March 22, 2023

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So when we talk about amoxicillin the first thing you should be thinking is about that suffix ilyn so as you hear that sil and suffix you’re thinking penicillin type medication okay so generic name is amoxicillin trade name is moxa tag this medication can be used often for skin infections and respiratory infections so a lot of times in the hospital you you will see

It for respiratory infection and then more like the primary care world you’ll see it given for skin infections and things like that it can also be used for sinusitis and for endocarditis prophylaxis so if you have a patient who is at risk for endocarditis you would give amoxicillin it can help to prevent the development of endocarditis it can also be given for

Lyme disease okay so that’s really our indication for amoxicillin what i’ve seen it given most for within the hospital is for these respiratory infections and then a lot of times you’ll see it out and then in the in the regular world for skin infections and things like that the way that it works is it inhibits synthesis of a bacterial cell wall and that leads to

Cell death so as this bacterial cell wall is not able to synthesize and become created that you know makes it harder for this this bacteria to grow and to into and to infect the body and so this cell actually the bacteria starts to die off so therapeutic class is anti-infective and anti-ulcer agent its pharmacological at pharmacologic classes amino penicillin so

Again one of the biggest things you really need to do with this medication is with that with any of these cylinders you really need to monitor your patients very closely for penicillin allergy you need to assess them ask them question them if they’ve ever had any sort of reaction to penicillin and if they have this isn’t gonna be the best choice for them okay so

You know that just by the fact that it’s named amoxicillin and you should really just make sure go on the patient’s mar and assess if they’ve ever had a penicillin allergy or if the patient is coherent or there’s family around you should really ask have the has a patient ever had a reaction to a penicillin before okay so that’s the biggest thing you want to keep in

Mind so it there is a slight risk that this can cause seizures so you’re gonna want to you know watch your patient you don’t necessarily put them on seizure precautions be neat to watch them and understand that this can lead to seizures a big thing you need to watch out for also as assessed for skin rashes and anaphylaxis because this the patients like we said

They can have this anaphylactic reaction to this penicillin so you’re gonna want to assess their skin for any sort of rash the medication is excreted by the kidneys so you’re gonna want to monitor your renal labs or bĂș and creatinine crack clearance all those labs and make sure your kidneys are functioning as they should okay so that’s a big thing to monitor and

That’s true with a lot of medications that are treated by kidneys patients can also experience diarrhea this can happen with a lot of these types of medications these anti-infective ziz the patient can develop diarrhea from them so you’ll want to monitor for that and that it can cause bloody stool and the patient should report any bloody stool to their position or

To their nurse immediately okay so this is amoxicillin tradename moxie tag big things to keep in mind respiratory infections skin infections and endocarditis prophylaxis as well as lyme disease and the big thing is you know stealing someone’s suffix you really need to keep that in mind and watch out for that this has been another episode of the med master podcast

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