March 28, 2023

Quickly demonstrating the difference between the ALBUTEROL MDI Inhaler and the Solution for the nebulizer.. Anti static AeroChamber .. ALBUTEROL Oral syrup … Xopenex is it a safer alternative to ALBUTEROL

So now what say you know at home and you have i can’t help with every thought i have to find a quick no tear one of the inhaler comes in two different forms of administration which is the mdi which is the puffer or the solution for a nebulizer that you put in in a machine and then you inhaling through a mask it’s a same drug which is all butyl but there’s a study

That was done to compare the difference between given that same exact drug through the inhaler or through the machine the nebulizer and is there is it a difference which one is better put the link for this study so you can check it out herself but basically they had they compare two groups at the er one with the buffer or the ventolin inhaler or a patron here

And the other pew with the solution for a nebulizer and they found out that that use the mdi or to use the puffer if you will they did better than the group with the solution for nipple eyes there three things happened the peak flow rate if you know what it means it’s basically what they use to measure the respiratory function so the peak flow rate was better

Also the oxygen saturation in you know what you when you go d or whatever at the hospital or even though the docs office they put that thing around your finger to measure the oxygen saturation so people who get the mdi they their oxygen saturation rate got in normal normal ever faster than the people with the nebulizer and also the they were discharged sooner i

Would in this case you know in faster recovery better oxygen saturation rate so i would definitely go with the the mdi but a quick note here remember if you are in the er because of episode of asthma attack and they give you either order to give you the nebulizer or the the perform still gonna have to take one of our system at this there okay shifting gives you

Quickly we’re gonna talk about the spacer be a little attention here when you when you get that spacer look in the package look like i’m sure i mean i hope that your doctor your pharmacist will have time to explain to you but just look at the package and make sure this is anti stay our different type of this arrow chamber or spacer you know the the opti healer

Aerochamber vortex it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter what brand they all work good the only thing out to stay away from i think the opti here our advantage because when you look in the package i’ll say it is not gonna say anti-static it has didn’t then a look like static charge on the wall of the chamber and then when you try to administer the dose the drug

Gets stuck or adhere on the wall of the chamber and it doesn’t go into the lock whatever you use in whatever air chamber or spacer that using it i’ll say anti-static because it’s very important here’s another quick tip – on the only air chamber that has the deuce indicator is air chamber advantage i mean every chamber plus that has a deuce indicator so if you

Have a child and you’re not sure if you just messing around or he actually inhaled this that air chamber has a dose indicator or a little flap so every time the the child inhale of dose it flaps so that’s an indicator for you that he got the the deuce other spacer they’re not necessarily have that deuce indicate the importance of the air chamber or the spacer

I see a lot of patient on bottle game it and a lot of doctor don’t bother prescribing it and surprisingly a lot of insurance don’t even pay for it i can show you a study that looked into the patient who are using the inhaler without the spacer and patient that using the space of the improvement or the rate of the peak flow improvement or the respiratory function

Improvement in the patient who using a spacer a lot better or more than the patient is not using as a matter of fact in the guidelines i believe the step-up therapy if the patient is taking ventolin inhaler and it’s not controlling the asthma symptoms before you add another drug you should consider adding a space you’re rethinking insurance will well who will

Pay for the spacer because that will cut the cost of adding another drug it only makes sense i mean what would be better for the patient to pay for another drug to control his asthma or just pay for a spacer and have him keep what he’s using before adding another drug but in in reality and in in you know the pharmacy life you don’t see that if the patient is

Taking the medication and is not working just add another another dosage form of the albuterol which is the syrup or the solution that just fell out of favor i haven’t seen that prescribed anymore and the reason why is it has more systemic side effect than the effect that you looking for and it has like the poor therapeutic ratio so the amount that goes into

The system and you know causes them the troubles is less than the amount that goes into the lung and and that goes typically into the lung and give you the effect that you need so just keep an eye if the doctor give you the prescription for the solution that you take orderly i would question that um because i’m not i’m not sure what we’re trying to get out what

Happened to that drug i mean it’s not prescribed anymore and you probably have it dispensed for a while or maybe a patient have them getting it for a while well what happened with the drug when the one day for when they first came out at first of all it was expensive right and then the sitrep we’re trying to you know represented to the doctors that this is more

Refined form of the of the drug and it doesn’t cause any systemic side effect and it is safe to give to the patient with heart condition or anything like that so because it’s you know quote unquote safer but it’s not it’s not true and i can also include the study that show you the difference between just a traditional regular form of the albuterol or ventolin and

The zubur necks which you know they claim to be more refined drug and it doesn’t have the chemicals or the ingredient that cause side effect but then it turned out to be it’s not true and then that’s why it’s no longer prescribed see keep an eye on that if the doctor was trying to tell you like this is good for you because safer because you have heart condition

Or something like that i would definitely question it because there is no literature to prove that is safer by any me

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ALBUTEROL Inhaler VS Nebulizer. Different Types Of Aerochambers. Albuterol Oral Syrup Xopenex. By Shalaby PharmD