January 26, 2023

Adderall is a medication that as a psychiatrist i prescribe pretty often it’s used to treat attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and also can have an antidepressant effect it’s supposed to be helpful to with concentration with focus was completing tasks not getting as distracted maybe helping one to think plan and organize one

Of the theories as to why adhd occurs it’s a lack of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex and so it’s thought that this medication is going to increase the dopamine flow in the prefrontal cortex there’s a short acting version which can be taken like up to two or three times a day it can also be breaking into half so it’s good in that it gives someone flexibility in

How much they take during the day there’s also a long-acting version which basically is a steady steady effect throughout most of the day so again it can be very helpful for concentration for focus for thinking planning etc but there are some side effects to be aware of some minor side effects it can increase anxiety it can also affect one’s sleep especially if

It’s taken too late in the day just like many stimulants it can also decrease one’s appetite although there are a few other side effects which are a little bit more worrisome for example the body can get dependent on this medication meaning it can’t function the same without it the body can also get tolerant to it meaning it needs a higher and higher dose of this

Medication to have an effect these are some reasons why it’s recommended to take some days off of the medication such as on weekends or vacation days or days that there’s not much going on this is especially true in children and adolescents who want stimulants for them to take weekend days summer vacation days off of the medication give their body some time to

Rest from it some people with this medication get get a sense of a euphoric feeling or high from it also some people may misuse it like take it not prescribed to help them with studying or focus for these reasons it’s important to call the police if it’s lost or stolen a police report should be filed and sometimes it’s difficult to get early prescriptions from

Your pharmacy or your provider because of the controlled nature of the so in summary adderall is a very effective medication and it’s used for treatment of tension deficit attention deficit hyperactivity disorders it’s actually the first line treatment typically therapy is not as effective not all doctors are comfortable prescribing this medication due to its

Side effect profile but many people are on it and do quite well with it some also helpful reminders adhd can be diagnosed with any at any age sometimes it manifests itself in children adolescents sometimes later in adulthood when there’s more responsibilities that come up also if people have had head injuries they’re more likely to get attention deficit or focus

Issues so in summary that’s some of the benefits and risks of taking adderall and so be sure to be aware of all the benefits and risks when taking this medication to make sure you’re doing the right decision for yourself and for your loved ones

Transcribed from video
Adderall (dextroamphetamine-amphetamine) By Tony Kelada MD