January 27, 2023

What treatments are available for female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)? In this second video of my three part series, I compare conventional versus natural treatments for hair loss! I discuss the following treatments.

Hi everyone its samira this is part 2 of my female pattern hair loss series today i will be talking all about conventional versus natural treatments doing the benefit and risk assessment between all the different treatments that we have available out there so like you can make an informed choice about your female pattern hair loss treatment let’s get started

Ladies i am wearing a teal pendant because i want to raise awareness about world pcos month that’s september i think it’s the first time we’ve ever done this in history so hopefully from here on out there’s going to be a lot more awareness about polycystic ovarian syndrome because it’s such a huge syndrome that is affecting up to one in five women so many women are

Misdiagnosed so many women don’t even know that they have it and they don’t know the available treatments out there for pcos watch part one of this series i do highly recommend that you go back and watch it because it covers a lot of background information contacts why do you have female pattern hair loss what are the mechanisms behind it it’s caused by antigen

Access that’s the mechanism but underneath that there are a lot of root causes as well that i won’t be covering in this video but i’ll be covering in more detail in the next video female pattern hair loss can manifest in a lot of different ways and all of those ways are underpinned by that antron excess what we’re trying to do when treating female pattern hair

Loss is reducing those androgens especially dht if we can achieve hormonal balance between the androgens and the female hormones in our body then that’s great and if we can reduce the conversion of different engines including testosterone to dihydrotestosterone that’s great too so all the information that i am giving out is for informational purposes only i have

Found this information backed by scientific research i do highly recommend that you talk to a health care practitioner and do your own research before proceeding with these treatments so i’ll start by talking about the two conventional treatments that are approved by the fda the first one is minoxidil which is a topical solution that is applied to the head it’s

Either a 2% or 5% solution and apply it twice daily and the first eight weeks of treatment you usually have a lot of shedding so tillage and shedding and then you get to about six months that’s when you start to notice some improvements and it really depends based on the person people see no improvements then people see a lot some people see you know very minimal

Improvements they’re not a hundred percent sure about the mechanism but most likely minoxidil opens potassium channels and is a powerful vasodilator that’s why it’s also used to treat hypertension the most common side effect is hypertrichosis which is an abnormal amount of hair growth all over the body for women this is an ideal especially if you have pcos you

Have antron access and you’re experiencing hirsutism would you already are growing hair here here different areas of body that you don’t want now the other pretty common side effect that you might have is irritation of the skin and contact or allergic dermatitis the second treatment approved by fda for androgenic alopecia is finasteride now finasteride is most

Commonly used in men further androgenetic alopecia but it has been used in women as well finasteride is an anti-androgen so what it does is it inhibits 5-alpha reductase which you probably remember from the previous video 5 alpha reductase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to dht so if you stop that conversion from happening then dht is no longer there and

It will no longer be exposed to the hair follicles and generate more hair loss asteroid is strongly contraindicated in pregnant women this is because it can cause birth defects and male fetuses it can cause a feminization of the male fetus and development of abnormal genitalia to see a significant difference in both hair dancing and thickness it usually takes

A higher dose so one milligram a day is not enough usually i have to go from 2.5 up to 5 milligrams per day and it takes at least 12 months for you to start seeing a significant increase another popular anti antron therapy is spironolactone now this is actually an off-label use of the drug because spironolactone is used to treat high blood pressure it increases

The potassium levels in the body the anti-androgen effects a spironolactone have to do with how they inhibit the interaction of testosterone dht with their receptors and different target tissues spironolactone comes with a lot of side effects just like finasteride it is contraindicated in pregnancy it can cause dangerously high amounts of potassium in your blood

So it’s really important do blood tests to make sure that you know potassium isn’t too high there’s also side effects including vomiting diarrhea dizziness breast tenderness spotting electrolyte imbalance irregular ovulation it can make a lot of things worse than it already is and pcos typically when you think of medication it seems like a quick fix in this case

