February 8, 2023


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Community here at dmrx care so what is our topic of choice today so our topic today is amlodipine so what is amlodipinsum lodopen is the oral medications that’s normally used to treat our patients with high blood pressure so patients are usually taking this medication for high blood pressure it can also be used for chronic stable angina as well as a silent myocardial

Ischemia also known as mi and also patients can also take this for pulmonary hypertension as well so the medication comes in a 2.5 milligram of 5 milligram as well as a 10 milligram dose so our maximum dose in patients is usually the 10 milligram dose and we don’t want to take higher than the 10 milligram all right so this medication is very effective in lowering

Blood pressure and it’s also one of the common first line or first go to medications that they would prescribe for a patient who has just been newly diagnosed with high blood pressure so what are some of the side effects of this medication so one of the major side effects of this medication is swelling so it can cause swelling um in the feet um also this medication

Can cause flushing for patients who don’t know what flushing is it’s just a sudden redness of the skin due to like the way our um blood vessels are like dilated it kind of causes that redness um to appear also in patients um it can also cause headache as well due to that dilation of the blood vessel so usually with high blood pressure um we want to make sure that

We’re opening our blood vessel in order to help that blood flow um very well in order to help decrease that blood pressure that’s going on so the way it happens is the amlodipine comes in and it dilates that um which means it widens that blood vessel in order to decrease the blood pressure so dilating the blood vessel can cause headache so usually when headache

Happen it is known as dilation of blood vessels or in the brain that causes that headache to happen all right so this medication can also cause dizziness um some patients say it makes them sleepy some patients say it makes them tired um so just make sure you’re looking out for the side effect if it’s become something that you can’t really um that you don’t find

Very favorable then you want to make sure you’re reaching out to your doctor to see how they can help with those side effects all right so in our patients that have heart failure you want to make sure you’re taking caution with amlodipine because of that swelling because it’s known that um that swelling that um happens with amlodipine can is due to a fluid retention

In the body that might also make the patient um gain weight that um fluid due to that fluid retention or our body holding on to more fluid than it’s supposed to so in heart failure these patients are known to already have that high amount of fluid going on so you don’t want to give them a medication that’s going to increase the amount of fluids that their body is

Holding on to all right and also in patients that have a liver dysfunction you want to make sure that you’re taking caution with amlodipine as well so what do you need to know why you’re taking them a little bit some lot of paint can be taken with or without food um you can choose to take it in the morning or at night time usually i you normally tell my patients

To take it at night time that way if you are going to get those side effects such as headache or dizziness you’re already sleeping and you’re not going to feel those side effects all right so another thing where i’m loading is because of that swelling you want to make sure you’re taking a vitamin b complex and that what that vitamin b complex is going to do is

Decrease that fluid retention or how much water your body is holding on to and kind of help decrease that swelling that’s going on um in your toes or lower uh parts of your body and that vitamin b complex kind of help reduce that side effect so in patients who are pregnant amlodipine is not really recommended because there’s not sufficient evidence that this

Drug is not going to affect the baby so they have other medications that they normally prescribe for our pregnant patients such as lipitolol which they would normally take um in um while they’re pregnant if they have high blood pressure so with that being said if you do find out that you’re pregnant while you’re on this medication make sure you reach out to your

Doctor immediately so they can switch your medications if as necessary okay all right so if you do miss an amlodipine dose and it’s past 12 hours just skip that dose do not double your dose remember i told you that the maximum dose is 10 milligram so you don’t want to double your dose regardless of what milligram that you’re taking if it’s past that 12 hour mark

That way you’re not decreasing your blood pressure more than normal and your body is not like whoa what’s going on here why why are you taking two pills so just to make sure you’re keeping that in contact text um another thing is when i’m loading you have to give it time with especially with high blood pressure medication we recommend giving it about three to

Six months before switching to another medication to make sure that you get that full effect of that medication before switching over and saying oh my blood pressure is not decreasing we need to take another meds that’s not how that works the blood pressure didn’t develop all of a sudden most likely so it took time for it to get there so you gotta let it slowly get

Back to its normal blood pressure so taking this medication for about three to six months and seeing how well that helps before saying hey i don’t want to try this medication i want to switch to something else all right so i hope this video was able to help you in terms of what to look out for while taking a loader pin as well as other caveats of this medication

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Amlodipine: Blood pressure| Angina| Pulmonary Hypertension. Side effects of Amlodipine prescription By DEMIRxCARE