January 27, 2023

My name is amara sheikh and my role number is bp1650027 the topic of my today’s presentation is drug amoxicillin plus clevelandic acid now let’s discuss about amoxicillin plus lavalenic acid it is a combination of a drug that is used to treat bacterial infections of air lungs sinus and skin or urinary tract infections amoxicillin comes in the class of penicillins

Like antibiotics it inhibits the growth of bacteria while clevelandic acid comes in the class of beta lactamase inhibitor it inhibits the bacteria from destroying amoxicillin now let’s discuss about rational and irrational use amoxicillin plus leveling acid is used to treat urinary tract infections caused by susceptible bacteria such as urinary tract infections

Respiratory tract infections skin infections soft tissue infections sinus infections tonsillitis gaseous crashes etc it is also used to treat tuberculosis do not use an amoxicillin for the longer period of time as it leads to the secondary infections that is the infections of oral bladder or vagina infections it is you um used with the extreme precautions

During pregnancy and lactations there are some side effects which includes the here are some adverse effects sorry which includes uh diarrhea vomiting nausea and skin rash etc etc contraindications um there are some contraindications also uh related to them oxygen plus levolanic acid it is contraindicated in the conditions like uh granular fever uh penicillin

Hypersensitivity or lymphomas um the toxic effects of amoxicillin plus clevelandic acids have been reported the most common toxic effect is an iodo synaptic drug induced hepatic injury which leads to the mixed hepatocellular cholesterol injury and it is common in the old demands uh here are some drug interactions of amoxicillin plus lavalanic acid um the drug

Name is acenocumeral if the risk or severity of the bleeding can be increased when clevelandic acid is combined with acinocumeral now bcg vaccines the therapeutic efficacy of bcbg vaccine can be decreased when used in the combination with clevelandic acid acid medicine ac medicine may be decreased the excretion rate of amoxicillin which could result in the higher

Serum levels now there are many dosage forms of amoxicillin plus clevelandic acids for adult and pediatrics which includes oral suspensions and tablets also uh here are some brand names of amoxicillin plus clevelandic acids which are kalamox which is um made by bosch pharmaceuticals kelly callum amoxyclip which is made by novartis farmer augmentin um which is

Made by glaxon gsk the most pocket friendly is kellermox which is of rupees 120. uh here is the case study regarding amoxicillin plus levolanic acid a 20 years old woman with no previous history of urinary tract infections complains of burning on urination frequent urination of a small amount a bladder pain she had no fever or no severe tenderness a clean catch

Midstream urine sample shows gram negative rods on the gram stain a culture and sensitivity test is ordered based on these findings a patient is presumed to have a lower urinary tract infections what treatment options are available for the patient the height of the patient is 64 inches while her weight is 55 kg and the age is 20 years and the patient is female

Her bmi is 10.0 the urine shampoo shows gram negative rods on gram stain she have no fever and no severe tenderness frequent urination of small amount is observed the assessment is she is assist with the lower urinary tract infection and the plan is a three day antibiotic treatment regimen is effective to cure her urinary tract infection medication to eradicate

Urinary tract organisms follow up with the primary care provider too uh the therapeutics are based on the patient’s lab result which is uh with the lower urinary tract infection she needs to be on three days antibiotic regimen to eradicate urinary tract organisms this patient would be benefit from augmentin one 500 milligram tablet every 12 hours bacterium ds for

Every 12 hours and ciprofloxacin 500 milligram thrice a day here are some precautions or note uh for urinary tract and lower your urinary tract infection the patient should drink the plenty of liquids especially water she should have to drink cranberry cranberry juice do not hold the urine for longer period of time talk to your doctor about managing any urinary

Difficulties in fully emptying your bladder thank you

Transcribed from video
Amoxicillin +clauvanic acid By Pharmacy by Dr. Shahana wahid