June 1, 2023

An unbiased view into what makes adderall (vyvanse) and meth both similar and different in their effects and addictive potential.

What’s up guys it’s eg kid in this vlog i’m gonna talk about the difference between methamphetamine and adderall this is something that people have been asking for in the comments it’s very understandable why people are asking for this because people are saying adderall is essentially the same thing as meth and there’s like people that say they’re completely

Different there’s kind of like i guess two sides to this as someone who’s experienced with meth addiction and adderall addiction i think i can give a pretty good summary of the differences between these two drugs and the similarities and unbiased way and that’s what i plan to do with this video as you guys requested to really start it off i guess i’ll go over the

Major similarity the meth high and the a dural high are completely indistinguishable to me and i think it’s like that for most people to me like when i’m peaking on adderall or i’m peaking on meth if you put me in a blind test i really wouldn’t know the difference the high is extremely similar like to a tee it’s almost like comparing coca cola to pepsi i mean

You might have a slight difference i kind of feel like adderall kicks in my adrenaline more the meth does and there’s certain things that i liked about adderall more to be honest also it’s pharmaceutical grade i don’t know meth dirty meth it’s still meth i’ve never had meth that made me feel anything different than meth but if it’s not as pure it just doesn’t

Kick in this adrenaline rush or whatever i’m not really sure how to roll affects you differently but it feels a little bit more like an adrenaline rush when i’m on adderall than when i was on methamphetamine which felt a little more rigid a little less of that adrenaline feeling going on yeah the highs are exactly the same for me i could never tell you the

Difference at a peak now i’m gonna talk about the difference is and the difference is vast the difference is huge and the main difference well first one of the big differences is the route of administration adderall is eaten you can’t really smoke adderall i don’t know if you can inject it but even if you could a lot of people wouldn’t go through the trouble

To try to inject adderall you can snort adderall but for some reason it doesn’t work the same as snorting meth it doesn’t work nearly as well it probably has to do with all the fillers you have to understand like a 20 milligram adderall pill like 20 milligrams is one fiftieth of the gram so it’s like this little bit of actual drug and there’s like a load of

Powder that doesn’t get you high so i don’t know if that blocks like in your nasal cavity or something but when i snorted meth instantly bam i felt it where’s that or all it’s kind of like yeah it tastes still takes a while to kick in yeah they’re out administration you can’t really um vyvanse they put blocks in it so you can’t snort it actually is activated

By stomach acid which and then adderall also uh it does have other drugs in it vyvanse is pure dextroamphetamine which is this base speed you know vyvanse felt a little closer to method me then adderall adderall has like three other and feta means in it i don’t remember the names off the top of my head but there were actual like in feta means that are made to

Increase non epinephrine more to make you focus more so technically the highs should be different but i still can’t distinguish it i just like vyvanse and meth a little bit more but yeah the route of administration is a big deal it’s a big deal the difference between smoking something injecting some in your veins and snorting something versus eating something

Is a major difference like let’s just put it with caffeine there would be a big difference between drinking a cup of coffee and injecting caffeine into your like veins and shooting it straight to your bird brain stream and the difference is in the instant peak the rush of the instant peak it was smoking matthew peak instantly you don’t wait 30 minutes to an

Hour for it to kick in as soon as you hit that ball you are at your peak like within seconds so there’s like a very strong rush to it also the route of administration induces a ritual adderall you eat a pill i mean there’s not much of a ritual to that whereas meth it’s like you’re rolling a bowl and you’re trying to get the biggest clouds possible and there’s a

Ritual to cleaning out the pipe or you know vaping the stem alright some people even use water since it’s water-soluble to clean out the stem and then let the water evaporate so they have meth and there’s like this whole ritual same with injection injecting there’s a whole rituals of making you know put in to open the syringe shooting it in your veins and then

There’s that rush of that instantaneous peak that you cannot get with adderall because of the route of administration and that makes it far more addictive to me far more fun essentially like addictive when people hear addictive they think it’s like something that isn’t awesome but really like addictive drugs the more addictive a drug is essentially what they’re

Saying is the more awesome it is and meth is like it’s the evilest drug don’t get me wrong i don’t wish it upon my worst enemy but it’s all it’s also the awesomest people don’t get addicted to meth because it’s not fun as and part of what makes it really fun is that route of administration that instantaneous peak instantaneous rush it’s like you go from zero to

