March 28, 2023


Oh but we didn’t finish the weight loss pill thing you mentioned the pretty extreme one is there something that people use i mean other than a little bit like only causes anal leakage right right we can set up with that let’s say that discipline wasn’t an option right so what would you use instead typically so like typically the progression of let’s just say a

Bodybuilder peaking for a show because that’s like the perfect example of going from nothing to the most extreme of fat loss agents so basically you’d start with you’re just like ground zero eating whatever you eat to maintain your body weight currently and you’re doing no cardio let’s just hypothetically say you’re going to the gym still though you’re working out

So now if you want to lose weight you have to increase the amount of energy or expending so you can either decrease how much you’re eating too hard you know solution that’s easy and comfortable so typically once people get to the point where they’re implementing things for fat loss the first one that i think is most effective to be honest is appetite suppressants

So even though they don’t directly like rip fat off you they actually let you adhere to the diet that would otherwise you would be cheating on because it’s hard as to eat in such a steep deficit to get shredded like the willpower to get shredded is way way more important than whatever like five percent extra fat burn you get from whatever the you know man so yeah

Appetite suppressants is typically the number one abuse thing so that’s like adderall phentermine things like heavy doses of caffeine a fatter end stuff like that yeah i was gonna say adderall that was that it was the number one because not only is an appetite suppressant but it’s also raising your heart rate and to stimulate your gonna plate like if you’re normal

Really uh i don’t need nine hours of sleep to do it it was too much yeah and if you any it gives you energy even when you would otherwise feel like low energy as hell because you’re deprived of calories right and so that is like one of the most heavily abuse things you know it also always gave me have you taken adderall no i haven’t i’m doing everything blood that

Like dexedrine ritalin all that stuff no other way to describe it than pure motivation like like sort of a sitting and thinking about a future that that were you like hey i can remember taking it and like middle school me like i should go out further i should play i should play a football team yeah while i could be better i could do this and that this and that

I’m laying in bed and then i wake and look who i took too much why would your motivation be so focused though right like i i haven’t taken it really but i imagine myself saying like huh what if my itunes playlist had four different orders or like know something dumb you would think you would be like itunes has been a waste of my time and energy that time could

Have been so much more focused that could have been about something more much more positive i could have worked harder for this and that and this and that where would i be if i done said let’s do this now let’s start starting now we’ve started late late late like it’s pure motivation it made me want to clean i’ve heard that even worse what if i took my television

Apart so fast no we know anything about vyvanse anyone i think five ants ritalin adderall they all seem to be the same person all to treat the same thing but they’re doing it in different ways i believe that’s different i think adderall is like a cut above the other ones and efficacy yeah at all has always been like like the thing i was prescribed in middle school

And because they prescribed it to me then i can get a prescription whatever i want and and like i take the fast the quick release not that extended releases ir yeah yeah no you want let’s go mode late late legs and feta means salts that little blue pill ten milligrams to somebody who doesn’t take this it’s just gonna get you rolling we had a modafinil before no

No okay so that’s like this that fighter jet pilots use and it keeps um it’s actually if you have sleep apnea woody you can actually get prescribed this modafinil so the only three conditions that can be prescribed modafinil are people with narcolepsy sleep shift disorder and or what is it shift work whatever the like if you night shift worker and that if you

Have sleep apnea students like i am a bit of a pilot myself i can’t close enough for google to figure it out that’s how you know you’re off oh okay but we had a bunch of letters in common come on google provigil is like the brand name but it’s like commonly referred to as the like the limitless pill in real life you know like the bradley cooper nzt 48 thing so

It’s really like as far as things that get you for productivity wise it’s kind of like adderall and modafinil are kind of like the two top of the top and they both significantly suppress your appetite and keep you awake and you know productive and whatnot but fighter jet pilots use the modafinil as well as you know like entrepreneurs and stuff like that and it’s

Pretty easy to get a prescription if you have sleep apnea so just you guys ever done cocaine neither i know at least two of us have fever yes anyway no i i would be interested to try that stuff but adderall has always been like i’ve i’ve told the story much time but but but like i stayed up all night one time in a foreign city foreign to my to my city literally

All night long like zero sleep and i needed to go to sleep cuz i’d been up all day the day before like running around and going to strip clubs and driving for 15 hours or something and i just took that out at all and i had fuel to burn for the next 12 hours throughout that day i don’t get tired like i noticed like on the far and like like after being up for what

Must have been 36 40 hours or something like that and go mode like i was having a hard time with my speech because i had to like do this big ad read that wasn’t written down i was ad libbing this ad read for explosives and i’m sitting there didn’t like i would up a word i’d be split roll it back roll it back and go and i was just just just getting there just

Angrier and angrier and angrier as the cameraman just he’s not gonna get it but but so definitely do you lose some mental acuity like on the far end of that stuff but you never run out of physical energy hmm lions can be tougher than people i suck at reading lines i know you said it wasn’t written down but to go forward and do something perfectly like that everyone

Thinks they’d be good at it people think they’re good actors but put a camera on them and they find themselves just not good actor yeah not everybody can do that if you guys want to try this this is actually a nootropic formula i designed that’s as close as you’re gonna get as like an over-the-counter thing to replicate what you would otherwise get from like you

Know smart drug sort of thing i get pissed tested every every now and then i probably show anything yeah okay this is like an over-the-counter supplement that’s just like i designed it based on nootropic ingredients i found worked when i was in university and whatnot so probably $44 you dog let me yeah i’m please finish yeah well if you have to want to dm me your

Address after or whatever i’ll just get you out of bottle because i think you’ll like it we have a lot of people who game to that use this stuff to get like locked in while they’re playing it’s kind of like the legal version of what you could otherwise get from like smart drugs and there’s actually but there’s actual ingredients we’ll then we’re actually proven to

Improve like cognitive health rather than just like deplete the to like your dopamine system yeah

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