February 1, 2023

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What is going on today we are going to talk about an load of pain okay an load of pain is trade name is norvasc the cementation that can be given quite often for patients who have hypertension or angina okay so that’s going to be our indication for it is if a patient has hypertension or if patient has angina it can be added on with other medications or it can be

Given a loan to try to treat and control the hypertension okay so what kind of medication is it well it’s pharmacologic class is a calcium channel blocker therapeutic class is anti hypertensive so just by saying that alone you ought to have this really figured out so i’m looking so the pind there’s multiple calcium channel blockers that are the end of the p i and

Ii okay so when you see p ine on several medications that’s going to be an indication of it being a calcium channel blocker alright so what a calcium channel blockers do what it’s going to do is blocking that transport of calcium into into the muscle cells and what that does is it inhibits excitation and contraction and so you know our our vessels are lined with

Muscle and so if we block the calcium the transport of calcium into those muscle cells we’re inhibiting that contraction okay so we’re not allowing the vessels to contract him to squeeze and that’s going to cause the vasodilation or it’s going to inhibit the vasoconstriction and that’s going to help to control the hypertension okay so that’s what and loaded pain

Is really going to do so that’s why we’re giving it that’s how it’s going to help as a calcium channel blocker by inhibiting that contraction and that constriction of those vessels okay thereby helping with the angina and also helping with the hypertension okay so some things we need to keep in mind we need to teach our patients about this is we need to teach them

That this can cause gingival hyperplasia so they need to assess their gums and practice good gum care and oral care grapefruit juice juice may increase the drug level so like many medications once a patient gets older and they start taking multiple medications it’s a really good idea that they just not drink grapefruit juice because it’s going to really interact

With mini medications and so instead of even trying to keep it straighter to teach your patients which medications interact with great produce it’s a good idea just to tell them not to take it at all so the patient needs to monitor blood pressure and pulse prior to and during therapy so if you’re giving this to a patient in a hospital really good idea and i urge

You and i kind of plead with you to check your patient’s blood pressure before you give any short of hypertension medications as a patient is sick their blood pressure may vary or things change very quickly in the hospital from moment to moment even and so it’s really good idea to monitor your patient’s blood pressure before therapy now i’m not talking like let’s

Say you have a let’s say have an 11 o’clock medication and your patient care tech took the blood pressure at 8 o’clock you need to recheck that blood pressure okay a 3-hour window is enough time for dramatic changes to occur in blood pressure so you need to check your patient’s blood pressure within minutes of giving these types of medications you need to monitor

The patient’s intake and out to take assess for signs of chf and assess characteristics of angina what is the pain what’s the characteristic abut when does it occur how is it occurring and is this helping instruct the patient of interventions for hypertension how to take blood pressure so they really need to know when they’re at home how are they going to take their

Blood pressure and what are the kind of the steps for taking blood pressure so they can kind of keep a running total of their blood pressure and when they’re taking their medication so they can take that to their doctor and then you know the physician can really assess how is the medication working all right guys that’s my opinion this has been another episode of

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