June 4, 2023

Amoxicillin clavulanate 3

So now we are still talking about the drug amoxicillin freud hybrid potassium cleverly nate or amoxicillin plus level innate okay i’m accessing mean and travel in esa the amoxicillin trihydrate with traveling acid and the clever loony acid is in the potassium cleverly named form so we go back to the basic of the talk about the pharmacological properties from

Academics so we know that resistance to many antibiotics is caused by exams produced by the bacteria which destroy or damages or kills oh yeah it disrupts the antibiotic before the antibiotic can act on the post pathogen so the clavel innate kill the cleverley needs in the drug will block the beta lactamase enzymes from the bacteria so this will render the

Organisms susceptible to amoxicillin bactericidal effect at concentrations readily attainable in the body cleverly named itself has little the antibacterial activity but when combined with amoxicillin produces an antibiotic agents it is it produces a broad-spectrum antibiotic action with wide application in hospitals and gp settings so let’s about the in vitro

Susceptibility of microorganisms to the drug so commonly susceptible species gram positive arabs the gram positive arabs bacillus anthracis enterococcus faecalis listeria monocytogenes nocardia asteroid is streptococcus pyogenes streptococcus agalactiae streptococcus species that is other beta hemolytic staph aureus the methicillin susceptible ones staff said

Profit occurs the methicillin susceptible ones coagulase negative staph staphylococcus i mean i’m the methylene susceptible ones so that those are the gram positive ones gram positive arrow in the next list them negative arabs firstly bordetella pertussis secondly haemophilus influenzae thirdly haemophilus parainfluenza helicobacter pylori moraxella catarrhalis

Neisseria gonorrhea passarella torcida and vibrio cholerae and other drugs at the party other bacteria including borrelia burgdorferi that to superior leptospira picked arrow homology treponema pallidum then we go to the gram positive anaerobes so clostridium species bapto caucus niger peptostreptococcus magnus peptostreptococcus micros peptostreptococcus species

And then the gram-negative any roots here so these are all we’re talking about the common is susceptible ones to amoxicillin clavulanic so bacteroides fragilis bacteroides species cap nor sight o fair girl species eikenella corrodens fusobacterium nucleating future bacterium species profile roam on our species and prevotella species next we move on to species for

Which of quite resistance may be a problem so we have gram-negative a neural arab sorry like eskridge escherichia coli pepsi ella oxy toca lab cl and ammonia the bacillus species proteus terribly mirabilis proteus valkyries proteus species salmonella species shigella species gram-positive arabs ok corynebacterium species enterococcus faecium cesium streptococcus

Pneumoniae and viridans group streptococci yes and then lastly the inherently resistant organisms the gram negative arabs such as s into vector species citrobacter friendiy and throw bacterial species half mia l lv this is the first time i’m listening i’m breathing oh i’m here i’m stumbling upon this name of bacterium so legionella pneumophila new mozilla morganella

More gani providencia species pseudomonas species sera tier species stay not truthfulness melt ophelia stay no trophimus philia your senior enter college intro elliptical and others include chlamydia pneumoniae the immediacy tacky chlamydia species coxiella for nettie but nettie and also mycoplasma species so the pharmacokinetics of the two components of the drug

They are really closely matched and pick serum levels of both occur about 100 of the oral illustration and absorption of the drug is optimized yet this type of emil and doubling the dose of the drug will approximately double the serum levels both heavily named and amoxicillin have lower levels of serum binding and about 70 percent remain free in the serum so with

Regards to a very um the pharmaceutical particulates the list of excipient so we have for example on 19 6 to 5 milligrams and 1 gram tablets we contain the inactive ingredients that include colloidal silicon dioxide sodium starch like oe glycolate magnesium’s cr 8 micro crystalline cellulose titanium dioxide hydroxypropyl methylcellulose polyethylene glycol and

Dimethyl corn so regards to storage this should be stored in an in unopened or you know tax in a dry place below 25 degrees celsius okay so that is all for amoxicillin travel in a ok thank you for listening see you in the next row in the next video bye

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