November 29, 2022

It’s legal, it’s prescribed by doctors and it’s tearing families apart. Tonight on A Current Affair, we show you the highly addictive painkiller creating addicts of everyday people.

Now the silent addiction epidemic affecting families right across the country it’s not heroin or ecstasy it’s not even illegal it’s a prescription painkiller that first seems a godsend i was in everyday suburban man and addicted to these drugs well if you take it long enough it’ll kill you this is just ordinary people ordinary people with a pain problem it’s

Legal it’s prescribed by doctors and it’s tearing families apart i was a dribbling wreck i was an absolute mess i couldn’t think i couldn’t function my mary suffered it really impacted my life greatly i felt like i couldn’t do the same things anymore brutha regos descent into drug hill began with a crippling back injury caused while unloading boxes at work worked

Straightaway don’t fantastic drug you know i’m not knocking that ruth was prescribed this drug by her doctor oxycontin the brand name of oxycodone an incredibly strong and highly addictive painkiller it does give you a bit of a high but it also takes all the pain away so you’re feeling like that you can actually do something again but oxycodone had ruth in its grips

The melbourne mum of two became an accidental drug addict defying the stereotype when time goes by and you’re taking the medication and you’re taking say 20 meg’s twice a day then it becomes you know 20 mix three times a day or four times today and it seems like the drugs not working anymore so yeah obviously you need more so what was your lowest point i think i

Just got that lie that i just i just took the tablets and i thought i’ll just go to bed and that’s it if i wake up i wake up if i don’t i don’t when you think of drug addicts it’s the old cliche some junkie in an alleyway in the inner-city but the growing trend of drug dependency in this country is a far cry from that it’s everyday mums and dads and grandparents

Prescribed drugs for an illness or injury creating habits they just can’t keep we’re in cry pain the focus is to get rid of it when you’re in difficulties the focus is to give river you just listen you don’t hear they might you might be warned but hearing is another thing and i wasn’t interested listening i just wanted the drugs to get well great-grandfather pate

Fitzsimmons was prescribed oxycontin for a neuropathic disease initially it was good because i had no pain but eventually oxycontin doesn’t work it’s no good for chronic long-term pain the 63 year old brisbane man succumbed to the same sad cycle of addiction i’d been on her for about four years and life was just fading from me paul dylan from the drug and alcohol

Research and training australia says there’s a mistaken belief just because you get something from the doctor it must be safe in actual fact what we know about many prescription drugs is that they are far more toxic and certainly far more addictive than many of the illegal drugs that that are available on the street in 2012 13 there were nearly 4 million subsidized

Prescriptions for oxycodone given to close to 900,000 australians the total cost to the government for these prescriptions more than 101 million dollars oxycontin kills more people than heroin in australia every year there are more overdoses from oxycontin in australia more admissions to hospital than there are from a heroin professor john kerry is from the national

Center for the neurobiological treatment of addiction he says the majority of patients he treats start their drug use in hospitals remember your family goes to hospital and comes out on one of these drugs check it and see do i need it do i still need it and most importantly if i keep going ask my gp will i get addicted to it as former addict peter knows withdrawal

From drugs like oxycontin is long and painful oh slashing pain it felt like big toes are being cut off legs are being cut off as i had to come to grips with the pain because obviously my pain levels were suppressed p-ting jawed are medically supervised withdrawal to kick his habit he now uses his experience to help others through the australian pain management

Association pain is they are treated as a disease and you need to get to get off this you need to get support you will not do it on your own i couldn’t find a good gp and work your way through it you’ll get your life back ruth also turned to experts for help now free of her prescription addiction she has this warning could be your man could be your grandma could

Be your granddad or you know i take a lot of different medications that i probably don’t know what it is and oh yes i need to take this you know so yeah they have to be careful the australian government is now working on ways to prevent the misuse of prescription drugs

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