June 4, 2023

NSG 304 Pharm Assignment

Do you have an inhaler hi sandy are you today fun thank you okay great so we’re going to talk a little bit about what happens to tell me about what happened to you earlier today i was working out and i had like a spasm or something and i couldn’t breathe i was all choked up and that’s the never having this way okay what kind of things were choked up you

Couldn’t breathe that’s the part we think it just it was embarrassing i i was in the middle of my workout class and i had to stop and everybody was staring at me and i couldn’t stand it i understand how that might be frustrating so it sounds like we’ve had maybe healthy ask me attack have you ever had one of those attacks before no okay well we will get to

The bottom of it have you ever felt had any other triggers that made you offer me well i was in like a smoky club night before and that maybe have something to do with i have no idea it’s a new club that i go to hillcrest okay so sometimes smoke can cause asthma attack pollen pet dander dust being that can be triggers for asthma attacks so we’ll make sure

To get to the bottom of it today i’m going to teach you about this medication albuterol and this is the patient handout we’re going to just kind of go through it today and positive questions for me please feel free to ask and interrupt at any point so this is called an advil hailer and basically what it does is there’s medication in this – and you’re gonna

Press down and it’s gonna get that medication deep into your life so it’s like a mist it you know it is just like a mist so always keep this medication at room temperature it’s very important that it remains at room temperature we don’t want it to explode or anything so um we’re gonna talk a little bit about that so if you want to just hang hang on to that

We’re gonna go through the steps on how to use it and then i mean have you tested make sure that you know how to use it so you always want to exhale all of your breath prior to taking a puff of the medication just to make sure we get that medication deep into your lungs and the way you’re going to put it in your mouth is you wrap your lips around the piece

Oh oh yes so you shouldn’t have any trouble with that and you put your lecture tightly around it and then when you press firmly on the medication to inhale suppose i think so yes okay and then you’re gonna hold your bat breath for about 10 seconds slowly want to make sure that the medication really gets in there so do you want to show me what we’ve talked –

So sure so i’m gonna touch the tube and then i’m gonna breathe out all the way and then they press the button so i’ll just do one go get in yeah yeah yeah oh oh it just opens everything up doesn’t it it does all that it’s amazing great so the doctor has prescribed the doses that you need in case you have an attack this is gonna get rid of it and open your

Right up so you could breathe and i carry this around all around town with you everywhere you go you want to make sure that i think you forgot your sweater i said you want to make sure that you tell your doctor that any allergies to have any allergies of any other medication no no you’re just healthiest to be if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding just make sure

That you weigh the options of you know is this medication going to be good 3 i’m not far along yet ok great so you want to avoid caffeine when you’re taking this medication but starbucks i guess i could take some time off my frappuccinos yes just until to make sure your asthma under control ok and overdoses are very rare open it is the medical emergency you

Shouldn’t overdo over little here oops drinking the entire bottle which is kind of hard with this oh i supposed to drink it no no no no that will cause an overdose oh okay so cures the pamphlet for you to take home if you have any questions feel free to count there anything we haven’t covered today i don’t think so does this mean i can’t go to hell craft show

Anymore to that club with the smoke and i know you should avoid places better extra oh well it was great seeing you today sandy i hope you don’t have any more asthma attack thank you so much all right girls i’m having a little little as my get me now mikey prepared albuterol

Transcribed from video
albuterol By Sierra Cortez