June 1, 2023

Hi my name is keonta i’m a nursing student from bryan and stratton and today i’m going to be going over the use of a metered dose inhaler with you guys so the inhaler today is going to be albuterol and albuterol is a bronchodilator and what it does is that it opens up your airway so the mechanism of action would be that it binds to beta-2 receptors in the airway

Causing the bronchodilation some side effects of chest pain palpitations tremors and nervousness and this can be taken for asthma or copd and you can use it alone or with the glucocorticoid if you’re going to take it with the glucocorticoid you want to make sure that the patient knows to take this first wait five minutes and then take the glucocorticoid so what

You’ll want to do first is you make sure that you verify your patient using your two identifiers you’ll want to make sure that you provide your privacy and do your hand hygiene if they’re in the hospital other than that you can be educating them to take the inhaler home for use so once you’ve done all that then you can show your patient how to actually use the

Inhaler but you’ll want to verify first that if you’re in the hospital you want to verify first you know the right person right time right dose right medication in the right route this is kayla little bit closer kayla is having an asthma attack so we’re going to demonstrate using the inhaler on kayla so what you’ll want to do first is you’ll want to give the

Inhaler some shakes you’ll want to remove the cap and then you’ll want to hold it just like this with the thumb at the bottom near the mouthpiece and the index in the middle finger at the top you’ll want to have the patient you’ll want to prime this if it hasn’t been used meaning give it one or two puffs squeezes and this one’s been primed so we’re not going to

Do that and so you’ll want to hold it one to two inches away from the patient’s mouth ask them to take a deep breath and then exhale and then you’ll put it in their mouth have them take us a deep breath exhale slowly then they’ll inhale slowly and while they’re inhaling you’ll give them two squeezes one or two squeezes whatever the doctor has ordered so they’ll

Hold it for about three seconds and then you’ll close your mouth and hold your breath for about 10 seconds one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and then you can exhale slowly through your nose or through pursed lips which are lips with a little opening like you’re whistling or either out the nose like i said previously so that’s how you properly use

This inhaler then you’ll want to take this which is water have them rip their mouth out you don’t want to make all that gross rinse their mouth out which helps to prevent the rush um and then what you’ll want to do is just educate the patient on the side effects which i told you guys palpitations nervousness um some chest pain maybe and tremors which is a little

Shaky like this and palpitations are when you can feel your heart beating out of your chest like really hard if you don’t feel any better you want to go to the hospital or call 9-1-1 and they can help you to do to get medication to help you even further than the inhaler had so that’s all i have for you guys thanks you

Transcribed from video
Albuterol 2 By Keonneta Trent