March 24, 2023

This is not medical advice.

Doom down boom bop hi guys just making an update video for zolpidem slash a mian taper or plan so last night i made it six nights last night was my 6th night i made it with half of my dose so i’ve been on zolpidem / ambien 10 milligrams for about 10 years now and i’ve never really came off more than maybe a couple days at a time here and there and i am ready to move

On from this i can already tell improvements in my life i wake up so much faster so much easier it’s not so hard to get out of bed and get moving and get going they used to take sorry i keep saying i’m a little rusty at videos haven’t made any for a while so i just really got tired of the morning grogginess and gonna say and then like the loopiness at night i feel

Like that’s i’m surprised that i even still kind of get that sometimes and yeah that’s just really surprising that tolerance over the years that it still works you know as good as it does so yeah last night was 96 i was a little worried about last night because i took my testosterone shot yesterday and i guess tonight will probably be the peak of my testosterone so

Tonight will probably be if i’m gonna struggle this week it will be tonight as my assumption and i just really make sure that i calm myself before bed each night and take a shower and turn off all the electronics and say my prayers and whatnot and but yeah so so far so good the only thing that i’ve had was night 3 as i mentioned before that i woke up with really

Bad sweats my body was covered in sweat my sheets were soaked and i had to change my sheets so that’s the only thing that happened so far my attitude has been a little i guess you could say i’ve been a little bit more stressed out i’m not sure really if that’s just life or if that’s related to my body trying to adjust itself to this lower dose because jumping 50%

Down when you’ve taken something for 10 years that’s a huge change in body chemistry brain chemistry i mean that’s we all knows up for them is a pretty strong narcotic and to cut that just right in half there’s gonna be some changes so i’m just going thankful that they’re not as bad as i thought they would have been at least not yet and we are gonna keep going so

The plan i’ve done a little bit more research the plan that i have right now is to try to make it to about 10 to 14 days with this half dose and then i will try to take 2.5 milligrams and try to do that for another seven to ten days and then i’ll try to do skipping two point five milligrams or like another 10 days or something skipping days because the pills are

So small we can’t really cut them you know into tiny little threads or whatever and i don’t believe that i would need to get that detailed with it i guess we’ll find out so i could be wrong i’ve been around before about things so that’s about it guys just wanted to make a quick update for you i’m still good still going strong tonight will be 9 7 of 1/2 dose and if

Anything changes i’ll let you know other than that i hope you guys are all doing well and i hope you guys are always constantly working on improving your life just a little bit each day so thanks for watching guys we’ll see you soon

Transcribed from video
Ambien/zolpidem taper update and plan By Kickin Addiction