March 22, 2023

“CHAD is on the alloy” that’s pretty much it.

What’s up youtube it’s your boy matt the nurse coming at you with another video yeah i thought i would do some more educational content trying to pump out some of this pharmacology information just because i know it’s really relevant and sometimes it’s just easy – yeah it’s just easy to try to learn it in different ways you know trying to memorize this information

By itself can be a little intimidating especially one there’s so many different things to memorize and so again this is why i’m doing this channel this is why i’m doing these drugs because i’ve come up with just a few different ways to help me personally memorize these drugs to be successful my pharmacology courses and so i thought today we talked about all appear

In all so before we talk about it i just like to tell you guys to stick around to the end of the video i’m gonna show you how to apply these techniques on your questions to be successful on your exams so just watch out for that towards the end but anyways let’s go ahead and get started so i always like to start by just memorizing little by little you know i talk

About that a lot just start with the names so whenever i’m studying allopurinol maybe i’m making you know flashcards or something i’m gonna start and i’m just gonna memorize allopurinol related to xyla prim so you know i’m gonna write i’ll appear on all in the front and xyla prim will be on the back so whenever i hear the name allopurinol my brain automatically

Thinks xyla premon i make that connection and i i keep building on that connection every time i do those flashcards and i get it in my head to connect these two together so if i ever see allopurinol in an exam i know that’s the trait or that’s the generic name because that’s lowercase my brain already knows the trade name because i’ve made an association between

The two by constantly studying that over and over again right so once i memorize the names i move on to one more thing i’m gonna add to that connection and i’m gonna go well i’ll appear and all my brain thinks trade names are m i’m gonna add the class is yuriko sharik the class is yuriko sharik and if you can get this far on the drug you pretty much know almost

Everything you need to know about the drug once you add in the mnemonic i’m gonna show you in a little bit so here’s why i want you to memorize the class the way i’ve come up without this is we are going to surely sure we’re gonna surely get rid of that uric acid inside the patient we’re gonna surely get rid of it make it go away so you can see you drew this fancy

Little arrow here and that tells us the action we are getting rid of uric acid can you guys think of patients who have too much uric acid yeah it’s our patients with gout so you know you’ve heard of like goudy joints their toes hurt really badly because they have too much uric acid in their system their body’s like ah yeah this kind of sucks so i’m gonna deposit

It get it out of my vascular system and put it in places that really it’s not meant to be they’re causing that joint pain so there we got our our action and i drew a little train tracks here because i think it’s pretty fun so that’s what i’m kind of talking about with the train track method is if we can just get to this class name we can get to the action and that

Tells us who it’s for indication means who’s it indicated for who’s gonna get this drug and people who have hyperuricemia meaning too much uric acid or our gout patients okay so once we’ve memorized all that we’re gonna move to our next thing and that’s this pneumonic i want to show you and i came up with this i think it’s pretty clever even though it’s really not

But it’s kind of weird so maybe it’ll help you remember it but anyways i came up with chad is on the alloy now chad he’s kind of like a bro he’s like he’s pretty sick dude and he likes he likes to do drugs and he likes to be on stuff and that’s why he’s on alloy and to be honest it’s not a drug but i just make the connection that days on stuff and and truthfully

Here’s why i included it so ch a d stands for the side effects of the drug and we’ll talk about those in a second but here’s where i make the connection he’s on alloy well a lo i under lighted this a lo and drew an arrow up here because that’s how we make the connection with allopurinol so whenever you see a lo piron all i want you to think chad is on the alloy

And the a lo because if you can get that we can get our side effects because you just got to make that connection between that mnemonic and this drug and so whenever you’re studying this drug make sure you’re adding that to your list of things to study or adding it to your note card for example so the reason i put a low is one it connects us to the name of the

Drug but also it gets us to this important side effect the metallic taste when patients are on allopurinol they complain of this weird metally taste in their mouth and it’s benign but we got to tell them to expect it because if all the sudden everything tastes like metal they’re gonna stop taking this which we don’t want that that’s bad so we’re gonna inform them

We’re gonna say yo metallic taste it’s gonna be weird but expect it it’s it’s not harmful don’t worry about it cool so now let’s break down this chad and that’s our side effects and once we get to our side effects we can get to our nursing considerations and once we get there we’re pretty much done with the drug and that’s all we really need to know about it right

We’re just memorizing a little bit about it so we can safely administer them we can educate the patients on them and everything like that so chad is on the aloe i i make the connection with the name i memorize it to yuriko sharik i’m gonna surely get rid of that uric acid it’s for our outpatient school you see kind of how i’m talking about this drug and once i get to

One thing i can kind of talk about another thing but anyways you can see them listed here c stands for cataracts it would be good to look up what cataracts is and i’m sure you’ve met people in your life with cataracts and all that really is is their their eye gets really glossy and their vision becomes very blurry and that can happen like over the course of three

