December 8, 2022

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Hi my name is albatro and this is my autobiography of drugs my generic name is albatrial sulfate and my brand names are acne pro air hfa prevental for vandal hfa ventilation ventilating hfa ventilating oral liquid and boss fire er my chemical name is 4 2 3 bottle amino 1 hydroxy fill 2 hydroxy methyl and phenyl sulfuric acid my drug classification and therapeutic

Is andronergic while in pharmacologic and pseudonymcal dilator my mechanism of action is that i up on beta 2 under under energy receptor to relax the bronchial smooth muscle i am also inhibit the release of immediate hypersensitivity mediators from cell especially muscle i have also in effect the beta 1 and energy press of course although i have minimal and has

Little effect on the heart rate at least one specific study that used immunoliposomes to deliver the oxytocin receptor and have shown to abate uterine contractions my pharmacokinetics during absorption after the oral inhalation appears to be absorbed gradually over several hours from the respiratory tract however those is mostly swallowed and absorbed through

The gi tract and during distribution i doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier and in metabolism i extensively metabolize and deliver the inactive compounds and in elimination are rapidly excreted in urine and faces and after the inhalation seventy percent of those escalated in urine and change and has metabolites within 24 hours and 10 emphasis half-life is

About 4 hours after oral administration and 75 of those as excreted in urine within 72 hours as metabolized four percent in physics my indication is that most of the symphony symphomatics used as bronchodilators are batted to selective adrenergic agonists and that means that at therapeutic level their actions are specific to the beta2 receptor found in the

Bronchi and specifically as a loss at higher levels and other systemic effects that include increased blood pressure increased heart rate vasoconstriction and decreased renal and gi blood flow and all action of the sympathetic nervous system the overall effects limit the systemic usefulness of these drugs in certain patients the prototype prototype drug as a

Drug of choice in adults and children for the treatment of acute bronchospasm including the cause by anaphylaxis is also available for inhalation and because epinephrine is associated with systemic um symphomatic effects and it is not the drug of choice for patients with large conditions my contraindications are first is i am contraindicated or should be used

With caution depending on the severity of the underlying condition and condition that would be aggravated by sympathetic stimulation including cardiac disease vascular disease and arthritis diabetes and hyperthyroidism i am also should be used during pregnancy and lactation only if the benefits to the mother clearly outweigh potential risk to the fetus or neonate

Adverse effect and central nervous system is restlessness apprehension anxiety fear central nervous system and stimulation hyperkinesia insomniac more drowsiness irritability weakness vertigo and headache valencievis cardiac arthritis arrhythmias tachycardial palpations pvcs and angina pain dermatology dermatologic sweating palore flushing valencia is now should

Vomiting heartborn unusual or bad days in mouth then and respiratory as respiratory difficulties pulmonary edema caffeine bronchospasm paradoxical airway resistance with repeated exercise use of ventilation preparations my nursing responsibilities as before as you have to assess the appropriateness of the medication process by considering the patient dedication

Of the environment second is assess for dimension above cautions and control indication to prevent any and toward complications third is discuss with the patient the medicine to give and gain verbal consent to administer the medication fourth as administered implication by the oral dosage form syrup tablets adults and children older than 12 years of age two or

Milligrams taken three or four times per day ensuring as first as you have to monitor the therapeutic effectiveness which is indicated by significant subtractive improvement in pulmonary function within 6 to 90 minutes after drug administration second is monitor for signs and symptoms of finding more in fingers which may interfere with precision hand work and

Central nervous system stimulation particularly in children to six years old hyperactivity excitement nervous nest insomnia tachycardia gi symptoms and report promptly to physician third as laboratory tests such as the pre-periodic images pulmonary functions and pose oximetry for it as consult decision about giving last albuterol dosagra ours before bedtime if

Drug induced insomnia is a problem after s review directions for correct use of medication and inhaler second is avoid contact of inhalation drug with eyes third is to not increase number or frequency of inhalations without advice of position for the s notify physician if albatro pose the provider lift because this can’t signify worsening of pulmonary function

And re-evaluation of condition or therapy may be indicated that would be all so i hope you’re learning something and thank you for watching bye you

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