March 28, 2023

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Welcome everybody to this edition of the tension talk video i’m your host attention coach jeff kapur we’re here today with dr. charles parker dr. parker welcome to the show thanks for having me i appreciate it jeff can you just give us our viewers a little education when they go in and they get stimulant medications they hear riddlin may hear adderall maker vyvanse and

Extended-release and all that kind of stuff and methylphenidate i can never pronounce that kind of ring can you talk about the two major classifications the types of medicare that are each one of them then we’ll talk about the time-release part well let me just go through methylphenidate real quickly methylphenidate products are ritalin ritalin long-acting concerta

Those are common names that you think about popping over to amphetamine products vyvanse adderall dextroamphetamine amphetamines or molecules that come in and and have one kind of action aid money they have several different kinds of actions but they are all dopamine collectors as we talked about and over on the methylphenidate side their dopamine collectors as

Well now here’s the thing individuals all have different reactions to these different medications so you can’t say okay you have this set of symptoms therefore you’re going to do well with this medication it just doesn’t work that way you then you have to be like the eye doctor how’s this how’s that and you have to start low it’s low think about the possibility

That that whole biomechanical thing isn’t working correctly in the first place respect the biochemical individuality and then don’t anticipate that i’m going to give an amount and give them an amphetamine and it’s going to work 100% i just had somebody talk on a post the other day they came in and said well the doctor started the kid on ten milligrams two times a

Day of dextroamphetamine mm-hmm he went right out the roof because he has a bio medical problem that’s it’s creating a difficult mean and methylphenidate and they collect neurotransmitters but they are different active ingredients right yes and so i got to believe that they impact people differently but there’s got to be some slight differences in it is that some

Of the explainers that come i’m gonna just tell you real quickly to simplify man this is from mary salon toes book stimulant medications and she did a really good job putting together and that means generally speaker speaking are the sharper knife okay they do four different things okay regarding collecting in korea i don’t mean interactions and so methylphenidate

Products generally speaking only do two so what happens you have a little more action over on the on the amphetamine side and but the problem with amphetamines traditionally as you well know being a coach and an active people have trouble with em feta means because they are much more likely to cause a problem if you use them without thinking okay what happens is

Methylphenidate product you can give it to them and they’ll have they’re much less likely to have a problem because they are doing all of those different things and they are white is efficacious okay so then what happens is if you use em feta means you’ve got to really kind of more intently know what you’re doing okay because they are less forgiving got it got it

Okay and so that you have the two camps but there’s also i i refer to as fast-acting you usually need it release and that’s where the active in green is going and your word they have there’s a duration of effectiveness there there’s typically you can actually look it up there’s like okay this will last three or four hours then you have extended release which will

Extend it it’s it’s a time release thing that in the capsule whatever then will go maybe eight hours right well what you want to do and then so we can talk for a whole other time on this but it’s really and to me this is terribly interesting because this is the thing that everybody needs to know each one of these medications has a predictable duration of effective

So if it’s a xr like adderall xr if it’s dialed in correctly most of the time it runs around eight hours now if you have an adderall xr that’s running from eight o’clock in the morning to 12 o’clock noon mm-hmm the dosage is not right yep because it should be operating in a southern manner yep now vyvanse is different product altogether and one of the reasons

I’m a proponent of vyvanse is because it’s a forgiving mm-hmm feta me because it’s a prodrug okay what’s a prodrug prodrug what’s going on with vyvanse is that it has an amphetamine molecule okay tied with an amino acid lysine molecule okay how they tied together i have no idea but what happens is it comes down as that mixed molecule goes through your stomach

And is actually broken apart and becomes active in your red blood cells of all okay okay so then you have a very careful forgiving release as opposed to a wham most of the time unless it’s overdosed or something so for me what’s really helpful is know that that you have the two different camps and the certain drugs fall within those and then you have different time

Release mechanisms that do that kind of frames that out a little bit and there’s a the time release can be just in the pill i think concerted now actually comes in a liquid that’s time released and which is new in the market and then there’s methylphenidate does okay and then there’s patches and stuff that are also will avant and date rana date tron is a passion

Now all of those are methylphenidate products quill avant and like conservative for example this take concerted concert as a time release mm-hmm all of the time release except by bands have an immediate release with them on the front end if they’re bill and immediate release on the front end and then some mechanism by which it’s released over time on the back end

Got it so that’s how that happens got it well i think for those that are out there if you overwhelm with this watch this video i know there’s a lot there but actually can put into context in the categories you understand what’s going on so as always dr. parker with that thanks for coming yeah thank you for the care

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