November 29, 2022

Administering Lasix / Salix / Furosemide injections to our Great Dane Bosley

Hello we’re here today to show how to administer a shock to our great dane bazzi has heart issues and this is the second time we miss shot it’s this is a diuretic he’s been on diuretic pills he’s still in that red pills this is for us of my sailing sleighs it’s just a diuretic now this is like sensitive so you’ve seen in the amber bottle so you want to leave

It in the amber bottle and also put this in a paper bag or and more into cover so when the first thing i’m going to do is we are going to take the vial out we are going to open the needle we’re actually used to needle heads the first needle is a longer needle and we use that needle to draw the solution and then we change up to the shorter needle to actually do

The injection so pull off you have to twist you remove the needle so you pull off take the cap off we are going to inject into the rubber we’re gonna give them one and a half milliliters and as you see this is a three milliliter syringe so we’re going to pull back a little more than one and a half a little more kick-ups in the air and push back to one and a half

A little more little air in there so me i don’t know why so it’s air in there redo it i just pulled too fast or something like that i don’t know if that air i don’t know what i did there alright so one and a half i don’t think the needle was all the way on maybe what part of the problem was needle twist off so put this back in put the cap back on and twist like

This to take the needle off i’m gonna swap out with this needle take the bottom off the needle why are we clapping here okay look we’re swapping out because the shorter needle and also that name will get dull by going through the rubber so it’s gonna be a little bit sharper the shorter needle and we’re gonna have our tech assistant who was manning the camera right

Now and actually administer the shock and basically gonna make a triangle with his skin and shoot through with a triangle will be like they’ll be skin like this and you’ll shoot through the triangle and inject it before you shoot you pull back on the syringe a little bit to make sure it was a vacuum if there’s not a vacuum it means you’ve gone through the other

Side so that’s what we do so i’m a hit on my hand over to her vet tech and she’s gonna do the shot okay there is bosley i will show how the triangle is done in your expert ways the triangle is done by grabbing multiple areas and so i don’t know if you can tell cuz he’s so dark but there is kind of a hole back here so i’m going to shoot him right in this area but

I want to clean it with some alcohol first so clean the area that i’m going to inject you’re such a good boy and last night was my first time administering so lift your head up can’t get it mm-hmm so it went in rather easy i’m gonna pull back just a little bit and it’s tight so i’m going to administer the medicine very very slowly he seems like he doesn’t even

Feel this at all and that was it he holds pretty still good boy so this is a diuretic which means he is going to unlike a diuretic pill that’s a little slower he’s going to p&p a couple times so you don’t want to watch him and make sure that you let him out in 20-30 minutes he’s pretty good hillary melanie wants to go out so he’s gonna probably pee at least

Two times if not three who said i was gonna pee a lot so all right that is it thank you vet tech

Transcribed from video
Administering Lasix / Salix / Furosemide injections to our Great Dane Bosley By The Simons