March 28, 2023

Secrecy yeah i guess they’re finally here that’s army here hi how are you i’m autumn one of the nurses here you tell me your name and date of birth the ground ok so you guys came in today because you have some breathing problems related to your asthma and now the doctor has prescribed albuterol will say i’m a brutal is a medication called a bronchodilator bronchodilator

So what that means is the medication is going to relax the muscles of the airway once the muscles are relaxed the airways going to open and allow more oxygen to come in we’re going to help lisa to breathe easier yeah she needs to be so yeah hopefully that’s true breeding is very important um do you have any questions about the upper you neural what does it go

Dude work um well you know it’s gonna have positive effects it also is going to have side effects that you need to be aware of these side effects harmful some of them one of them can be harmful the main side effect is actually the wheezing that she experiences when she has an asthma attack it actually gets worse what i know i know it sounds strange but that is the

Most important side effect of albuterol and it can be life-threatening so let’s just say you take your medication and the wheezing gets more intense which is obviously we don’t want to happen if that does happen stop taking the medication and call 911 very important data have to take this medicine that’s what they say if you want to breathe so there are other side

Effects which are not life-threatening we still need to be aware of them you can experience palpitations tremors what’s palpitations palpitations are when your heart starts to beat very fast that happens sometimes and red bull yeah we’re going to talk about the red bull in a moment so other side effects anxiety nausea vomiting if these side effects have been you do

Need to stop taking medication but you can just call the doctor you know that’s not these are not life-threatening side effects we don’t have to get her an ambulance and no no ambulance needed only if the we think it’s really really intense are you taking any over-the-counter medications like vitamins herbal remedies home remedies anything like that oh not so now

I’m aware okay that’s good that’s good if at any point you you know are interested in taking some type of rural remedy or even a multivitamin you need to contact the doctor first because anything besides the albuterol could potentially have an effect not not always but you just need to speak to the doctor first before you you know go outside of the lbt wrong okay

Um albuterol also has some drug to drug interactions albuterol reacts with mao inhibitors or beta blockers those are for the heart and for depression unfortunately you’re not taking these medications so we don’t really need to worry about it like i said if at any point something else is prescribed for you there may be another doctor you need to contact the doctor

Hear about your albuterol before you start taking anything else okay now the bad news red bull coca-cola caffeine of any kind is going to make the albuterol more intense the feeling of i don’t think you’re gonna be any more oh come on the tremors anxiety even chest pain can intensify anything that’s a stimulant effect which is kind of like the hyper effects of the

Albuterol is going to get worse and that can be very stressful or even scary for you okay you think you can give up your barrel caffeinated beverages he’ll probably difficult but we’ll do what we can yeah well you know your breathing is important so i know i can’t watch her every day at school so that’s true but you know chom she’ll deal with the consequences if

She doesn’t make the adjustment so no questions so far no i don’t think so how she gonna take your medicine what is this medicine anyway well the albuterol comes in an inhaler so you’re going to take puffs of it okay it comes with what’s called a metered dose inhaler so every dose is calculated on the side so you know how many you have to start with and how many

As you go along okay so this is the inhaler oops wrong pocket okay it looks like this this is the notation okay canister and this is the actual inhaler and you see these little numbers here that’s where it’s going to register how many doses that you have to use okay so you know when you’re getting low and you can call to get your prescription refilled all right

Okay so what you’re going to do is like adjust it really simple you get the canister you got in here i put them together so before you take it you’re going to shake it up okay take off the cap put it in your mouth pup press down and a puff is going to come out okay now before you get to that point if you have a new canister you’re gonna have to peeee what’s called

Priming it four times okay priming is just holding it away from you and spraying it four times okay shoot one two three four okay 10 is making that puffs up okay then you can start it you don’t have to prime it again until the canister is done unless you go without using it for two weeks then you need you’re going to need to to the priming again four times he’s

Busy enough ship for all i needed every day okay um so after it’s all primes what you do is your going to shake it before put it in your mouth take the pup you’re going to hold that then exhale then you’re going to wait one full minute before you take the second puff you probably see people around doing really quick puffs you definitely don’t want to do that you

Want to give your lungs a moment to adjust the medication before you give it another dose ok any questions so far it looks pretty simple so far i can’t think we might be able to handle it okay so why don’t you show me how to put it together and then how you would take the medication is this the microphone that’s the back so this part this is where the meter doses

Are going to show up and you want them to show through this window okay so that’s how you’re going to know how to put it together okay and i’m going to have you actually take a dose so you can start to feel better shake it yeah but the medication is powerful so and just right put it in your mouth spray an inhale at the same time hi and keep your mouth closed over

Okay wait a minute exhale have to wait a whole minute mm-hmm it’s very important very important to wait that mitt not everybody week supplement i know but they can potentially harm themselves by doing that so that are all known image a girl and she said you’re supposed to wait a minute okay go ahead do you a second puff i don’t know you don’t just shake me okay

You already ship it over you okay right now as it stands is every four to six hours when you’re having your symptoms of the wheezing or the chest tightness or chest pain or 15 minutes before you start to exercise even if you’re not having symptoms because it can prevent the symptoms from coming on so one thing that you do need to know it’s very very important not

To exceed the dose okay if the inhaler is not helping you or like we said we talked about the side effects then you just need to call the position and go from there and possibly have you come back in here to the office but don’t if you if you take the inhaler and then an hour later still not feeling better don’t you know start puffing away this has a side effects

This has the drug to drug interactions the drug to food and beverages interaction things for you to avoid things for you to know and it also has all of our information here at the office the positions phone number and the nurses desk as well how do you guys feel and are you understanding everything nothing she can get it right how about you lisa hyphen you look a

Little overwhelmed i’m sorry nick stations a bet it’s not yet okay just like long as my little girl can breathe that’s the board okay well we’re always here at the office if you need us you know we have messaging after hours if something happens but like i said if it’s the wheezing it’s intense call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately ok any other questions

Ok nice to meet you take care thank you very time

Transcribed from video
Albuterol Project By jhippolyte