March 28, 2023

New Project

Hi my name is ivan ramos and i chose the topic of a viewer ah as my orogenic aide so alveta is a bronchodilator that relaxes the muscles in the airways and increase air flow through the lungs its primary purpose is to treat the bronchospasms with people who have reversible obstructive airway disease also its other purpose that it serves is to prevent exercise-induced

Bronchospasm but it has also been shown to be used for other purposes other than medical usage more specifically alveta ah is a short term beta-2 agonist that mainly affects the muscles in the lung being your bronchi in your bronchial so what will happen is the lungs will get irritated to the point where the bands of muscles surrounding the airway will start to tie

In and constrict and decrease airflow in this example the individual right here is inhaling the albuterol substance and it’s going to travel through and it’s going to relax the smooth muscles in order to increase the air wait till the oxygen to flow through in this case you can see that this is some normal airway when the asthmatic individual has an asthma attack

You can see that the smooth muscles have constricted the airway making it difficult for them to breathe now the non asthmatic endurance athletes have used albuterol for other reasons in this case that will inhale inhale that albuterol substance to the point that it’s going to enhance or increase their airy passage allowing greater amounts of oxygen to flow through

So the endurance athletes such as the runners the cyclists and the swimmers really like the short term beta-2 agonist because it works very quickly within 3 to 5 minutes it’s going to last for about four to six hours but therefore is going to enhance their performance during competition the research found wanted to see the potential orogenic effects of therapeutic

Inhaled salbutamol doses and endurance athletes 11 healthy non asthmatic male athletes with high aerobic capacities in a double blinded randomized crossover study and where i ministered 200 and 800 micrograms of salbutamol and a placebo by inhalation before a quadratus fatigue test they performed ten sets intrument isometric contractions starting at 20 percent of

Maximum voluntary contraction or nbc with ten percent increase until exhaustion femoral nerve magnetic stimulation evaluated nbc during and after neuromuscular fatigue after each set and after 10 and 30 minutes of recovery results showed inhale beta-2 agonist did not lead to enhanced strength activation or fatigue ability in endurance trained men but revealed an

Increase in muscle endurance so now we’re going to talk about the side effects of of utero and when it’s overly used so meet my friend bobby here poor bobby is showing all the negative symptoms when albuterol is abused so albuterol mainly affects the muscles of the heart as well as the skeletal muscles so for the heart it has been shown to make faster heartbeats as

Well as competent palpitations which are fluttering feelings in the chest as well as angina which is chest pain down here it has also been shown to negative negatively affect the hands the legs and the feet causing cramping as well as shakiness headaches dizziness and nausea it has also been shown that albuterol when overly inhale to coat the lips of the mouth and

Be absorbed or rather than inhaled albuterol is a generic name some of the common brand names are s– albuterol ventolin and as mazal administration could be done by inhalation tablets and liquid form for a nebulizer the recommended dosages are as followed according to us a da inhaled beta-2 agonist are prohibited in required therapeutic use exemption or two we

Accept albuterol dosages under 16 micrograms per 24 hours the dosage of albuterol may be used in sport without a team we may translate into a wide range of puffs if you need to take more than the non prohibited dosage you must apply for tue use of oral beta-2 agonist is prohibited even if you have a tv for the same inhale beta-2 agonist but if your doctor prescribes

An oral beta-2 agonist it is required to submit a tue lastly the presence of albuterol in urine in excess of 1000 grams per milliliters if presumed not to be an intended therapeutic use and may be considered as an adverse analytic binding

Transcribed from video
Albuterol By Irene Ramos