June 4, 2023


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Here at demi our eggs care so what is our topic of choice today so our medication of choice today is aloe pureno so aloperinol is known as a medication that’s also called xyloprim and it’s used for gout as well as high uric acid levels as well as kidney stones in patients so usually this medication is taken as a hundred to about 300 milligram tablet um once a day

Also patients um can either take the 100 or the 200 or 300 milligram depending on what the treatment is the patient might take it once a day dose in and usually the maximum is about 800 milligram tablet so this medication comes in a tablet as well as an injection form so what are those side effects to expect while taking this medication so side effect of this

Medication includes skin rash this medication can cause diarrhea it can cause drowsiness as well as nausea and vomiting and abdominal pain in patients so what are those serious side effects that you want to make sure that you’re reaching out to your doctor for immediately when you start seeing this side effect so pain when you urinate or pain um when you’re

Swallowing or cloudy urine or bloody urine or changes in how much you urinate during the day or how often you urinate you definitely want to reach out to your doctor regarding that to make sure that your kidneys are well also in patients you want to make sure that if you start noticing any dark urine any pill stools lusts of appetite or severe stomach pain that

You’re reaching out to your doctor immediately to make sure that this medication is not affecting your liver as well so what are those tips to look out for while you’re starting or while you’re taking this medication so this medication is usually advised to be taken with meals in order to avoid that stomach pain or abdominal pain that i mentioned earlier also it

Is advised that patients should make sure they’re drinking plenty of fluids while taking this medication uh most especially about 10 to 12 full glasses of water or liquid in order to avoid the medication from causing any kidney injury in patients um also in patients they usually recommend that patients avoid large doses of vitamin c as this may interact with the

Medication also in these patients you want to make sure that you’re avoiding animal protein um sodium refined sugars or any food that is rich in calcium or oxalate as this substances can affect how this medication works in the body also in patients we recommend taking a food that is rich in fiber in order to help the patients be more regular and also to help them

Use the bathroom as often as possible also this medication may take a couple of months before it start working or before the full effects kick in so make sure that you’re taking this medication as recommended or as prescribed in order for this medication to be able to work effectively and safely um as i said earlier this medication can cause drowsiness so if you

Are going to be engaging in any activity that requires for you to be mentally alert make sure you know how well your body tolerates this medication in order to avoid any um drowsiness while you’re performing all this activity that requires for you to be mentally alert also this medication while taking it patients should avoid alcohol as well due to the side effect

Of alcohol while you’re taking this medication for whatever condition that the patient is treating if you do miss a dose make sure that you take the dose as soon as you remember on that very day if it’s closer to your next dose you don’t want to double dose so make sure that you’re skipping that dose and not taking double of the medication just because you missed

The dose the previous day so i hope i was able to help in terms of what to look out for while taking this medication um if you haven’t yet done so make sure you hit the like and subscribe button that way you can help support our community here at dmrx care thank you for watching and stay blessed

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