June 1, 2023


Leana beep i’ll be demonstrating how to give an iv medication yes you know today we start off with a hygiene i’ve already checked if my doctor’s order match my medication someone will help me pulling my men from pyxis and i’m just gonna do my first check here so the right patient is emma bright music she’s a 30 year old she’s allergic to morphine so it’s good

To note so here the right track is furosemide which is the same thing as lasix so very good for the drug right dose is 40 milligrams so i have 10 milligrams per ml here so that works the right route is iv and it says i can do a beyond here and it’s once daily now do you see us so i’m just gonna look at the frozen eye here and make sure that there’s no expiration

Rate so we’re good for the expiration date i am now just get a look at my medication or my monograph so yeah at frozen mind it’s also known as lasix it’s a diuretic or an antihypertensive it says that it can be administered by student nurse so we’re in the clear and for i be continuous the usual dose is 10 to 40 milligrams for an hour i’m sorry for the usual dose

It’s 20 milligrams 80 milligrams so we are good because 40 milligrams is in between that so we’re doing it through c bob i’m just gonna look here for any potential hazards and side effects that note them just so i can know for my patient and monitor for them so once that is all done i’m going to get my medication ready so because it is supplied as a 10 milligram

Per ml and i need 40 milligrams i did the calculations and i need four and i’ll drawn up so i’m gonna first just an hygiene here and i’m gonna up the swab mine here or 30 seconds and let it dry for 15 the sixth video okay i’m gonna grab my 5 of 5 ml syringe as i need 4 ml to run out and i’m going to grab my blood filling it off i’m just gonna make sure that both

Of these ends remain sterile so i’m gonna be drawing out before ml of air i’m gonna push into the vial so that there will be less pressure lewis a 4 ml of air this is a pretty swamped so i have four milligrams four milliliters here furosemide so i am now gonna do my second check with money on the right patient is writen right drug is froze my by 40 milligrams

Before i’m out here is iv and right time special frequency is once daily we’re gonna do that now so what do we do that vaccine so here i’m gonna flip to the cepa chart so the seaver chartier says four doses 40 milligrams that you’re gonna have five em out in a 10 ml syringe the pump setting is gonna be normal and it’s time to infuse something 13 max so because

We already have for our ml i’m only gonna drop one more ml of normal saline i’m picking a normal saline just cuz that is the standardized receiver so i’m gonna grab my three ml syringe and grab a blood fell and my normal saline so i’m just gonna check my normal saline make sure that there’s no expiration date or anything it doesn’t so i’m going to alcohol swab

It now for 30 seconds and let it dry for 15 good wow to make sure and now i’m gonna bring back my packages here ensuring that a sterile pull back to 1 milliliters of air inject it into movie bio it’s again i’m going to use the scoop and swim so once again i do this oprah’s show me who i have when i’m out of normal saline here so we need to put this in a 10 ml

Syringe so i’m going to grab my 10 ml syringe when you get back i’m just gonna pull down on it rose mine here for an hour putting a sharps container and i’m gonna put the 1m out once again putting that into the sharks computers get any bubbles out and i have here i’m just gonna 5mm i’m going to now make my meditation label which i already made so it just says

The drug name which is frozen i had the dose just 40 milligrams and 4 ml it’s diluted 1 ml for a total of 5 ml and the concentration per ml in this syringe so i’m just going to put the dough on and i’m gonna grab my all my supplies to go to the bedside so i’m gonna grab my micro drop tubing and i’m gonna grab alcohol swabs grab the medication i’m gonna grab my

Mom and my tubing label i’m gonna walk into the patient’s room do my hand hygiene do an edge with safety check bed rails up all the fun things put that bad rail up – hi i’m leanna i your student nurses i’m just going to be keeping you your rows 5 today you’re frozen mine is just it’s to help with your edema that you have i’m just gonna check your wristbands here

Against my mar and then i’ll tell you a little bit more about your drug so i’m just going to check here so right patient and is my rights and i’m a renton versus 30 years old 30 years the allergy back confirms that it’s morphine would you be able to tell me your name please emma okay and your date of birth okay i do you have any other allergies than your morphine

No okay sounds good so yeah like i said the frozen ideas for your edema because you came in with fluid overload you may experience some dizziness a headache some nausea vomiting so just i’ll put the call bell near you and i don’t know sometimes just give me a call and i’ll come and check you up i’m just going to do my side check here so i have i’m a rinse and

I’m arrestin right drunk is rose advised rose my breath doses 40 milligrams when you’re on the ground whatever it is i be i’m just gonna grab my cheating on here micro tubing the cap off here make sure that the right right solution is going that’s compatible with what i’m getting at which it is there’s no expiration date on the tuesday work or it’s within the time

On the tubing in the pegs and we’re gonna make sure the right flow is flowing with all the clamps are open and i’m gonna assess the iv sites for redness romance if it’s red you should ask a patient is there any pain at your iv site okay so i’m gonna make sure the cop is open here and i’m gonna take this off and i’m just slowly prime slowly until i see i’ve seen a

Black now so i grabbed steve up up here put my syringe unisom so i’m gonna swab the sides here so you can use any of the parts but i chose to use one closest because they’re not on that iv medications or anything before it for 30 seconds to start normal start normal and understand assess the patient’s here we have any allergic reactions stay with them for three

Minutes and i already see satisfaction so i will clean up my stuff and we check yes

Transcribed from video
Administration of Furosemide via CIVA demo By Leanna Wiebe