November 29, 2022

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Hey guys welcome back to men’s made easy’ my name is arun verma today we’re gonna be talking about adderall also known as dextroamphetamine it is used for the treatment of adhd attention deficit hyper disorder also used to be known by an ad d before and attention deficit disorder it works by they don’t really know the exact mechanism by which it works but theories

Are and the understanding is that it increases dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain which helps you focus and gives you energy so i’m not gonna go over dosages dosages get really really crazy with adderall you have extended-release formulation you have liquids you have immediate releases so you can be dosed one time a day twice a day three times a day i

Haven’t seen it up to like four times they have lower doses about the high doses for the immediate release formulations it generally kicks in in about three hours and it really has its main effect in between the hours like 4 to 6 the extended release formulations those kick in and about hit its max peak at about 7 hours and it’s good in your body for about 8 to

12 hours it works pretty effectively all these medications doing your body quite a while the half-life or the elimination and when we explain that it’s about half the medication will leave your body about 13 hours for either formulation so if we’re looking at each dose being staying in your body for a bowel you know over 24 hours so that’s just something to keep

In mind if you have a big drug test if it’s something that’s gonna flag in your drug test as you know particular to end up in the urine let’s see what else we need to know if you have any sort of renal or hepatic issues make sure that your doctor knows these things need to be kind of traded and monitor on their dos it’s a pregnancy class scene which means you

Have to kind of talk to a doctor and really weigh out the benefits of positives generally in pregnancy don’t see this that often because it can cross it can cause issues it’s a definitely a no-no in breast milk if you’re breastfeeding you do not definitely take this medication or you stop taking this medication while you breastfeed because this will get to the

Baby and then the baby will be wired and half those effects and we don’t want that why mainly because this medication is it controlled to medication it is highly addictive the abuse potential is high more than likely half of you that are watching this or watching this for the reason of just taking it to study and to get through exams or focus at work and not

Actually because you have this issue of if abd adhd and so the abuse potential is so high we see it all the time society you know just don’t don’t do it if you prescribe to take it you know then then take this medication definitely please do not party on this medication do not take their cell bed drugs alcohol all of those just it’s just a recipe for disaster

When they’re taking uppers the downers it’s just going to be harmful to your body let’s see i’m going to put up a list of the common side effects up here when patients come up to me and they go you know my kid is on there i’m on it how do i know if it’s working if it’s working too well or not enough what i want you to watch out for sleep is the number one thing

If you’re taking this medication and you don’t go to sleep too a lot later than your normal bedtime that’s maybe that’s a sign that this medication is working too good meaning we need to back off the dose a little bit lower your dosage down if you’re falling asleep too quickly in the day that’s a sign that you’re not getting enough of this medication or you’re

Losing your focus or you know you get groggy after about 34 p.m. or something like that those are the things to watch out for especially this medication your blood pressure you know people have blood pressure she’s got watch out for it because it’ll make you it’ll make your heart race because why because this medication is a stimulant it’s gonna stimulate juice

That stimulate your body’s that stimulate your heart and all other organs so you need to watch out for that also another sign that you are your doses to highest jitters do you have jitters at your body jittery that’s a classic sign that you’re on too high a big dose so i guess guys i like to make these videos short on under five minutes i think that covered all

Basics here if you have any in-depth questions please leave them down below subscribe to the channel let us know how we’re doing and if you have suggestions for other videos you want us to do send me all your medications out there you know we tried but you know it’ll take us a couple hundred and hundreds of videos to get through it every medication on the market

So if there’s one that you want us to do kind of like button x we’ve got a request for five minutes let us know and we did a video for you guys this is what it’s for we do it to help people so they get educated about the medications anyways guys thanks for tuning in to meds made easy we’ll see you next time bye

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