A hundred real quick as the rapper drake would say but yeah big difference there another difference besides the route of administration is price meth is cheap meth is really really really cheap a gram of meth is like 90 bucks and like you have to think a grandma meth would be like 50 20 milligram adderall pills but also because of their route of administration

The dosage for meth is a lot lower than out for the same effects for me at least so 20 milligrams of smoked meth would just knock the out of 20 milligrams of ingested adderall and part of that is the bioavailability to the brain i mean it instantly goes straight to the blood-brain barrier nothing is lost – like the the enzymes or whatever the stomach process i

Don’t know i’m not a scientist but i so cheap like and when i was in meth that summer i realized off the bat it’s like the cheapest drug ever like if you spend five bucks and you get like pink or blue meth or like good meth you will be blasted off her ass like for $5.00 whereas with that or all yeah you’ll be high as but with meth you’ll be like i can’t sleep

For like 24 hours up this high as feeling ecstatic as for like 24 hours so it’s really really cheap and i knew that whenever i got into meth and then i went back to adderall before i got into meth i could take like 20 30 40 milligrams of adderall and be high and content whereas after meth i would take like 150 milligrams to adderall to achieve something like

In meth high and it was exactly like a meth high but i had to take like seven and a half pills and that’s another thing with meth and the route of administration to kind of backtrack a little bit is you don’t realize how much you’re actually taking like when you smoke a 50 hundred milligram bowl of meth it’s like you’re taking like a shitload of adderall’s they

Give a handful of adderall’s and you’re popping them you don’t really realize how much of these em feta means you’re taking because you’re just smoking it and so you’re like high as but you’re actually taking like a shitload worth of adderall’s like a fuckload and i think there’s something different to be said because with the adderall there’s like it feels

Funny popping eight pills at once it always kind of feels like ooh i’m popping eight pills even though it really is only 160 milligrams actual substance whereas math you see that 160 milligrams actual substance you’re like no big deal it’s just a little bit of powder but you’re actually taking in a lot more it’s a lot cheaper if you get decent even decent quality

Methods so much cheaper and when i went back to adderall i had to take like 150 milligrams to get a decent high and it only lasted for like at night and that’s expensive like that’s like seven and a half pills and that’s probably like $15 and that might not seem expensive to a non addict but to me like i would rather spent like five bucks on meth and been blasted

For 24 hours it would have been way too poor and that’s like bioavailability also and that’s another thing even with comparing like vicodin to heroin or oxycotin to heroin and adderall the meth and like the difference is is meth in heroin they have a smaller market not as many people are willing to use those drugs because the markets smaller the prices are lower

Inherently so vicodin the difference between oxycontin vicodin all that and heroin is it’s more expensive the route administration is different and that’s pretty much the bottom line to it and you know they aren’t more expensive because the highs better it’s because more people are willing to buy them whereas heroin is just not as big of a market and people die

And the same with meth people feel taboo about meth so it’s cheaper i don’t know i mean i guess that pretty much outlines it to get a adderall addiction like a meth addiction yes it would be a possibility but you would have to have a lot of money and it would just be a lot more boring way of getting to the addiction for me at least because i like smoking meth

In the ritual and all that and the community and like hanging out with your tweaker friends and eating that girls of chopsticks and getting in psychotic and yeah it’s just uh adderall the high is exactly the same as meth but the difference is route of administration prices yeah i met this a little bit actually for me a lot more easy to get addicted to a lot

More it makes a lot more sense i would get addicted to it it’s a lot funner but the high is exactly the same and i hope that cleared things up on the differences between adderall and methamphetamines for you guys in my experience they do exactly the same thing but they’re different in important areas there’s more to a drug than just how it makes you feel are the

High there’s things like pricing and route of administration and culture and like that that you have to take into consideration but yeah i hope you guys got something from this vlog feel free to comment subscribe like if you’re struggling with addiction i’ll put my number in the description and my social media so feel free to reach out to me and you know we can

Talk it up or anything i could kind of share with you how i was able to get four years of sobriety for methamphetamine and heroin and all these addictive drugs and what worked for me on a personal level so feel free to reach out to me i love you guys

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Adderall VS Crystal Methamphetamine – is meth really the more dangerous and addictive drug? By Cg Kid