March 22, 2023

Come on hurry we’re late come on come here right now come on let’s go oh it’s going keep going keep going come on hurry up i can’t breathe come on brother what’s wrong okay okay i got your brother you’re okay i got you come here come here come here come here brother freeze what is wrong with this picture is my trying to simply shower him with albiron or is

He trying to set the foundation of makeup on his face what he is attempting to do is use the rescue inhaler which he is doing with improper technique i will show you how to use it properly my name is philip vu i am a pa student from university of tampa and i’m ready to show you how to do this so what do you do when an asthmatic exacerbation occurs let me

Tell you about asthma’s worst enemy asthma’s worst enemy goes by the name of albuterol and let me show you what albuterol can do so can you tell me what location are we in right now um is this wakanda oh hi there back to albuterol so to use albuterol first you have to know what it comes in it usually comes in a cartridge such as this and is inserted into a

Mouthpiece like this but before use we have to prime it and what do i mean by priming priming is when you give it a little shake you have to ensure that there’s mist inside oh perfect looks like there’s a patient in bed one that’s in need of inhaler follow me knock knock hi mr manuel hi how are you hello i’ve heard that you’re in need of an inhaler is that

True yes sir all right have you ever used one before yes i have all right it so happens that we have one here but before we do i want to talk about a spacer now what is the spacer for you can imagine that when using an inhaler directly without a spacer without this it would be very unpleasant the force would be a little too strong so that’s where a spacer

Comes in now a spacer is not only used to maximize the delivery of the medication it helps with coordination as well so we have a makeshift spacer here and now what we’re going to do first we’re going to prime it as instructed as earlier okay then we’re going to insert it into the makeshift spacer i’m going to hand this off to mr win here now the patient

Is going to place his mouth on the spacer then he’s going to press down and he’s going to inhale slowly for 10 seconds now why is he doing this for 10 seconds it’s allowing the medication to fully work to allow for his lungs to fully open bronchodilation as they call it in medicine now once 10 seconds are up he could expire normally but if his symptoms are

Unresolved then he would he can use inhaler again in two minutes now we already spoke about the albuterol inhaler but there are such things as an inhaler that uses steroids now if a patient does use that a steroid inhaler patient has to ensure to wash his mouth with cold water afterwards now mr manguin how are your symptoms i’m doing better great now do you

Have any other uh questions for me have you seen my brother he’s from wakanda someone called security and we’re done we brought us the beginning right now you

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Albuterol Cures It All By My Nguyen