Because we’re talking about hair hair usually has a telogen phase of two to four months so if your hair is already programmed to fall out there’s nothing you can do about it but let it fall out but you can prevent the future hair follicles from falling out that easily and you can help to stabilize or slowly increase that antigen phase the growth phase of the hair

But no matter what you do it’s going to take at least four months for you to start to see results typically even more than that there are also other treatments like surgeries and laser treatments that you can consider i will link all those treatments in the description below so you can take a look at it you’ve probably heard of hair transplants you’ve heard of laser

Therapies there are more novel therapies like stem cell signaling small molecule therapies cellular therapy these are all in the works some people are getting it done it can be quite expensive but you can take a look at that yourself asli in the category of conventional treatments i want to talk about the birth control pill also known as the oral contraceptive pill

There’s a lot of different types and is so popular nowadays because it’s used as a lifestyle drug for preventing pregnancy it’s also used for a lot of health conditions including pcos and for treating female pattern hair loss pill is composed of synthetic estrogens and progestins and the way it works is it overrides your hormonal system so the hormones the axes

The signaling that’s going on naturally in your body it overrides all of that so now you no longer have the entry nexus symptoms you’ll have the monthly periods because you’re gonna have about a week of inactive pills that cause your hormones drop and you bleed you’re not ovulating when you’re on the pill and that bleed is an induced bleed these synthetic estrogens

In the birth control pill will help with a lot of engine access symptoms such as acne hirsutism and also feel pattern hair loss a lot of patients have seen quite a remarkable difference in their hair because these estrogens are supporting their hair growth and their density and stopping the telogen phase from occurring too soon the progestin than the pill can

Actually be androgenic so typically for female pattern hair loss you’re using more anti-angiogenic birth control pills but unfortunately these ones come with the highest risk for blood clots and stroke and deep vein thrombosis for example although all of the pills come with these risks and not only that a number of cancers including breast cancer it has actually

Been shown in studies and i will link these below also to worsen insulin resistance so in one study for example they found that the participants had pcos and just three months on the birth control pill worsened their insulin significantly and that’s something that often doctors don’t tell you because they don’t know about it brings in an interesting dimension

Into your informed consent about female pattern hair loss and hormonal imbalance treatments there may come a time when you will want to get off of the birth control pill say you don’t enjoy the side effects you’re afraid of the blood clots the risk of blood clots or perhaps you want to have a baby previously the birth control pill was suppressing your pituitary

And ovary axis and it was overriding your hormonal system now that you’re off of it your body’s going to be incredibly confused not really sure how to signal and especially if you’re a woman with pcos you’re gonna find it very very difficult to begin ovulating again to begin having her period and you’ll find that your hair will start falling out unfortunately the

Birth control pill has worsened your root causes a female pattern hair loss and hormonal imbalance in the first place i will definitely be talking about this in more detail in a future video about alternatives to the birth control pill exactly what the mechanisms are behind the birth control pill the risks the side-effects stay tuned for that now let’s move on to

The natural agents that you can use to start treating her female pattern hair loss i’m not going to cover all of them i am going to link some in the description below and some articles where you can find some interesting information but i will start with one that i absolutely adore which is rosemary essential oil now you can actually blend rosemary essential oil

With a couple of other oils as you can see here i am blending it with some cedar wood oil and some sage oil i found this recipe on dr. axes website so i’m going to link that as well in the description below and you can make your own kind of hair growth serum blend and you can apply this three times a week on your hair massage it in leave it in for 30 minutes or

More and then wash it out as you would normally rosemary leaf extract applied to the hair topically has been shown to reduce 5-alpha reductase activity quite significantly up to eighty two point four percent and it can also reduce binding of dht to hair follicle receptors be sure to dilute rosemary essential oil and other essential oils with a carrier oil such as

