March 28, 2023

Um what the most important thing that it causes is dysrhythmias and you know like the maintenance really means it calls is v t b field and b tag that most dangerous okay that’s probably very important um let’s see okay you want to look at some other drugs we can do what is it like what about the human be type oh the maserati okay um let’s see some important

Things of course is the mechanism of action so it suppresses rise um it suppresses a sympathetic outflow from the central nervous system and has direct dilation of arterials and things so that’s something that we need to remember well then i wrote down right here it says shouldn’t be used long term more than 24 hours okay okay so i’m just going to write some stuff

On the board all right okay so are these just the drugs that yeah they’re going to be on the exam and i remember saying most of these jokes right here and i just love the diagram right just to give us some more eyes works wow this farm is really stressing me out or that’s very overwhelming i can’t take it it’s just so hot going on right now are you okay no i

Think you’re having a panic attack no i think i’m having an asthma attack right now are you on any type of medication no i’m not letting you mess right now okay can you go to the doctor take a deep breath that’s clean are you okay leah are you ready yes i’m ready all right good morning hello my name is i’m gonna be taking care of you today um so to start off

I just have a few questions um so what seems to be bringing you in today well um i was sitting with my friend and all of a sudden i just started having that asthma attack which just was starting to hurt really okay all right well we can see what we can do about that today okay do you usually get episodes like this no okay so this would be like the first one yes

All right and did your chest hurt yes okay on a scale of one to ten how badly i’ll see uh six okay all right did you feel like you couldn’t breathe at all no okay all righty well let’s see okay leah so i’m gonna take a quick listen to your lungs while you’re breathing okay just continue to breathe how you are thank you okay so it sounds like you might have some

Asthma um i’m going to go ahead and prescribe you an adrenergic broken dilator called albuterol it’s just a little puff and release nebulizer but you can also take it in several other forms if you want there’s an oral syrup there’s a dry powder nebulizer there’s an aerosol nebulizer there is um pills that you can take of it um but i just think that the nebulizer

Itself would be the easiest form for you to take it in um i’m going to go ahead and prescribe you 90 micrograms every 20 minutes during your first hour of like exacerbation and not being able to breathe but then after that you can take it as needed okay so every time that this flares up and you get out of breath just do a little puff okay um um we have heard this

Medication before can you tell us a little bit about how it works so yes i can um albuterol binds to the beta three adamurgic receptors in your lungs and they dilate your bronchial smooth muscles they also make your mast cells less hypersensitive so you’ll be able to it will be able to open up your lungs a little bit better so that you can breathe and it functions

Properly that way you’re not taking sharp little breaths and you feel like you can get a full lung full of air it will also help the oxygen move into your blood so that you feel more oxygenated but this does start working in about five minutes so you will have a little bit of time before it starts completely working but after five minutes if it’s not working

You can take another puff of your inhaler and usually once it starts working it’ll work for about three to six hours um and you won’t have to take it again but if it does take when if you do need to take it again that’s totally fine um it’s a take as needed type of drug oh it’s really hot in here click okay before you do that let me just let you know that while

You’re on albuterol there’s a greater risk of your glucose and your blood increasing this could cause you to be hypoglycemic um so while you’re on albuterol you want to decrease the sugar intake especially right around the time that you take the albuterol puffs okay it also can increase your risk of having decreased potassium in your blood which can cause you to

Be hypokalemic so you’re going to want to also increase your potassium levels especially if you’re on any other drugs like digoxin or anything like that that are influenced by the potassium levels okay yeah okay okay um how old are you okay good because if you were in on the geriatric side um i would have to monitor your renal functions and do some lab work

On that and i would also need to monitor your heart rhythm and rape because there are some effects of this drug causing you to have a prolonged qt interval and then are you pregnant or breastfeeding right now oh because i just needed to know that there are no considerations that we have for um breastfeeding and pregnancy because this drug doesn’t interact with

Those okay um can you tell me exactly what this drug is used for yes i can so this drug is specifically used to prevent and treat any difficulty breathing wheezing shortness of breath um coughing chest pain and tightness that could be caused by asthma copd smoking any of that kind of stuff okay um can you tell us some side effects of these medications well the

Common side effects are oh my god crams um oh that’s so jittery right now okay so there are a few things i want to talk about before i let you go today okay so we’re gonna do some patient teaching points um first thing is i want you to take your albuterol inhaler at the same time every day um for your first dose okay um on top of that i’m gonna teach you how

To actually use the inhaler so what you’re going to do is you’re going to hold the inhaler with the solid part like the cylinder part up and the mouthpiece at your mouth you’re going to place your lips around the mouthpiece and you’re going to form a tight seal so that none of the medication gets out of the seal okay and it all goes into your body um you’re going

To slowly breathe through your mouth and press down on the inhaler so that the medication is released and you’re slowly bringing breathing it in and you’re going to keep breathing in slowly as deeply as you can into your lungs and you’re going to hold it for 10 seconds okay okay and then if you have to take a second puff you’re going to wait at least two to three

Minutes okay all right okay can you show me how to do it okay okay good so another thing that you want to know is that if you have high blood pressure you don’t want to take albuterol okay because it will increase your blood pressure um i don’t think that you have a history of high blood pressure but in the future if you do have high blood pressure just be aware

Of that okay um also you need to be aware of the triggers for your asthma okay so that includes like pollen freshly cut grass um any person around you that’s smoking respiratory infections um physical activity so start trying to pay attention of when your asthma attacks happen so that you know what your triggers are and you can avoid those later on um also know

That there are some irritants that will cause a flare-up for pretty much anybody such as tobacco smoke chemicals strong perfumes strong other chemical fumes so just try to stay away from that kind of stuff anything that’s like strong smelling that could go into your lungs and irritate it all right okay okay is there anything that she shouldn’t be taking or eating

While on this drug yes i’m glad you asked there are a few things that you want to avoid while you’re taking this medication um it’s not a really serious thing it just is for your comfort and your safety so firstly you’re going to want to avoid caffeine it can make your heart rate increase and that can cause you to feel like your heart is beating out of your chest

With the two combined you’re also going to want to avoid hydrochlorothiazide because it also will do the exact same thing and make your heart beat out of your chest but you can if you’re taking that drug and you’re taking albuterol together you can’t add in a cardio selective beta blocker such as metoprolol because it will slow down your heart rate um you also

Will want to avoid taking anything that has more epinephrine effects that’s because it also will increase your heart rate and will make you very uncomfortable and lastly you want to avoid acetaminophen because it will also increase the agrotrophic effects of your heart okay okay leah um do you have any last questions for me no i don’t think so okay well thank

You so much for coming in today and i really hope that this album will help you out okay and if it doesn’t just come back to see me in a couple weeks all right have a great day are you having another asthma attack i think so but no worries i got my albuterol you

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ALBUTEROL Drug Commercial By Anna D