Years so we’re going to tell these patients to get a yearly eye exam and that’s what we what we’re recommending anyways right to make sure they get their yearly eye exam and to report any vision changes right and that’s to be expected if they’re having vision changes it’s like oh that’s probably the cataracts related or what we’ll we would ask what drugs are you on

And then if we hear i’ll appear no we’re gonna go all potentially cataracts right hypersensitivity this one’s a little weird now you’ve all heard of allergies but what you should know about these hypersensitivities is it as a form of allergy but the only thing is is it doesn’t quite have that anaphylactic response with you know like the the constricted airway and

The hives and you know the wheezing everything in the medical emergency this is just an allergic reaction that caused a specific set of symptoms so in this case i don’t have them listed but this hypersensitivity leads to a fever a rash something called yoson ophelia which is just a lack of cinto fills and then it also can cause liver and kidney damage which as you

Know can cause our ast alt enzymes to go up and it can affect our kidney function test which is going to be like our bu n creatinine and gfr so going on from there we’re gonna absolutely you know we’re gonna check for fever we’re gonna be looking for rashes and we’re gonna be very concerned if we see that on the patient we’re thinking holy crap they’re allergic to

It and we probably want to get them off of it and then fever rash and we’re going to check those though that we’re gonna check those labs and we’re gonna check probably their white blood cells and everything like that so next thing a granulocyte osis this is a very fancy word meaning that their blood cells are lacking there’s something called a granulocytes and i

Won’t go into that maybe for this that maybe i’ll go into it in a future episode but all you need to know is that it’s going to cause a lack of red blood cells white blood cells and platelets so they’re gonna be a high bleeding risk they’re going to be at risk for infections so watch out for fever watch out for you know we’re gonna potentially if they develop like

Myalgia or if they develop you know sort lymph nodes and things like that because they have low white blood whatwhat low white blood cells so they’re at high risk for infection that’s it’s kind of obvious right um and then lastly they have low red blood cells and if you don’t have red blood cells you’re not gonna circulate oxygen in your body and you’re gonna be

Fatigued and tired so we’re gonna be watching for those three things rbc’s fatigue wbc’s we’re watching for infection and the platelets there at high risk for bleeding so we’re gonna be looking for bleeding from the gums we’re gonna be looking looking for bruises all over their bodies we’re gonna be watching their blood pressures their hemoglobin hematocrit things

Like that and then lastly drowsy we’re gonna say don’t operate heavy machinery that’s our nursing consideration we’re gonna you know we’re gonna ask them is this affecting your activities of daily living because this drowsiness can be a big concern especially you know someone you know is a semi-truck driver and they’re on allopurinol if they’re drowsy that’s a

That’s a big concern that’s very very dangerous we’re definitely gonna want to ask those people you know don’t operate heavy machinery don’t be driving that huge monstrous 18-wheeler big monster semi even though it’s really important right now with kovat because we need to get the food on the shelves at safeway anyways that’s pretty much it for allopurinol i’m

Gonna just lead you through this this little train track method one more time to kind of cement it in so allopurinol trade name is ila purim from there i’ve memorized it say yuriko sharik it’s surely gonna get rid of all of the uric acid in our patients so that’s the action so i know it’s for people with too much uric acid gout indication going from there i remember

Allopurinol chad is on the alloy okay so alloy metallic taste because an alloy is a metal and then shadwell let’s break that down cataracts hypersensitivity meaning fever rash yoson ophelia kidney damage liver damage xyz you can look that up on your ati materials or or in your book or whatever you’ve got your nursing textbooks the a agranulocytosis lack of blood

Cells all three types rbc’s fatigue and fatigue and anemia we’re gonna be watching hemoglobin hematocrit platelets if it’s below 150,000 they’re a high bleeding risk so we’re watching for bleeding from the gums we’re watching for bleeding from the nose potentially bruising all over their bodies petechiae things like that and then lastly drowsy the d oh i didn’t

Finish i adjust at rbc’s and plates and the last one is low white blood cells so high risk of infection so do they have sore throats do they have a fever are they complaining of swollen lymph nodes do they have myalgia arthralgia and i’m just kind of going on a rant here cuz those are all the signs and symptoms of an infection right and then lastly is that drowsy

And we’re telling them you know don’t drive or operate heavy machinery because if you fall asleep on those that’s a big big safety risk for you and all the people around you and that’s pretty much it thanks for watching stay tuned for that question alright thanks for making this making it this far in the video i want to start this off by saying ati don’t sue me i

Made this freakin question you get you get out of here you get out of here you don’t you don’t sue youtubers that’s not very nice anyways so yeah here here are some questions i came up with and i just thought we could apply those strategies we talked about in the video so let’s go ahead and just read this first question select all that apply super-fun i’d love

To start out with that but it just says this a patient with familial hyper comes in complaining of severe side effects of allopurinol and zyra xylo p.m. which of these side effects could the nurse expect okay whenever i get to side effect questions i always just like to write them out that always helps me with just sorting out the question and always like to

