt me and i just started it and started last night i just got it yesterday i was so excited and amazing book i’ve only been reading

It’s like a motivational self-help book i guess you can say it is and yeah if i named love joe rogan and then what’s up that podcast like saul this book i would never hit it not that i have anything against the way he looks or anything but i just i like i don’t know i wouldn’t apply i would have probably paid something girl i’m so a stupid anyway but this is an

Amazing book even amazing man it’s an amazing story and lots of cussing in it so oh that’s my face wash okay anyway so now i’m going off-track but those are the things that like i really really have lights with mm ah here’s another couple makeup things this is not this is something i step aside into something that i just thought in as a sample but i think that i

Will be purchasing the bare metal bare minerals there and i think i’m the color medium neutral this second one oh i don’t know it’s just really nice concealer for lakers i really really like this anyway that’s just something random is in here so might as well oh and this little beauty is round two but this is from tarte it’s fake awake it’s a cream eyeliner which

I never thought i would wear ever um but i wear it on my under eye right here and it just has a very nice until you look more awake i guess it’s called fake awake whatever but last name oh a whole year now okay and i have quite a bit left and that much left i mean for a year using this as much as i want a lot of the time that’s amazing so i’m calling and purchase

That again – i’m gonna course if you see my other videos i love my vaseline rosy lips my cranium yes and my lips are normally pretty brown okay so this video is so long now i don’t know i’m still watching but i hope you enjoyed my little update if you want to hear anything more about any of the products that i should be guys or if you have questions or any specific

Video please let me know i haven’t been getting the notifications to my for people commenting on my videos i just realized yesterday that people were asked i’m gonna try to get

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