December 8, 2022

Are you battling insomnia? If so, please understand the destructive and negative side effects of Ambien BEFORE you agree to take it. Consider natural, gentler options for producing a sound sleep.

Hey there this is dana or kerry author speaker and wellness advocate today we’re gonna talk about a very serious topic on ambien can mess you so very interesting when i started my fibromyalgia journey over ten years ago the first drug that was prescribed to me was ambien and boy oh boy do i have a lot to share today for those who may not know me you can always

Go check out my other videos there’s plenty on my channel this is a little medical disclaimer that my youtube channel is only educational it is to build awareness to educate to advocate for natural holistic gentle options to take back control of your body and mind i’m gonna shut this music off so you can hear me love that marvin gaye my favorite alright let’s

Move forward and talk about ambien so this drugs not new to me back in march 2008 after my rheumatologist diagnosed me with primary fibromyalgia and he prescribed ambien he handed me this prescription and said that it should help me sleep that it should reduce my aches and pains well let me tell you what really happened i couldn’t sleep i had an interesting side

Effect that it did the opposite my pain didn’t change i still had chronic pain and i was not able to sleep at all so after spending the entire night wide awake after taking ambien i decided the next day that you know what this drugs not meant for me i wasn’t willing to give up not one more night for that toxic drug so i tossed it in the and for one year i pretty

Much carried on without any medicine for those who want the whole story on all kind of things to do with benzodiazepines gabapentin symbol to help you can go check that out in your free time and the meanwhile let’s talk about ambien all right i don’t know how to pronounce the other name so give me a little grace people it’s spelled z o l p ai de i’m thinking

It’s zola p.m. of course i said i don’t know how to pronounce it so let’s just move on and call it ambien because that’s what it’s known for so possibly you are struggling with insomnia maybe you have depression maybe you have chronic pain back problems herniated discs autoimmune conditions or for whatever reason your doctor handed you the prescription too so

Today if you didn’t fill that prescription or even if you did you may want to tune in to this video to arm yourself with some credible feedback it has been quite enlightening for me alrighty let’s talk about it so 44 million prescriptions have been written for ambien quite interesting that this seems to be the go-to drug for insomnia i’m no stranger to insomnia

I mean fibromyalgia and insomnia go hand-in-hand and people who also have adhd or any kind of attention deficits can also commonly find themselves having sleepless nights you know that movie sleepless in seattle yeah we could be sleepless wherever we live – it’s no fun and i understand the desperation of wanting to sleep truly if we’re not getting quality sound

Sleep it can really wreak havoc and our cognitive function our physical health as well as our emotional on us so we really do want to increase our ability to sleep soundly the key for today if you’re gonna get anything out of this people here’s the key don’t take ambien read your a label do your research educate yourself arm yourself please really consider some

Natural holistic ways because when you hear what i just read and what i’ve just learned i mean i knew about ambien but i didn’t realize until recently after it did the research how destructive it is oh my gosh this is something that’s been hitting the news we know of a special actress no names today but you know who i’m talking about she got herself in trouble on

Twitter cuz she was doing a little ambien and it can cause people to say and do things and even tweet things kind of get you in trouble that’s right you could lose your tv show over it you could actually get convicted and go to jail and i’m so disheartened i mean i’m heartbroken to find out how many people are actually behind bars today because they took ambien

I mean they were just prescribed a drug they were just doing with her doctor ordered but they found themselves in trouble because what happens is it greatly destroys your cognitive function it could change your personality and it could cause very very disabling symptoms that could have long-term consequences and that includes legal criminal challenges that

You’re gonna find herself in big trouble with the law if you’re not careful so let’s talk about the side effects of ambien and this isn’t all of them this is just a little snapshot okay side effects of ambien dizziness and lightheadedness dry mouth or throat constipation impaired thinking and confusion slowed reaction time short-term memory loss daytime fatigue

And drowsiness hallucinations who you might be seeing things aren’t there people beware agitation irritability hostility aggression sleepwalking sleep talking sleep driving yes you heard that correct people are driving they may look like they’re awake they may appear that their eyes are open and they’re talking and they’re walking and they’re moving and they’re

Eating and conversing with you they’re asleep oh dear lord this drug ambien is poison alright interesting so i sure did on my facebook page about ambien and oh my goodness the things people shared with me one person said that when she was prescribed ambien she ate an entire cake didn’t even know it she said her husband had to toss the ambien and the trashcan

