February 1, 2023

Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach and host of Attention Talk Video which is part of the Attention Talk Network,

Welcome everybody to this edition of attention talk video i’m your host attention coach jeff kapur and i’m here with dr. charles parker dr. welcome to the show hey jeff thanks for having me nice to talk to you again i love it well you’re one of my favorites you’re gonna get green stamps pretty soon for as many interviews as i’ve done with you today today is a

Great topic i’ve read and i’ve heard people say you know i’ve taken stimulant medications and i feel like a zombie and there’s this label thing it’s kind of stigmatized can you tell me about the biology of that is what is going on and is it is it is it proper and it can be fixed just explain this to me well i’m so glad you’re asking me about it because zombie was

Something we hear all day every day in the office i don’t want to give my kids medication because i don’t want to make them a zombie yeah it’s all over the place now what’s going on there’s a big picture aspect to it and there’s a very specific aspect to it the big picture is that most likely the medication is not dosed correctly okay if the medication is not goes

Correctly they’re coming out the top of the therapeutic window when they come out the top of the window they’re gonna feel over medicated so what happens is if they are actually feeling like a zombie they’re very likely over medicated over medicated it’s um it’s 90 percent of the time they’re over medicated so what happens is here’s what happens people are not

Dosing the medication precisely because they aren’t really even thinking about how the medication should be dosed in the first place they’re not communicating it effectively with their clients as the results like take it until you feel like you are where you need to be this happens all the time so if somebody somebody were to come in and they said i feel like a

Zombie that the first indication would be maybe to adjust the medaka dosage downward absolutely it doesn’t mean it’s the wrong medication so people say well i feel like a zombie on ritalin in fact ritalin and methylphenidate products the top of the therapeutic window quite characteristically is the zombie feeling so somebody comes in and i’m on a methylphenidate

Product concerta really long-acting i’m gonna say well let’s consider dropping the dose down are it’s it’s very it’s less possible that it’s a specific reaction to a methylphenidate product whereupon you switch to an amphetamine product but on the amphetamine products yeah you can feel like a zombie on an amphetamine product as well but it’s much more likely with

An amphetamine product that you don’t feel so samba fied as much as you feel agitated okay oh my gosh i gotta do this one and you come out the top of the window with a mental energy instead of a zombie thing not always the case but those are two important differentiations and you know when we you and i have done several videos talking about medications many of them

Drug interactions but most of them deal with the complexities of getting adhd medications at the right dose at the right place at the right time because it is not a simple process and i know i was actually coaching somebody a couple days ago and they were describing some problems and they went into their psychiatrist and as they described they were having to pull

It out of their psychiatrist and i was coaching them that i’m not so sure you should you’re having some sleep issues you’re having some gi problems you’re having some other stuff go explain this stuff to them and it was unfortunate because he wasn’t making some adjustments but the reason i’m going into this in detail is getting these medication is not necessarily

Simple and if you feeling like a zombie as you described likely you’re taking too high a dose and you need to work to bring that down absolutely two concepts one is the therapeutic window that i was just talking about you don’t want to be at the top of the window that’s the zombie you don’t want to be at the bottom of the window i go over this very carefully in

New adhd medication rules that’s their the the therapeutic window sides duration of effectiveness is a way to keep from coming out the window because if you’re actually burning it longer than that medication is set to burn you’re very likely coming out the top of the window so you use the therapeutic window and the duration of effectiveness absolutely and you can

Learn much more in detail about this by we have several other attention talk videos matter of fact it’s there likely in the same plane list is this which we have some keywords so it’s linking to your videos that get a lot more detail and then of course your book and i’ve got all the websites what is the best website to give out core brain org well core brain org

We’ve got a training site there for for the public its core brain org forward slash reality in which we’re dealing with the reality of the medication problem and and if we don’t deal with reality we’re just we’re throwing stuff against the wall without knowing we’re doing and that’s what and what i do i thank you so much for coming on our show because it’s all

About reality so thank you very much thank you jeff i appreciate your having me take care

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