March 24, 2023

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What is going on everybody welcome back to another video with the afro nurse and today we are going to be talking about the medication albuterol so let’s go ahead and get started so the first thing that we’re going to discuss is the action so albuterol is used for a couple of things um but one thing in particular so it’s used for the treatment of bronchospasm and

Asthma or copd it does is by binding to beta2 adrenergic receptors and smooth muscles this helps to begin a cascade of events that eventually leads to bronchodilation so that’s ultimately the main thing but there are some side effects that can occur with albuterol and we’ll talk about that a little bit later in terms of the onset and the peak and the duration

It can be inhaled or it can be just given orally the onset the peak and the duration is faster when it’s inhaled compared to when it’s given orally so in regards to the complications they include nervousness restlessness tremor chest pain palpitation paradoxical bronchospasm hypertension hyperglycemia and hypokalemia so um maybe you are maybe you’re not you’re

Thinking to yourself well why would hypertension palpitation things like that be a side effect of albuterol well we have to understand that albuterol affects the smooth muscles specifically as we said debated to adrenergic receptors so while they’re come while they’re producing bronchodilation to help open up airways and get more air into the body and things

Like that um it also has a i guess you could say like a counter effect on the circulatory system and that it can cause uh sort of vasoconstriction um things like that which is why we can see hypertension while we can see palpitations why we would see chest pain things that nature um so that’s just something that i wanted to kind of keep in mind for myself that

I’ve noticed when talking about this particular medication the administration as you can see orally or inhaled policy video if you want to kind of go through this we’re going to move on to the next slide for contraindications it’s contraindicated if they have allergic reactions to adrenergic amines but we also want to use cautiously in patients with cardiac

Disease because of what i described earlier patients with hypertension patients with hyperthyroidism diabetes glaucoma or even seizure disorder so we want to be you know really cautious when dealing with those types of patients for interactions there are a couple of things to keep in mind use with emil inhibitors could lead to hypertensive crisis beta blockers

May negate the therapeutic effects it can also affect digoxin levels it can decrease the serum digestion levels it can increase cardiovascular effects with tricyclic anti-depressants there’s a risk of low potassium if it’s taken with a diuretic and if you use this with caffeine um caffeine containing herbs like colonet tea coffee it can increase the stimulant

Effect for nursing intervention we want to assess the lung sounds the pulse and blood pressure before administration and during the peak of the medication so about two to three hours orally 60 to 90 minutes inhaled we want to monitor the pulmonary function test before starting therapy and also during the therapy we want to observe for paradoxical bronchospasm

So basically like wheezing and we want to hold medications if it’s noticed and we got to make sure that we notify the healthcare professional and also we want to check less for potassium as we said earlier because hypokalemia could occur so again as always client education is really really important and with this one there’s a lot of education obviously take

It as directed if you’re on a scheduled dosing regimen take the missed dose as soon as you remember you want to make sure that you re that you space apart the remaining doses at regular intervals we want to make sure you don’t double or increase the dose or the frequency because again it can cause that paradoxical bronchospasm we want to contact the healthcare

Provider immediately if there is shortness of breath and it isn’t relieved by medication or if you feel sweaty dizzy if you have palpitations or chest pain you want to prime the inhaler with about four sprays and then discard the inhaler after about 200 sprays but i’m assuming that also depends on the type of medic cartridge and things like that but this seems

Like the general idea again as always if you take an over-the-counter prescription let your doctor know don’t smoke really don’t smoke or try to eliminate or stop smoking if you’re using other inhalation medications you want to make sure that you use albuterol first you wait about five minutes and then you can use the other inhalation medication but albuterol is

Used first you want to rinse the mouth of water to minimize dry mouth because that can be not an adverse effect but somewhat of a side effect and you want to make sure that you clean the mouthpiece with water about once a week and i want to make sure that we notify the health care professional if there is no response to the usual dose and in that case cortical

Steroids may be considered some extra notes that i have here you want to give with a meal to minimize stomach irritation you want to shake the inhaler about about one minute between inhalations as well i said earlier you want to prime the inhaler before you use it by releasing about four test breaks and for children under the year the age of eight you want to

Use a spacer for them and ultimately the main thing when we’re trying to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication was there prevention or a relief of the bronchospasm if there was then the medication was effective so that’s the end of a buddha raw please like comment and subscribe for more videos afronurse and i will see you guys in the next one stay healthy

Say bless peace

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