February 8, 2023

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So hello everybody welcome back to another video today i have something really special that i wanted to do for you guys some of you have been asking me this a lot and i want to give you guys an update on how i’ve been have been live with a rock sign for over i would say half a year already wow time flies so let’s get into the video and i’m gonna share with you all

Of my updates the four one one but what has been going on in my body and in my life after i have i started having my medicine which i needed for such a long time and it didn’t know i need it sorry i’m here with me guys and list of the things that i saw in my body as of like changes that i saw after i started having my medicine i have loved attire up sign i’m having

Where this is the one i’m having know if you guys can see so i’m having the montpelier 15 of thyroxine sadiq so 50 mcg that’s the one i’m having i’m having one pill a day this is how they look i have one of these a day fasted in the morning and i have to keep fasting for one hour after i have this so i wake up i have this i stay up one hour without having anything

Else but water and then i do my thing so um there are certain things that i wanted to share and one of them being for me one that is very important is that of weight loss before i started having the medicine i was losing a big plateau with my fitness journey i wasn’t seeing much progress like i first saw a lot of progress when i started i lost big amount away and

Hs salt i hate a plateau now this is very normal within the lifting community the fitness community it is very normal like your body gets used to the nude the new diet then your workouts blah blah blah blah blah and i tried to spice it up i tried to change my routine roberts tell i wasn’t seeing any results when i start to have in the pill goodness i will start

Some photos now for you guys to see so that is me before i started having well not actually before but yeah i think i was already taking it but i just started and this is me a few weeks ago now after this a week ago i have seen a lot more progress i should take another progress picture i will later on know that i remember i’m terrible at that so sorry so that’s

One thing that i saw weight loss i saw me gain out of my plateau not just with my weight but also with my water weight i was really bloated and after having the medicine i feel like i’m less bloated up before so that is one thing and another thing that is very much the house i love to do with this plateau in this weight loss and the water that i was holding and

You know being in flames and all of that has to do with strength i do feel like i’m stronger now i don’t know if this has anything to do with the lever throw up saying then again i’m not that has anything to do with the lever oxide i should just on research well i do feel stronger like i said then again i don’t know if this is connected with it or has to do with

Me keep on working out of the gym and pushing myself which i think has a lot to do but i feel like after starting having left homes and i am able to handle stress much more than i used before and i think that when it comes to weight lifting that is something that you really need to have control because if you’re stressed and if you’re anxious and if you scared or

Lifting heavier then you’re just simply not gonna lift any heavier and if you don’t lift any heavier you don’t become any stronger so then again i don’t know if that’s connected with it i do think that it’s somewhat connected with like the mental aspect of me being less stress or being able to handle stress a little better i assume so that takes me to the following

Point is that i am feeling less stress than i used then i used to be i am currently undergoing through a very stressful situation a my personal life and i think that i’m handling this so much better than i would before when i would completely freak out i think i’m really taking it in a very different way again i’m not sure if has anything to do with the length i

Said i just think yes because i’ve been reading some research and i do know that having any sort of thyroid issue can attribute to that to being stressed and to having higher stress levels in your body so i do think that it has a lot to do with it as well which takes me also to another thing that is again really connected to it and it’s sleeping i’ve been sleeping

Better since i started having the lower dioxide i think that it’s because my hormones are finally getting a balance and when it comes to sleeping hormones play a very huge role and i think that being able to accommodate or not comedy but like balance my hormones has a lot to do with me sleeping better and sleeping faster because that was my probe i mean i would

Take a long time to sleep and yeah it would just take me a long time and it would be really sad because i would lose a lot of hours now does that mean that my sleeping is great no i am a very light sleeper i wake up really easily but any noise and it’s a little bit of a pain in the ass to be honest but we’re getting on to it that is something personal of me i’ve

Always been like that since as a child it is something very genetic as well i’m pretty supposed to netic lee to wake up easily in case something wrong is happening so yeah that’s one thing but yeah i’m sleeping faster which is amazing and overall contributes to better sleeping because it means that i can catch on more sleep because i’m not wasting an hour to

Trying to fall asleep in the bed like you know so that’s one thing and another thing that again it’s really interconnected i everything is interconnected when it comes to hormones you know that is my energy has gone up really much and as you guys know when i did the art of video and i was trucking my my hot great before and after having the level that i’ve seen

And i will remember that before having live with her outside my rest my heart resting phase was that of 60 i believe and now it has gone up to 80 80 70 something 280 which is quite sun i mean it’s like 10 more pulses and that also contributes to increasing your massive ilysm so an increased heart rate means an increased metabolism and that also has a lot to do

With the first thing that i mentioned being that i lost some weight and i goffman plateau and i believe that is because my metabolism is going stronger i’m also eating more than i used to before when i start the video if you go back and see that video i was really doing the whole shebang i was like you know low-carb having my probiotics in the morning with an empty

Stomach and having bible cider vinegar and all the shebang and not having you know a lot of cruciferous vegetables because blah blah blah and to be honest yeah it works at first like when your employments are completely out of whack i suggest you do everything that you can but once that you are balanced in yourself out you will see that you no longer need that high

Maintenance so to say so to speak so now i’m even more i mean less like not by i’m always eating healthy you know you guys know if you follow me you know this channel is all about in healthy working out and finding a balance and when it comes to that that balance has a lot to do you with just leaving life is there’s a birthday game because it’s a birthday eat the

Cake i mean one slice it’s not gonna kill you okay but the thing is that when i started trying to balance my hormones i was a lot more strict when it came to that now i am not that strict i find that i’m eating more i find that i’m having way more treats than i used to before and i am still loosing way building muscle and yeah you can do both things i’m gonna make

A video on that later on like how you can gain muscle and lose fat it is possible but it takes longer the thing is yes it’s possible and yes i am feeling so much better after starting having my medicine so my recommendation for you is if you are going through this problem and you believe so you have any sort of hormonal issue hashimoto’s disease like i do or you

Have hyperthyroidism or even hyperthyroidism which is not cool also go to the doctor go to a very good endocrinologist try to hear different opinions because sometimes they would not even realize that you do have a problem and they would be like oh well your levels are not that high so you may not take this and that role you do need it so my recommendation is go

And hear different opinions and assess yourself investigate gain knowledge educate yourself that is always helpful and if the talk to has told you to have livers are exciting then don’t be scared and if things are not going well which i read some of you did have a problem with that it wasn’t going well for you guys that probably is because you’re either don’t need

That special medicine my cat is going nuts you probably don’t either need that medicine or you need more of it or you need less dosage so what i suggest is that you track how you feel each and every day and then go with your doctor with all of that tracking you know it’s pretty take one week two weeks three weeks four weeks worth of knowledge run based around how

You feel and then go with the doctor and assess yourself and see whether you need less or more dosage or another different drug so that’s it for today guys i hope this helps in any way shape or form to any of you this problem and if you do have any questions please leave them down below and let me know any other types of video or if you have any questions please

Let me know and also if you don’t already follow me on instagram which is here where i post workouts recipes and tips on your science i’m working out and how to treat your brain into becoming healthier stronger and just basically do what you’re really gonna do because sometimes the phrase does that’s it for today guys once again if you liked this please give me

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