Write them out and compare them to the question that way we don’t forget anything and we don’t accidentally select something we think is correct but actually is not correct so remember our mnemonic and our kind of our way of remembering this drug is we got allopurinol xyla prem chad is on the alloy let’s go ahead and fill that in so chad c h ad sees cataracts h

Hypersensitivity and a word of advice whenever you fill in hypersensitivity on any drug with hypersensitivity always fill in what that is because it could be different for every little drug so we want to make that association in our brain so in this case it’s fever rash io sin ophelia and actually correction that means too many eosinophils and then renal and liver

Damage / dysfunction okay the a agranulocytosis meaning our platelets i’ll write that out actually too because that will help me remember so plates wbc and potentially red blood cell rbc dysfunction meaning decreased and then the last ones drowsy and then remember chat is on the alloy alloy meaning metal let’s not forget about that side effect of metallic taste

Alright so we’ve got our lister side effects here let’s go ahead and compare them to the select all that apply and see what we come up with all right which of these side effects could the nurse expect glaucoma well we know that it causes vision changes but we have to remember that it’s from cataracts and so if you remember talking in the video cataracts causes your

Lens to be kind of blurry and kind of foggy so that’s blurry vision but those vision changes aren’t due to glaucoma so not right number-two blurry vision for the reasons we just talked about correct blurry vision from that cataracts that can develop with long-term use typically from that like beyond three years is what we’re kind of that’s kind of our timeline

There next one we just remember with select all that applies it’s just best to take these one by one is it true the statement with would we expect glaucoma with the dollop rim no blurry vision yes shortness of breath this one is actually in no and this one i included to be kind of tricky just to remind you guys that with allopurinol dollop rim they’re not having

Anaphylaxis they are developing a hypersensitivity a type of allergy but they’re not needing epinephrine they’re not you know they’re not having their airway closed they’re not having that shortness of breath rash wheezing any of that stuff so we will not select that one next one is fever i know this one’s true because hypersensitivity they develop a fever and

That’s very dangerous we want to know about that but also there have a granulocyte ptosis low white blood cell count and that puts them at high risk for infection so if they develop a fever because you know they maybe they got a bug and they have a sore throat very concerning we’re gonna want to know about that last one here is metallic taste and that is true

There chad’s on the alloy alloy meaning metal metal taste boom easy we got that one correct not very hard right once we write this out makes it a little easier alright i had that list in there twice but don’t worry about that all right next question a nurse is providing education for a patient who is taking allopurinol which of these statements is best and so

Whenever you see that line which of these statements is true what should the nurse say what statement does the patient need to hear that just means which of these lines you’re about to read which of them is true so we’re just going to go ahead one by one until we find a true statement please get your vision checked every two years well that’s wrong because i know

Me personally i have to get my vision checked every year and i don’t have any vision problems i don’t have any i’m not at risk for cataracts so i know that’s wrong because that’s too long that needs to be at least every year because that’s society we all need our eyes checked every year otherwise they don’t let you buy glasses it’s kind of silly next one be sure

To get your serum labs checked every six months well six months that seems like way too long this drug isn’t a drug that needs serum levels checked that it’s not that important in regards to this drug but even even if i don’t know i can look at that and say six months that’s not cutting it that’s not enough it needs to be at least a month or less typically people

With serum levels are getting them checked weekly or by bi-weekly or sorry weekly or bimonthly number three please notify your doctor if you develop a sore throat or fever correct a granulocyte osis low white blood cell counts at risk for infection fever and sore throats boom got it we could stop right there we could say we found the true statement because once

We find it we know the question is over we don’t need to read the next one because sometimes that can confuse us and make us question what we’ve already put down we don’t want to change our answers the last one here we’ll just read it to understand why it’s wrong bit says call your doctor immediately if you develop a metallic taste in your mouth again this is a

Half-truth because sometimes you read that and see but how it tastes oh i know i know this drug causes that i’m gonna automatically select that but just be really careful because in this case we’re not gonna call our doctor immediately remember we discussed how that metallic taste is totally benign and it’s not gonna hurt the patient at all so we see this half-truth

Statement and what makes it wrong as it’s call your doctor immediately and that’s incorrect we don’t need to call the doctor they’re gonna potentially develop it and it’s totally fine but that’s all i got for you guys thanks for watching this video thanks for making it this far if you did as always please ring that bell icon hit the comments be sure to smash the

Like button whatever i don’t even know whatever you got to do but actually i will say this if you do like this video and share it um it does change the algorithms of youtube and it does help people find more videos like these so i just encourage you to share these with your friends you know and as always if you have ideas for videos in the future please just let

Me know in the comments i’d be happy to make a video on anything that you’re currently learning about i just want to be a helpful resource for you nurse nursing students and kind of just tell you some of the things that i’ve found that i found helpful so anyways thanks

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