Because she was just eating the house at home next let’s talk about lawsuits all right there’s so many of them i can’t even keep up i mean holy cow ambien is destructive as far as legal issues and having criminal offenses that are gonna get to convicted one woman was prescribed her ambien took her ambien and went to died and when she woke up she was in jail there

Was this huge gap of time you know i’m not sure if it was eight hours 15 hours whatever the case may be the woman had some serious issues that came down on her and she confronted a fact that she couldn’t remember that’s right there was impaired thinking hallucinations cognitive impairment we’re talking your brain is fried on ambien so this woman found herself in

Jail she discovered through video footage that she got dressed left her home got in her vehicle and was driving recklessly and police stopped her she failed the breathalyzer and it wasn’t because she had any alcohol in her system so they did some blood work and said hey there is no alcohol but we found a little ambien and your blood work and hope boy you got

Yourself in trouble lady so it happened was she had this major lawsuit and they convicted her it’s really sad it’s um actually heartbreaking because this is a prescription that a doctor prescribed her to sleep she didn’t she didn’t sign up for this people she didn’t sign up for this disabling intense legal situation and yet how many people today i mean we’re

Talking thousands upon thousands of people are finding themselves behind bars or in the court fighting the system and guess what you don’t win you don’t win and it’s really sad because it ended up her attorney said that he really believes it’s the pharmaceutical industry who should have to be responsible and accountable for the negative and just horrific side

Effects of ambien and yet big pharma runs free that’s right so when we follow the money trail it really will lead us back to the pharmaceutical industry and for many people who want to say well she had a choice and she should have known better and she should have she should have known about the side effects you know and her defense i’m gonna say doctors don’t

Always tell us they don’t always tell us and there are times when we are in situations where our health could be so poor and we could have so many chronic conditions that we’re just not in a position to advocate and to do the research and you know i can really understand and sympathize and have compassion for this woman who is now doing time in jail for a drug

That was prescribed to her to help her sleep so the next time you want to sleep rethink the best way and the safest solution another thing is that they said in a lot of the infirmary i was researching to never mix any other medications with ambien because it could be deadly another thing is that the fda ended up making new rules so what happened was you know

Obviously the fda finds out about all the deaths and all the suicides and all of the deadly implications and the people who are getting into legal trouble and finding themselves behind bars over ambien and what happened is the fda did some rethinking rethinking i mean kudos to them for at least making some changes but what they did is they took a look at it

And they said we have noticed that females especially women are having really negative effects with ambient so we need to rethink how our female’s metabolizing this drug it’s not the same as how men metabolize it and so they are basically suggesting to physicians to cut the dose in half now you know i’m not a doctor and you know as i mentioned for my medical

Disclaimer i don’t claim to cure you or to say that i know all of the answers because obviously hey i’m not a medical professional and i don’t say i am but it doesn’t take a lot of you know it doesn’t take rocket science or a lot to come up to the conclusion that this is beyond just an fda saying you need to lower your dose i mean maybe we should rethink this

As in take it off the market people like big pharma take your toxic poisonous ambien off the market of course in all reality we know that’s not going to happen we know that despite the negative implications and consequences and the countless precious lives that are lost every day to pharmaceutical drugs they’re not going to take it off the market that’s why we

Have to do our homework and you know there are times people are so sick they’re not able to educate themselves but you know it’s a live and learn experience i’m glad i’m glad my aunt and kept me awake all night why because i said bye-bye and i throw it in the trash you know but some people they’re saying oh i’m having all these wonderful results you know what

I have to say to you please please please please consider something natural the one thing that i did notice is what’s really working for me is cbd oil so instead of taking medications instead of taking anything that has these kind of serious consequences and severe interactions and negative side effects and i mean i’m talking ambien messes up your head people

I mean let’s be honest it messes people up you know obviously there are some people who aren’t having bad results hey it’s still on the market there’s pros there’s cons we have to decide for ourselves but i am so thankful that cbd oil made from hemp is available today i am having wonderful results i’m sleeping i’m getting quality sleep and i want to mention that

You know if you want to check out cbd you could check out my link that’s fine i did switch companies at ctf oh i’ll have a new video on that one but really rethink how you want to heal naturally how you want to sleep naturally how you want to improve your quality of life and also share your stories what did ambien do with you did it mess you up check out dana

Or curie calm have an awesome day and be well

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Ambien Can Mess You Up! (Zolpidem Tartrate, Stilnox) ☠️ By Dana Arcuri CTRC