June 4, 2023

effects of adderall

Hi there today we’ll be talking about adderall its chemical makeup is amphetamine aspartate monohydrate amphetamine sulfate dextroamphetamine sakura and dextroamphetamine sulfate and i’ll be talking today about the history the effects and things to consider when looking at adderall the history of adderall was first developed in 1934 not under its current brand

Name but same chemical makeup it was initially used to help with cold symptoms but pretty quickly it became known for cognitive enhancement and was just sold over-the-counter so to speak until 1939 when it became available by prescription only it was kind of looked on as an energy pill and was widely used by the british and us troops during world war two in the

50s it was considered mother’s little helper was its nickname giving women more energy to handle issues at home as well as children etc the addictive potential was largely ignored now it comes with the following warning high potential for abuse prolonged use may lead to drug dependence and must be avoided misuse of amphetamine may cause sudden death and serious

Cardiovascular adverse effects pharmacological aspects of adderall the dosage for adults it’s used to treat adhd and narcolepsy the dosage for adults for narcolepsy is 10 milligrams a day increasing 10 milligrams at weekly intervals until the desired effect is achieved and usual dosage is 5 up to 60 milligrams a day that’s pretty high compared to the adhd dosage

That is the same for adults and pediatric dosage which is starts at two and a half milligrams a day for children ages three to five years old and then goes to five to ten mil comes a day starting dose for ages six years and up including adults and you would increase the dosage either at two and a half or five milligrams at weekly intervals again until the desired

Effect is achieved but not to exceed 40 milligrams a day for the for the treatment of adhd the frequency is daily first dose administered upon waking up in the morning additional doses perhaps one or two at intervals of every four to six hours and you want to make sure that client would avoid taking it in the evening because it would disrupt their sleep potentially

Giving them insomnia the method of that administration is oral although this is as abused substance as well and so for people who are abusing the substance at a pretty high level it’s sometimes ground into a powder and inhaled because it gets through to the bloodstream faster that way interaction with other drugs there’s two main drugs that you want to be careful

About the first is gastrointestinal alcon alkalinizing agents basically antacids they can increase the blood levels of adderall in the body and would increase its effects much further than what one would expect with the dosage it should also not be used if mao eyes have been given within two weeks because mao eyes slowed the metabolism of adderall in the body and

It can build up and hypertensive crisis can result as i mentioned adderall is a substance that is abused currently in our society it’s kind of got an extracurricular usage if you will pardon the pun in that it is used by a lot of college students today to increase their motivation to study and to increase their levels of concentration it’s estimated that upwards of

Twenty five percent of college students have used or currently are using as a study aid they consider it a study drug or a smart drug the nickname is a d and it’s sold throughout campuses for roughly $5 a pill so pretty inexpensive again the highly addictive nature is kind of overlooked or downplayed by most students they see it as kind of a safe way of improving

Their academic achievements the physiological aspects of adderall the absorption peaks at three hours that’s with a fasting patient so no food in the stomach distribution is throughout the body and it is found in breast milk adderall is metabolized as cyp2d6 in oxidation and four hydroxy amphetamine and nor ephedrine as active metabolites it’s excreted in the urine

30 to 40 percent of it is unchanged 50 percent as alpha hydroxy amphetamine derivatives the body’s reactions are increased focus and motivation those are the two more positive aspects of adderall in the body but it also can lead to increased heart rate nervousness restlessness headache problems getting to sleep or staying asleep feeling dizzy dry mouth hoarseness

Or slowed speech changes in your vision are also possible and it can lead to a large number of stomach upset issues including nausea vomiting diarrhea stomach pain and constipation so it’s important to again make sure a client wasn’t tempted then because of those stomach issues to take antacids because that would as explained on a previous page lead to a lot of

Difficulties for the client loss of appetite and weight loss are also really common responses or reactions to adderall psychological aspects of adderall the expectations are increased focused focus energy and enthusiasm for the task at hand the mood is elevated but it can occasionally lead to aggressive behavior in both children and adults so that’s something to

Be aware of and tasks impact your we are better able to focus attention and for do it for longer periods of time however if your task is sleeping it can be very disruptive in cases of abuse and these are the references for the research that i did and i hope you learn some new information about adderall its use and abuse thanks so much

Transcribed from video
Adderall By Marianne Schaeffer