June 4, 2023

Albuterol Mechanism of Action, Side Effects, and Assessments

In this video you’ll learn about albuterol we’ll break down albuterol’s mechanism of action the possible side effects for it and what you as the nurse or nursing student will be assessing for pharmacology can be challenging to learn in nursing school right so we are going to break it down super simple for you my friend step by step so that you can finally understand

It and really start critically thinking about it and if you need more help with learning pharmacology in nursing school be sure to download this free pharmacology cheat sheet that we have for you that walks you through how to learn pharmacology faster step by step the link is down below in the description for you to check that out now i’m going to pass you on over

To our lead nurse nicole who’s going to walk you through all of this hit that subscribe button and click the notification bell let’s dive in so today we’re going to talk about albuterol the generic name albuterol and the trade names are pro-air pro-vental and ventalin albuterol’s pharmacologic class is a beta-2 adrenergic agonist and the therapeutic class is

A bronchodilator now albuterol’s indications are what it’s usually given for are breathing difficulties such as wheezing shortness of breath cough and chest taintness that can be associated with asthma or copd which is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease it can also be given as a preventative to patients who have difficulty breathing with exercise to help them

Improve their breathing during exercise the mechanism of action of albuterol is that it binds to beta-2 adrenergic receptors which work within the lungs and cause them to relax or expand also known as bronchodilation this smooth muscle relaxation of the airways helped helps to improve that gas exchange there’s also some effect on the beta 1 receptors which are in

The heart the therapeutic effect of all of this is that albuterol helps to relax the airways causing them to expand and this in turn improves breathing some side effects you’re going to want to watch out for is that albuterol can cause some nervousness a tremor headache and hyperactivity because even though it only it mainly binds to those beta 2 receptor sites

It also has some effect on the beta 1 receptor sites and those are responsible for that fight or flight response you might also get some chest pain arrhythmias palpitations tachycardia and hypertension again because even though it mainly binds to the beta 2 it’s also activating that beta 1. that fight or flight response which increases your heart rate and gets you

Ready to act by increasing your heart rate increasing your blood pressure so those can all be some side effects that we see as well hypokalemia can also happen because of the release and activation of those adrenergic receptor sites it can cause an intracellular shift of potassium into the cells which leaves less potassium in the bloodstream causing hypokalemia dry

Mouth sore throat or thrush which basically is just white sore patches found in the mouth can also occur due to the irritation of the oral mucus lining because of how albuterol is taken your nursing assessment for albuterol you’re going to want to make sure you monitor their vital signs especially their heart rate respiratory rate and blood pressure watch for any

Widening pulse pressure so that’s when the diastolic and systolic um are very far apart so if your diastolic is 60 and your systolic is 130 that’s too far apart so you want to watch for any of that monitor their respiratory status assess their lung sounds respiratory rate and assess for any signs of labored breathing you’re also going to want to monitor their

Potassium levels and if therapy is increased acutely so we want to watch out for that hypokalemia it’s usually more common in an asthma exacerbation and we just want to keep a close eye on that if we acutely increase their albuterol intake some major contraindications for using albuterol would be patients who have hypertension hypokalemia cardiovascular disease

Diabetes glaucoma or a seizure disorder patient education when your patient is taking albuterol is that you want to make sure they take it exactly as prescribed and do not increase their dosage without consulting a healthcare provider this could cause a paradoxical bronchospasm which could leave them worse than they were before educate your patient to rinse their

Mouth out with water after use to help prevent that dry mouth and thrush the white patches and sores in the mouth that we were talking about be sure to have your patient use their inhaler correctly or it may not work as effectively it’s always a good idea to have your patient teach your patient how to use the inhaler and then have them show you how they would

Use it before the first time they use it just to make sure they’re doing it correctly if your patient’s using albuterol as a preventative have them take it 15 to 30 minutes before exercise to get the maximum effectiveness from the medication again some nursing considerations you’re going to want to watch out for with albuterol is that if there is an overuse it

May lead to tolerance bronchospasm or hypokalemia beta blockers can also interfere with the therapeutic effects of this because they’re essentially blocking the effects of the stimulation of those beta sites so monitor blood pressure very closely and watch for widening pulse pressure and that is albuterol if you want to deep dive into all of the other medications

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Albuterol Side Effects and Mechanism of Action By NursingSOS