March 28, 2023

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Welcome back to meds made easy my name is tarun verma what telfair specialty pharmacy and today we are going to talk about allopurinol also known as zile of prem it’s never known as ila prem it’s always known as allopurinol it’s a very old medication used to treat gout or manage gout what is doubt gout is the build-up of uric acid in your body and it manifests

Itself in your joints generally you will see it in your big toe or your feet and then to a worse degree it’ll get into your finger so whenever you see people with like the fingers are kind of like slanted and this and that that’s that’s usually has to do with either really really bad arthritis due to other issues or due to gout so how do you get gout how do you

Get this buildup of uric acid so it can be linked to genetics it can be linked to obesity as well it’s the way that your body breaks down certain proteins called purines i’m not gonna get into the details but it comes down to people who generally eat a very high red meat diet seafood diet a lot of beer liquor wine those things all if you have a diet high and all

Of those things you shouldn’t be surprised if you get doubt because all of that causes an increase of uric acid in your body and your kidneys can only get rid of uric acid so quickly so when it builds up it ends up manifesting into your joints and so what allopurinol does is it blocks a conversion process of preventing essentially the uric acid from being built

Again i’m not want to get into the details of how it happens but it blocks the creation of your gas and no uric acid no gout everybody wins but let’s see here if you have if you have a declining kidney function that can lead to gout if you take water pills four people will work out or if you’re trying to lose weight a lack of water in the body also leads to gout

People who you know you need to be drinking a lot out of water that’s one of the biggest bigger caveats of when you have gathered you need to make sure you drink a lot of water to kind of help flush all that you turek acid out of the body let’s see triggers like i said i’ve already mentioned the lack of water beer liquor wine seafood high fructose corn syrup

All of those have actually been linked to causing gout and when you have gout you manage it by reducing the amount of all of those said things i just said in quantity i know what you’re thinking that is literally the best part of life shrimp cocktails wagyu beef steak scotch a good ipa trust me i understand what you’re talking about what is the point of life am

I right but you still have to because this is what happens when you eat take consume all that stuff in abundance causes these issues so you just have to kind of control that for anybody who has liver issues you do need to get your liver liver levels checked when you initially start allopurinol and your doctor said you know there should already be doing it but

If i’m i’m gonna throw it out there just in case a patient goes hey i’ve been on this like a year my doctor never checked my liver levels make sure you talk to your doctor about lowering your getting getting your liver levels checked for women taking this it’s generally seen in men because again men are the ones that eat a ton of red meat and the beer and wine

And the liquor but in women who are taking this medication it is excreted into your breast milk so you need to talk to your doctor if you are lactating whether this is safe to take and i think beyond that that should cover it again gout is really painful guys for anyone who’s had it or if any if you know anyone who’s had it they’ll tell you it’s a really painful

Thing you joints get really swollen they get really big they get really tender it really hurts if it happens in your big toe to actually kind of prevents you from walking for a little bit and so you have to then take pain medications to kind of tolerate it until your body is able to get rid of all that extra uric acid and that your ag acid ends up building into

Crystals into your joints so think about crystals fitting into your joints it sounds like it would hurt and it definitely definitely does hurt so just be worried about it always kind of be watching out for you diet diet is really linked to so much in the field of medicine and diseases you can prevent a lot of diseases by just fixing the way that you eat so anyways

I don’t want to get into a john spiel telling you how to live your life and what to eat i just wanted to kind of throw talked a little bit about allopurinol and a little bit about gout we will talk about other medications when it when it comes down to gout treatment there’s things like cold chris colchicine eye things like that we’ll definitely get into those

In the other videos but if you have any questions please direct them to your doctor your local pharmacist or give me a call here at telfair specialty pharmacies and talk to one of the the friendly pharmacist we have on staff or myself in general i love to counsel people and again leave us comments down below let us know how to make these videos better at the end

Of the day these are about helping you guys and if we’re not helping you guys then we’re just wasting our time with these videos so we want to make sure that we can put in what helps you the most ok thanks guys and we’ll see you next time on meds made easy bye bye

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