February 8, 2023

Anti-Anxiety medication might just be the thing that dramatically improves your dog’s quality of life so let’s discuss what’s getting in the way of saying ….. YES!!! In this video, Denise discusses the #1 barrier when deciding whether or not to support your anxious dog with medication. You might be surprised at what she has to say!

Hey everybody in today’s video i’m going to talk to you about the number one obstacle to putting your anxious dog on anti-anxiety medication stay tuned hey everybody i’m denise mazzola this is geo we are from everything dog and i want to tell you today the number one obstacle for putting dogs on anti-anxiety medication and the number one obstacle is drum roll

You why because we have this feeling this thought in our heads that our dog should just be able to get over it they should just be able to walk by other dogs they should just be able to get through a thunderstorm they should just be able to understand that i will be coming home there’s a there’s a hundred different varieties of anxiety and i’m talking about

When i’m talking about anti-anxiety medication in dogs i’m talking about like maybe not severe cases but cases where the dog’s quality of life is a little sketchy because they can’t function in everyday life okay but again the number one obstacle to putting your dog on medication really is you because here’s what people say i would like to try no medication

Or they’ll say what about cbd oil or they’ll say i don’t believe in medication i don’t believe in anti-anxiety medication is really what they’re saying to me but i’m going to come back and i’m going to give you an extreme example if geo here had raging ear infections would i take him to the vet yes would i get flushes and medication whatever i needed to clear

Up his ears you’re better believe i would if he was hit by a car and needed surgery would i do that yeah i would do that right any physical thing that happens to your your dog that you can visually see and go oh my god he’s bleeding oh my god he’s you know got a tear in his skin whatever it is you will go to your vet and you will have that taken care of just

Like that right we all will but the anxiety is a mental you can think of it as a mental illness in your dog and that’s a different beast it’s much harder for us to wrap our brain around will my dog benefit from medication or not and how will i know if my dog will benefit from medication or not or you make it about you that you’ve done something wrong that you

Failed your dog that if you socialize them more if you expose them more to the things that they’re afraid of uh if i trained harder my dog will get better and i won’t need anti-anxiety medication and you know dogs that are super anxious most of them it’s there’s a huge genetic component to that they are coming from mom and dad dog genes that have anxiety in

There already and then there are certainly environmental things or things that could happen to them that just might you know tip them over the edge you know i’ve worked with lots of not lots of dogs i’ve worked with several dogs that were crated during a home invasion and the owners were not home and now they can’t get those dogs back in a crate do they need

Anti-anxiety medication for that probably not as long as the rest of their life they’re really chill and okay and they’re not anxious if it’s if it’s singularly if the anxiety is about one thing in particular crates okay we won’t crate the dog now it’s not to say that thunderphobic dogs that are we had one that you know uh did a lot of damage to himself did

A lot of damage to the house in an effort to get out of the house or into a different room or behind something that there really wasn’t ability to get behind he needed medication specifically for that thunderphobia and ps by the way that dog was already on anti-anxiety medication because he was super super anxious okay so real quick today the number one thing

That could be keeping your dog from fully enjoying life and getting the help that he or she needs is the thought that you are having about what it means about you if you put your dog on anti-anxiety medication and as i said before it might be you may feel like you’ve done something wrong if your dog needs medication that you’re a failure in some way if your dog

Needs medication that you didn’t train enough you didn’t expose them enough fill in the blank of what you didn’t do enough and i’m going to tell you that it’s not your fault there’s a lot of reasons that dogs are super anxious and there’s a lot of reasons that anti-anxiety medication might help there’s no guarantees right but you’re not going to know unless you

Can get out of your way get the dog on some meds record it and see if it is beneficial or not to them all right you guys hit subscribe hit the bell so that you get notified in an email whenever we upload which we do on a weekly basis and be sure you stay tuned next week as we continue our conversation about fear anxiety and aggression

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Anti-Anxiety Medication for Dogs – The #1 Obstacle to Saying YES! By Everything Dog