June 1, 2023

Green tea I bought at the store (DECAF 60 tea bags):

So when i made the green tea video someone had suggested that the tea i had seen him drinking might be spearmint because spearmint tea is also known to help skin and so i was like that’s a good thought i’ll look into it and basically i did look into it and it looks like drinking spearmint tea which for some reason in the u.s like it’s not as readily available as

Like all the other teas um so you kind of you definitely do have to hit up like a few different stores or like check your inventory online before you go there because it’s like i don’t know for some some reason spearmint tea is more difficult to find and they have like a lot of i don’t say fake teas but they’ll be like a mint blend where it’s just like experiment

And like some other mints like obviously you just want the actual spearmint but anyways i looked into it and it looks like spearmint tea actually does more for your acne than even like green tea like there’s way way more just like reviews studies and it’s like this well-known thing where a lot of people have dermatologists actually recommending experiment tea to

Them which with how many dermatologists i’ve seen in my life i’m so surprised i have not heard of this before and then another update um i did confirm he is drinking green tea in his videos um it’s by hatsu sadly you cannot get it in the u.s i already tried um and it’s a green tea and chamomile blend and so thankfully i have some dried chamomile flowers and so

I’ll be putting them in one of my loose leaf tea strainers and making some tea usually i use it for my yoni steams it’s great but um i’ve never actually drank chamomile whereas it came a mile i don’t know so i’m going to try that so i guess for the video we’ll call it chamomile until i can figure out how to pronounce it but um i did some research on that and um

Kim and meal has whitening agents where um if people have dark spots and they use a bit of like the teeth in a tea bag or like they’ll make a toner and like if you do make a chamomile tea toner definitely leave it in your fridge and um so like it doesn’t spoil or sour whatnot or whatnot and like you should probably change it out like after like a week or whatnot

But um you can add it obviously you could like boil a whole pot of chamomile and then you could add it to your bath which i’ve been thinking about that i’m adding the chamomile to my goat’s milk so it’s going to be a lactic acid and i can’t remember the the acid that’s in the chamomile that is the lightning agent um but there’s something in there or i think it’s

Tannins it’s something in there and it does lighten up um yeah different marks and things like that i don’t know how aggressive it is but it it definitely has been touted as a lightener so i thought that was kind of cool though sadly i couldn’t find any information on whether ingesting large amounts of chamomile will help with like brightening your skin up but

Just all in all like you would think with some of these teas like obviously the green tea you if you use it um topically as well as internally it does wonders um and the spearmint i didn’t see as much of like people using it as a topical or as a mask i did a green tea face mask yesterday obviously i just bought the spearmint tea like an hour ago so i’m actually

Have it steeping right now um in my tumbler so i’m just going to let it steep for like an hour one i think one person said like they’ll let it steep like overnight so basically i’ll give you the rundown on the spearmint tea so the spearmint tea has been basically compared to spironolactone which i think i’ve shared with you guys that i’ve been on spyro nalactin

For years and i just recently got off of it maybe four or five months ago so that was a big thing for me and then obviously i’ve been trying to control my acne using things that i can get over the counter and not need a prescription for it so the thing about spiromelactin is that basically it helps your i guess the sebum glands not make so much oil so if you

Have an oil slick of a face like the type of face where like your makeup is kind of coming off and it’s like only one or two p.m then you would absolutely love spironolactone the only bad thing about it is that it’s a diuretic meaning that it makes you have to go pee a lot so if you’re like on 100 milligrams you already know what’s up because you’re having to

Go pee like every hour like it’s pretty bad um also it does halt the hair growth or i don’t say halt but it slows down the hair growth and so you’ll notice you won’t have to shave as often now for the hair on my head i don’t know i’ve been on it for so many years obviously i was still able to grow up my hair you guys obviously i have a wig on right now but um

You guys have seen my natural hair it really has grown out quite a bit um so i was able to do that in two years and obviously i was on spironolactone the whole time so i don’t know how much it affects the hair on your head but i know for the hair on your body you definitely won’t have to shave as much if you’re on it um what else does it do yeah i mean it’s good

And then over time it’ll help clear up your acne but you have to like obviously keep it keep on the regimen so after a few weeks you’ll start to notice that your face will kind of clear up i’ve never had 100 clear skin in my life so i can’t say that it’s like a miracle but it definitely did help and sometimes they would also give me like a doxycycline as well

