January 26, 2023

Ambien and rosy arm are two medications used to treat insomnia ambien is one of the most widely used medicines for insomnia rosy arm is a bit of a newer drug so what i’m going to do is explain the differences between these two medications and how they work in what they’re designed for and hopefully you’ll get a better understanding of how these two medicines can help

People with their sleep problems ambien is a gaba receptor agonist what gaba stands for is gamma-aminobutyric acid and how ambien gets its effects is that it activates these receptors these gaba receptors and what gaba does is that you have several systems in the body you have some things that are activating like glutamate or dopamine or a neuro nephron that when a

Cell is worked on by one of these neurotransmitters it causes certain things to happen now on the body there are certain situations where you don’t want things to happen so you have things that are deactivating and that’s what god is so for example when you’re trying to get to sleep you don’t want things being activated so it uses these particular neurotransmitters to

Stop certain things from happening and that’s what gap is and that’s how ambien works the effects produced by ambien are easiest compared to benzodiazepines now ambien is often advertised as a non benzodiazepine medication which is very misleading it’s a non benzodiazepine in the structuralist sense when something is described as a benzodiazepine they’re describing

A chemical structure a structure that all these medications haven’t simulated but as far as its effects go it’s almost exactly the same benzodiazepines also work by being gaba receptor agonists but the benzodiazepines all of course have different side effect profiles and we’re going to get into that here but what i mean by it being a little bit misleading it’s

Like saying for example i’ve got i’ve got a door now a door can be unlocked in several different ways you just need to have a key that opens that door now you can use you can use a regular key to unlock a door but you could also use something else like for example at my work we have a batch that swipes and it opens the door so suppose i have a door and i can either

Use this key or i can use my badge to open the door they both have the same effect which is open the door but of course they’re shaped differently so it would be misleading to describe the card in my opinion as not being a key because they both open the same door and they have the same effects and functionally it is a key rozier is a melatonin receptor agonist it

Works on m 1 and m 2 receptors and n stands for melatonin melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the body that has several different functions but some of those functions include helping with the onset of sleep and the setting of the circadian rhythm so a lot of people are actually going to be quite familiar with what the onset of melatonin feels like so a good

Example of how this medication works is at a certain time of day probably many people will be familiar with this i’m certainly familiar at this let’s say you get back from work and often there’s a certain window where you’ll feel fine and then all of a sudden you’ll feel really really tired like you can just put down right away and that feeling will persist for

Maybe about an hour or so it depends on how old you are and then after that it just goes away and maybe for the rest of the night you feel like wow you know just a couple hours ago i felt like i could’ve just fallen asleep and now i just feel fine again what that is is the release of natural melatonin and that has to do with circadian rhythm and what it does is

Help the onset of sleep so after the melatonin is released it’s released in a large wave and then over time it diminishes right so after it diminishes that window of opportunity to help go to sleep it it vanishes so basically to summarize what this drug does is it basically reopens that window of opportunity at a later time so to do a final comparison ambien is a

True sedative when someone takes ambien it’s going to deactivate them it’s gonna put them out whereas resume it’s not like other sedatives it mimics a natural hormone which is melatonin which helps with the onset of sleep that makes someone drowsy so that’s probably the best way to compare the two what is going to sedate someone one is gonna make the other person

Drowsy it’s going to make them drowsy in a way where it’s going to reopen that window of opportunity that now for window of opportunity that in today’s society many people are simply just not able take advantage of it because people don’t operate according to the sun anymore and that’s how melatonin operates it’s based on natural light so people work beyond the

You know the the hours of the sun and because of that it it doesn’t allow them to take advantage of the natural mechanisms that their body has built to help them get regular and good sleep and what this does is to just reopens that window of opportunity so our side effects go rosier neural ii it has very few side effects it doesn’t have tolerance issues ambien

It’s a its side effects are essentially in line with most other benzodiazepines they people can feel groggy on them they just all the normal effects in it generally is it generally has a better side-effect profile then benzodiazepines that’s why it is being used over benzodiazepines for quite a long time because while it does have benzodiazepine like effects the

Effects are very precise so benzodiazepines have muscle relaxant effects they have anti-anxiety effects they have there all sorts of effects anticonvulsant effects and what and what ambien does is that it has a lot of the the hypnotic effects and very few of the other ones so the amount of of medication they have to take to get out of a hypnotic effect is much

Lower compared to what other medications would be so it’s generally considered to be a very safe medication it’s hard to overdose on but it still does have a lot more effects than something like bruised ihram would have but then again its effects are simply much stronger than another drug does it so does that make one better than the other one absolutely not it

Would be like comparing let’s say ibuprofen and and morphine obviously they’re both used to treat the same kind of problem but one is used for know a lot more of a severe situation the side effects are and the effects are much different but both are used all the time sometimes people will take both but it doesn’t make one you know they’re just used for the same

Type of problem but in different situations so i hope that was able to give you some insight as to there’s a for instance between these two drugs if you have any other questions just let me know and i’ll be glad to answer those oh i’ll see you next time

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Ambiem (Zolpidem) vs Rozerem By Sons of Apollo