January 26, 2023

How’s it going remember zach here okay disclaimer up front i am not a doctor i don’t know what the heck i’m talking about okay i take my child to the doctor they have a fever they’re not feeling well it’s a part of me that secretly doesn’t hope but when i hear they have an ear infection it’s a part of me that goes yes why because thank god none of my kids are

Allergic to pink medicine take the pink medicine take the antibiotic take the moxicillin 24 hours later they’re better they’re good to go medicine when they say i don’t know they got a virus so i’m sure again maybe obviously it’s better to have a virus than a bacteria i’m not i don’t know i’m not saying what’s good i’m not secretly praying that my kids have ear

Infections that’s not what i’m saying but there’s a part of me that my kids they were phew virus what do you do make sure they’re hydrated they change your symptoms they just wait it out it’s got up guyer’s got to take his course if you haven’t figured it out yet i spent some time today at the pediatrician but it gave me an idea wait for it taliban tells

Us and the basilica charm explains that each and every one of us are born into this world you’re born inside of us is a little bacteria little illness evil inclination part of us our being of our makeup the desire is sin that desires bad character traits drives us to be haughty entices us to take revenge and why is it a bacteria why isn’t it a virus two

Reasons one just like every bacteria hashem created an antibiotic the rossi ate sahara says hashem i created this evil venetian this this this maca rossi torah topless i created an antidote amoxicillin for this infection what is that antidote rossi torah and created torus as hashem torah is so awesome torah we learned we appreciate the mitzvos composer tasha

We appreciate why we should avoid jealousy we see the beauty of being humble we’re inspired to uplift our souls and uplift our character and we eradicate and we heal our bodies we heal our soul from this infection called the it’s a heart of the evil inca nation the second reason why this is an infection not a virus yeah sure parents yeah okay ear infection

Give them lots of sealant but you know what lots of ceilings not always so easy to give to your kids you know sometimes they don’t give you the pink medicine the worst they give you the other medicine what are you doing why are there other flavors besides for pink medicine stuff you need bubble gum only bubble gum kids don’t like it sometimes it’s hard to take

The medicine it’s not so easy but a virus yeah there’s no medicine but you know what viruses go away for kids the ones i’m talking about it’s just a virus go away it should go away by itself there’s nothing to do about it but bacteria doesn’t go away by itself infection needs the antidote don’t think that you could just go throughout life and grow and strive

And elevate your soul elevate your life by just being it doesn’t happen by itself but russia torah today because you and i we all have inside of us this inclination we don’t take the medicine for it imagine children has an ear infection and you decide you bring home with the amount of cylinder you know what you’re gonna give him a spoonful of peanut butter it’s

Not gonna work you need to take the maxicillion so to all of us may we find time in our life in our day and our week to take the medicine we find places and classes and opportunities where is the bubblegum one take the medicine to heal ourselves here we heal our souls and to grow judaism the life of purpose

Transcribed from video
Amoxicillin By Kentucky Institute for Torah Education