December 8, 2022

Jim Belushi suffers with Gout disease a chronic form of Arthritis. He is working hard to raise awareness for this condition.

Well it’s no secret that our next guest likes to entertain he’s been a favorite to audiences for more than 30 years whether it’s on the big or a small screen or at the stage but when jim belushi went on stage one night with excruciating pain in his toe that hindered his performance he realized that something was terribly wrong the diagnosis gout jim belushi joins

Us this morning to talk about gout and what can be done and we’re also joined this morning by dr. herbert sp brav md clinical professor of medicine at george washington university good morning to the both of you good morning morning how nice to be here it’s nice to have you here and you know jim when i was given the introduction you said oh when i said 30 years i

Just didn’t realize i’ve been working that long it just feels like i still feel like an apprentice they still striving and wanting to do more and maybe i should relax a little bit no that’s good i think that’s a great thing because you’ve accomplished so much and it’s interesting because we talked about broadway when you were working on broadway we want to talk

About how you developed gout but let’s talk about your interest in broadway that seems like the next evolution for you wow it’s an actor you know i started in the theater and that was where i got my roots as an actor that’s where i got my skills and so the dream of a theatre actor was always to open a show on broadway and this year i was fortunate of to you know

Take care of one of the bucket lists and i did born yesterday on broadway this summer was it was quite an experience was cool oh how wonderful but you know why you were working on broadway that’s when you discovered you had gout what is go well god is a high levels of uric acid in the blood stream and when it gets to a certain level of the uric acid turns into

Little crystals it gets stuck in the capillaries of small capillaries around your joints mainly in the big toe but it can happen your knee and then your knuckles your elbows and it’s it’s hereditary on my part sometimes it’s diet but for my family we’ve we’ve had it and it’s just annoying oh boy it’s very painful and it comes in spurts and you have these little

Attacks for two or three days and then it started to become more frequent and i finally i was on stage one night and i couldn’t even walk onto the stage and i i’m singing in the blues brothers of dan aykroyd and i’m holding onto a chair singing i got a sock on my foot because i couldn’t put a shoe on it was so painful and i want you know this guy’s been getting in

The way of my life i can stomach it but now it’s getting away in my career i got to go to a doctor so i want the rheumatologist and got a prescription for a lead pure and all and it just your pure knowledge just completely manages this scallop well you know doctor broth it’s interesting because jim was talking a little bit about how it could be hereditary how does

A person get gout well it to a great extent it is hereditary so you have the genes your kidneys don’t handle uric acid well or you make too much uric acid and it gets to a point in the blood where the it’s it’s there’s too much for the blood to hold sort of like a packet of sugar in a glass of iced tea it precipitates out and and typically in the feet at first and

He’s right there’s no pain worse than then well you take a big man like this and turn his his toe into a big round red mass of pain it’s it out the way you describe him like it’s all starting to herb right now yeah you can’t be here this morning speaking about it we really do appreciate it because there probably so many people out there who watching our show who

Have gout or know somebody who does have gout wow there’s a lot of people there’s 8 million people out there suffering from god i got a couple buddies of mine that are suffering from it and here’s the thing about it for men especially as our egos just won’t allow us to submit to the fact that there’s something we got to take care of it’s the hardest thing about

Managing gout is that men get gout and men don’t follow directions as president discussed on your show you know when they doctor now that we are speaking about this and this is real talk here why is it that men do not want to go to the doctor why is it so difficult it is i have a buddy of mine in la it’s like man you got gout just go and get this medication ah

No i could do it i could do it i can do it i said it haven’t told me i did the same thing it just progresses and you can you could drink red wine and have a ham steak and you know don’t you get gout around christmas yeah i said because you’re putting in a lot of you know uric acid into your system it reminds me i had a patient who who came in about eight years ago

And i said look this is god this is the way you manage it you’re gonna need to be on allopurinol at the time and he said i’m not sure i want that seven years later he came back that guy’s a disaster a disaster okay okay okay which brings us to what’s called refractory chronic gout which is a very very severe it’s the other end of the spectrum that you’ve got at

One end someone who has an occasional attack of a big red hot swollen toe at the other end you’ve got deformities you’ve got lumps of uric acid that form on the joints and can even drain and and and that’s it that’s a group of patients whose gout is so severe that standard therapies just don’t work you know jim let me ask you how has having gout affected your

Day to day activities we talked about this europe isn’t god you’ve got this great career so how has gout affected you on a daily basis well you know i haven’t really experienced a flare-up in probably 10 years maybe 12 years because i think medication just manages it every day so i’m pretty i’m gout free at this point but most of all like i said people that i know

That habit are just stubborn about it you know and that’s the lesson is consistency once you’re on a good on a good regimen to stay with it and never forget it and so what are some options doctor for those living with gout today well it you know it varies from the individual who’s had one or two again doubt attacks in the last three years just treating the attack

With colchicine or anti-inflammatory is like ibuprofen or naproxen for those who are having recurrent attacks they need to lower the uric acid allopurinol oo is the drug that’s been used for years but there are two new drugs you lauric works much like allopurinol and for patients with a really severe form of gout there’s a new there’s a new drug called chris decks

Of it that lowers uric acid very dramatically can accomplish in a few months what these drugs might take 10 years to accomplish so there’s a lot there’s a lot of options out there and it’s interesting there were 40 years where there was nothing new and now in the last three years there’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s been approved and other things that are in the

Pipeline so than jim having said that what advice would you give to those millions of people out there who are living with gout today or or know somebody who is well first of all there’s a great website called check out your golf comm which gives all the information it has a survey and see where your level is that are the main thing is just to go to rheumatologist

And just check out your uric acid level and see if it’s time to start the meeting its program and keeping another control alright and where can we go for more information check out your gout calm all right we can’t they ended up once again for more information check out your gout calm thanks so much guys you guys take care how’d you daniel 5

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Actor Jim Belushi and his Doctor Discuss Gout By The Balancing Act