Which taking long-term antibiotics for acne is just you’re just not supposed to do it so anyways i’m off of those and um yeah spearmint tea basically does the same thing as spironolactone in that it really helps with the extra oil production and people who have hormonal acne they notice that their skin cleared up on their chin and on their cheeks so yeah so if

You get like blackheads and things like that other places obviously you’re gonna have to be more aggressive and use like maybe one of those pore strips or use one of those activated charcoal or scrubs to get those out but as far as for cystic acne or hormonal acne it will help with that and i’ve read gosh so many reviews on it and a lot of people had a lot of

Success using spearmint there was one review i was a little worried because she did say basically it does something with androgen which is a type of hormone and she said that basically it’s the same as if you were to get on birth control to help control your hormonal acne like it will help much the same but she said something about it was making her body react

Like do you guys remember the birth control yaz i don’t know if they still make it or not i know like they had some like lawsuits and things against them or maybe that was yasmin but anyways the yaz birth control pill um she said that when she was on that it made her spot in between her periods so even when she wasn’t on her period she was having like a like a

Light bloody discharge which i’ve experienced that too when i had my um mirena iud and i had to get taken out because i i spotted non-stop for like 12 or 13 months it was pretty crazy so some people just have bad reactions to certain types of hormonal birth control so it’s like i’m wondering if i’m drinking too much of this spearmint tea if my body is going to

Start to um you know just start spotting or whatnot but um as far as for the acne a lot of people have seen success with spearmint tea um i found that out of everyone who talked about using it the majority of them would drink at least two cups a day um i think my last video um i i had to look it up but it looks like two cups or one cup of tea is eight ounces so

If you can measure out at least eight ounces for your first cup um a lot of people recommended uh taking it once in the morning and then once at night so kind of like if you’re on spironolactone or whatever other dermatologist recommended acne medication sometimes they’ll break it up to some in the morning and then some at night to kind of keep it in your blood

System all all the time like around the clock so you might want to try that um i’m just going to kind of drink it throughout the day as i can i’m going to be doing both green tea and spearmint because i’m just um the smart thing would would be to do the green tea first let that get in my system for a few weeks stop the green tea and then start the spearmint and

Just see what changes i see but honestly i just want to like tag team it and just get my acne cleared up like i just i don’t want to play games anymore um i’m kind of over having um such textured skin so that’s what i’m gonna be doing so i’m gonna be doing it um you know every day i’m gonna be drinking at least two cups and yeah it is also very very popular with

The pcos community and there is another type of ailment it’s a pretty weird word i couldn’t even begin to pronounce it but basically it happens in women and sometimes it will cause like the hair on your face to just grow uncontrollably like we’re not talking like a little bit of like you know a little bit of stash up here that you wax every like four to six weeks

Like we’re talking like stubble um and it’s a different it’s uh basically happens when you have too much testosterone and um yeah people who have that ailment i don’t know what to call it illness they drink spearmint tea too so spearmint is pretty pretty popular i can’t believe i haven’t heard about it before until now um there are a lot of stories of women

Actually getting off of their like medication like their acne medication or one girl like she was waiting for her insurance to basically give her the go ahead that she was covered to go see your dermatologist and like for these certain whatever medicines it was and basically she started spearmint tea in the meantime and by the time they approved it she was like

Oh i don’t need it anymore like it’s really helped a lot of people i saw a lot of people who were like in their late 20s and 40s and stuff like that using it so and then i heard of people who are in their teens using it so it’s it’s like oh my gosh so that’s why i’m going to take both green tea and the spearmint because there’s just so much more not only research

But just like reviews on people actually doing the spearmint than there are for people using the green tea for acne clearing mostly what i see for people with um who are using green tea for skincare they’re doing a lot of topicals so it’s either the green tea and extract and like a serum or it’s doing the green tea face mask which is what i did yesterday and

Basically you just take like a little bit of honey like maybe a teaspoon you add it you break open the um tea leaves after you’ve already steeped your tea and then you just put on your face and with honey like it will warm up to your face so it’ll start to drip so it’s best to have on a shirt like that you don’t mind getting stained because like honey does stain

Some shirts so if it like does drop like drip on your shirt you’re fine um i had that issue last night it dripped and i just used stain remover and i got it out but yeah so that’s that i’m gonna drink some spearmint tea and um hopefully i won’t get any new breakouts being on this regimen of green tea during the day and spearmint during the day and hopefully my

Skin won’t be so oily because it’s it gets really really really oily

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All Natural Replacement For Spironolactone By Tattiana Sforza