January 27, 2023

They wanted to tell their story to prevent others from dying from fentanyl poisoning.

On average four kentuckians a day die from fentanyl overdoses many of them have no idea they ingested the deadly drug the lawrence family from louisville knows this story all too well back now come on jacob come on snap out of it what you jacob this for man sunday afternoon june 19th 9-1-1 what is the location of your emergency jacob lawrence clings to life

On his parents couch as his father brian calls for help come on jacob all right take it free within minutes first responders arrived to take him to the hospital so i got a 18 year old son who is uh i think he’s overdosed on oxycodones or percocets uh he’s having trouble breathing he’s got blood coming out of his nose jacob would never come back home for brian

And sally lawrence it just didn’t make sense jacob was active close to his family and the center of attention everything even though he’s 18 years old was is jacob up yet would jacob have to eat jacob jacob jacob jacob and now there’s no jacob the lawrence’s later found this home security video of jacob getting a delivery then a message in their son’s snapchat

Showing he ordered what he thought were oxycodone pills the parents say they were laced with fentanyl it’s a homicide these people that are distributing this they’re it’s they’re killing people scarring those left behind i told my husband that you know if it weren’t for our remaining daughter and and our two grandchildren that um i wouldn’t i want to go i want

To go be with the boys the boys because the lawrences have been here before jacob’s older brother kevin also overdosed and died five years ago from fentanyl you lose your son and you go out to eat and you look across from you and you look at the chair and there he is you know but he’s not there he’s not there anymore you get in the car the truck and he’s not

There beside you anymore along with all the pain the guilt brian and sally found jacob in vomit earlier that day but he got up the fact that he had taken a shower to us meant okay he’s all right he’s coming out right about four hours later they found him barely breathing and called 9-1-1 i’m trying to put him on his head he’s pretty lifeless not knowing that

Like brother kevin jacob too had ingested fentanyl i’ll never forgive our us for that never i mean to know that if we had taken him sooner he would be here do you think he would be or maybe was it too late i think he would be here hundreds of kentuckians would be here if only they knew knew that what appeared to be oxycodone adderall percocet xanax or maybe

Cocaine actually contained fentanyl all it takes is one dose and that may cost you your life the state’s chief medical examiner sees the deadly outcome from accidental overdoses time and time again it’s not uncommon to walk in and have five or five examinations that are suspected overdosed and ultimately that is confirmed in just one day in just one day at uh

One office we’re seeing the potency levels you know up to 50 times greater than that of heroin homeland security special agent bruce passmore of louisville told me federal and local law enforcement in the central kentucky region seized more than 350 pounds of fentanyl just last year enough to kill up to 80 million people that’s everyone in kentucky and indiana

Seven times over and this year passmore says agents are on track to seize even more this is enough fentanyl to be fatal like 10 to 15 grains of salt and federal agents say it’s pouring across the border it’s cheap and drug dealers are putting it in everything anytime a price of a specific narcotic goes down that generally means we’ve got a lot more work to do and

We have seen the price of fentanyl decrease because the supply is so significant getting it from you know a buddy on a street corner may you know you’re opening yourself up to to death a death that came three days later for jacob lawrence his final goodbye that was the worst and the most beautiful thing i’ve ever experienced a walk of honor through the halls

Of norton audubon hospital where he donated his organs it was just unbelievable how they had each hallway lined up and when when they let him go for some reason you know he was still my son so i said hey i said go save some lives now and these parents hope to do the same save lives by sharing the story putting purpose behind their pain the lawrence’s hope

And pray that parents will keep an extra close eye on their kids and constantly warn them of the dangers of anything they might buy on the streets and bruce passmore with homeland security told me he recommends all parents with kids keep narcan in their homes because any kid who might just take one pill thinking it’s adderall oxycodone might ingest a potentially

Fatal dose of fentanyl and the narcan could save their life

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After losing second son to fentanyl overdose, Louisville family speaks out By WDRB News – Official