March 28, 2023

Adderall is a medication prescribed for ADD, ADHD, and narcolepsy. It’s a combination medication containing 4 salts of amphetamine. Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant. It is the most prescribed amphetamine.

Cave rugs the sober dog coming at you today’s video adderall all about adderall what you need to know what type of drug adderall is how people get it the effects short-term effects long-term effects what reasons people get it and use it everything you need to know about it alright hey hit that like that subscribe if you like sober dogs content i’d really appreciate

It help me get more content out there help youtube show more of my videos that would be awesome i don’t ever condone drug use but if you have something you could help or tell people about you know that i missed or that’s different put it in the comments let me know what’s going on alright let’s get right into it there’s articles and newspapers all around the

Country about adderall addiction with housewives adderall addiction with you know upper-middle class people adderall addiction with business people adderall addiction with people on wall street enter all addiction with sporting events and athletes adderall addiction in the nfl adderall addiction in the nba adderall addiction and weightlifting competitions adderall

Addiction at every college around the country so adderall adderall is a medication prescribed for a dd and adhd you know attention deficit disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and it’s also prescribed for narcolepsy now what is it it is a combination of four salts of amphetamine adderall is a central nervous system stimulant and it is the most prescribed

Amphetamine out there now what it does how works is it works by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the central nervous system norepinephrine is like it affects how the brain responds to outside stimuli you know if you know you’re watching tv if someone’s talking to you if you’re driving it affects how all that stimuli is hitting your brain and it

Affects the speed at what you’re kind of processing it and dopamine is the body’s natural you know feel-good chemical dopamine you know dopamine can be released during sex with drug use you know certain types of chocolate you know cuddling with a sexual partner things like that things that make you feel good that’s when dopamine is released and adderall creates

A high level of dopamine some would say in a naturally high level which is why people get addicted and keep coming back for more you know they keep needing more so these are all the drugs that are stimulants which have similar effects to adderall we got avicii oh ritalin metadata methylene adds enys diana vel illan vyvanse concerta date rana journée quill levin

Quill achoo and my dais all those are medicines that are you know a stimulant for a td or adhd some of them are different chemical you know structures and might not be as strong as adderall i have as much in fetta mean ism as them but they could all be anything that’s in this video that i’m describing any of those can be similar to a door all the effects there are

Are ones that don’t have d stimulant in them so like if a young kid needed them i mean i’m not a doctor so again talk to a doctor a medical professional but i would say like a strattera that doesn’t have the emphatic mean the upper part of it would be better for a kid they don’t need to be given an effete amine at 8 years old what do you think that’s gonna do to

Them they’re gonna be hooked on that and that goes right into the effects of adderall some of the effects of adderall side effects long-term effects effects in general loss of appetite dry mouth hypertension raynaud’s phenomenon this is where you have reduced blood flow to your hands and feet i got this real bad when i took adderall your hands feel like they fell

Asleep they’re really tingling and your feet are freezing increased heart rate most people get this with adderall it’s an upper it’s increasing your heart rate for men erectile disfunction prolonged erections problems ejaculating sexual dysfunction doesn’t sound like fun abdominal pain nausea these are all some of the effects you can get right away constipation

Excessive grinding of the teeth that’s a big one i notice adderall is a strong stimulant so if you ever had too much coffee too much red bull too much of any upper and you’re you’re kind of just you know you’re twitchy you’re wiry you’re anxious and a lot of people grind their teeth or bite that something or you know they got to chew on something if you’re a tobacco

User you will use probably 2 to 3 times as much as you normally use when you’re on adderall smoker smokes a pack a day will smoke two packs on there on adderall everybody i’ve ever been without adderall that use tobacco use double the amount easily double the amount blurred vision profuse sweating tics like involuntary movements just you know like like with twitchy

And anxious and moving around difficulty urinating that’s a big one i know that happened for me and a lot of people that took this in college that i was with you know you can go to the bathroom and stand there for 10 minutes and you can’t pee even though you got to go that’s because adderall actually constricts your you know the sphincter of your bladder i didn’t

Know our bladders have a sphincter but it actually constricts it so it’s harder to pee now some of the psychological effects of a door alertness concentration paranoia psychosis heart attack and seizure even though those are physical but self-confidence like grandiosity people get more confident braggadocious type thing mood swings elevated mood depressed mood

When it runs out big time like crash come down wakefulness and saam the lack of fatigue people feel a lot of energy but when they want to sleep they can’t sleep the kind of in that wired state anxiety irritability change in libido repetitive or obsessive behaviors and restlessness that repetitive or excessive behaviors is a big one like people will clean excessively

Out of adderall you know though if people who are studying will like go in and do extra studying it’s the weirdest thing people i took this with in college somebody who did like straight d type work when they took adderall not necessarily their work would be that much better or great but they would be so focused and pay attention and you would think that somebody

Completely different was doing their work the problem is they get so stuck on one or two things that they’re not really doing all the work they needed they’re so hyper focused on one thing like let’s say part of their assignment was write these ten definitions they’re like oh i’m gonna do 25 definitions because i’m so interested in this but then they miss the other

Parts because they’re up so obsessive with one thing some people that i used to do this with a college we’d go to the library take adderall and study for like 12 hours straight the entire time using as much tobacco as we had possible cigarette breaks chewing tobacco whatever there wasn’t vapes then sweden at vapes and we’d go home afterwards and every single

Person would be in their own area of the house cleaning excessively organizing cleaning cleaning excessively organizing this cleaning their room cleaning area it was the nights we were on adderall our house was cleaner than it had been for the entire prior year but again the whole time yours you kind of itchy your grind in here you know you’re wired you’re going

All for people who are like it you know anxious and twitchy and real nervous normally who have real bad a dd and adhd adderall actually calms them down and brings them to a normal state now i firmly believe that everybody in the world has a dd in adhd to an extent some people’s worse than others but i do not believe that everyone who is diagnosed a dd and adhd

Has a bad enough to need adderall and these other medications everybody especially kids young kids who are you know 10 11 12 8 9 years old who have high energy all of a sudden they’re being put on this med like there’s something wrong with them 95% of young boys that i knew and i hung out with and that my parents know and that all of my my friends and all of my

Friends parents and all the kids in the different schools i’ve been to are nots running around having fun going crazy excessive energy sometimes doesn’t mean we all need adderall that i think is way blown out of proportion and i think this stuff is way too dangerous for any kid under 16 to take period because i’ve been prescribed that at all legally i’ve had two

Different doctors giving me a tour i’ve also bought and button tried adderall illegally multi mikhyl ei legal form of cocaine it is a legal meth jittery wired and even the people that it calms down when they take more than needed it will make them jittery and wired to

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Adderall – (Effects of Adderall and Other Amphetamine Stimulants) By Sober Dogs