Jojoba or sweet almond oil castor oil and then apply that because you don’t want to have any irritation on your skin you may also want to do a spot test in case you have some kind of you develop some kind of dermatitis one study even showed that rosemary oil is just as effective as minoxidil without all those side effects which is incredible i’ve been using this

Topical solution myself for the past couple of weeks and i will continue to do so for the next six months and then i’ll do an update and tell you guys what i’ve seen what my results were one study conducted in male androgenic alopecia showed that pumpkin seed oil was also incredibly beneficial for improving hair loss so take a look at that study as well you may

Want to blend your essential oils with pumpkin seed oil and then apply that to your hair three times a week i think that’s a great option melatonin can also be applied topically it has strong anti-inflammatory effects and has been shown to improve androgenetic alopecia melatonin reduces oxidative stress on the fair hair follicle and around the hair follicle so that

You can start to increase your antigen phase and promotes more growth with your hair there are some pretty powerful anti antigenic herbs out there that you can find pretty easily and use on a daily basis that are a great alternative to spironolactone finasteride and other anteed androgenic medication saw palmetto you’ve probably heard of this it’s a very popular

Natural anti antigenic what it does it is actually a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor similar to rosemary oil there are a couple side effects so do speak to a qualified health care practitioner before starting to take it it can also improve acne and hirsutism that is often accompanied with androgenetic alopecia in women with pcos there are also quite a few studies

That have shown that green tea and spearmint t have anti-angiogenic properties so green tea for example can decrease the production of dihydrotestosterone by inhibiting 5 alpha reductase again you typically need about 400 to 600 milligrams per day and divided doses so you can take a supplement or you can just drink a ton of green tea every day i’m sure that’ll

Be helpful pick up some green tea but also pick up some spearmint heat because one study showed that one cup of spearmint tea twice a day actually radically reduced free–and serum total testosterone levels and women with pcos actual treatments include maca root kerr certain fish oils so fish oil i take one teaspoon a day in the morning and i take a high quality

Fish oil i talked about this in my previous video about supplements for pcos which i will link right up here and down the description below i think fish oil is a great supplement to take because it helps to improve your ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 is it is highly anti-inflammatory fish oil is just an overall incredibly beneficial wellness supplement and it’s

Great for restoring hair as well so go ahead and take it it’s worth it there you have it i’ve compared to conventional treatments versus natural treatments you can probably see that compared to conventional treatments natural treatments tend to have a lot fewer side-effects please do a research before starting any of these treatments please speak to a health care

Professional but finally i do want to stress that all the treatments that i’ve covered in this video are short term solutions they aren’t long-term fixes because they don’t exactly address the root causes what do i mean by root causes i mean what is causing that engine access in the first place it’s not enough to just block the antigen or inhibit the conversion

Of testosterone to dht it’s important to see what are those underlying root causes let’s swim upstream let’s stop just fixing the symptoms and that’s a huge problem in the current health care system we’re just looking at the symptoms we’re waiting for the disease to arrive and then we start attacking the symptoms without addressing the root cause and that has a

Lot of detrimental effects because those root causes are still going to be there and they’re gonna cause a lot more problems a snowballing effect in the long run do some lab tests like i said in the previous video look at your free and total testosterone levels look at your dhes are you ovary dominant andrew nexus or are you adrenal dominant andrew nexus or are

You having both of those and where can you start from there so i will actually address this a lot more in the next video i realize that i do need a next video because i need to talk about dire dietary and lifestyle changes that are necessary for treating the root causes of female pattern hair loss and andrew nexus and generals so these are very simple tips that

You can add to your daily life to improve your overall health but also improve your female pattern hair loss is cheap – and often free it doesn’t require expensive medications it just requires good habits for you to start to implement and continue to implement until your house becomes so much better and you’re ovulating and your hormones are balancing and just a

Great time for everybody i hope you found this video helpful if you did please give me a huge thumbs up and please subscribe so that you can get the next video notified to you when it comes out thanks for watching i

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