March 22, 2023

Weight gain may be a problematic issue when taking antidepressants. In this short presentation I discuss the different potential of inducing weight gain for all common antidepressants.

Today we are talking about under the presence and weight gain weight gain is an important problem when prescribing antidepressants in fact it’s quite common that patients are to take doctors please doctor don’t prescribe me drugs that can mean gain weight and so it is quite important for us clinicians to know which are the antidepressant some of the many that are out

There that can need more with game compared to other that give less weight gain or some that don’t give weight gain at all in fact weight gain induced by antidepressant can be a problem first because of patients not appreciating it of course and so there is a lot of distress in seeing them gaining weight and this can lead to the second point that is non-compliance

Patients can stopped it in their medication because they are afraid of gaining weight and third and probably more important there is an increased risk of medical problems like diabetes metabolic syndrome or cardiological issues this is why it is particularly important to know in detail about this side effect in this review few years ago we made a clear ranking

About compounds and their potential to hit with me as you can see from the right there is a group of 3 compounds the pin amitriptyline and paroxetine all of the relevant amount of with me then there is a group of under the present that have almost no effect on weight gain citalopram is a mind with gain effect while duloxetine a sitaram sertraline and fluoxetine

Have less is not here because they are more recent compounds but also both the oxygen seems quite neutral on weight and aroma latina and the floor box i mean also is not much influencing weight of note the fact that book aubriana has indeed an effect in reducing weight and this happens also in the long term in fact what you see in this slide is the effect in the

Long term because in the short term usually there is not much effect short term is few weeks of one to three months because first during the press of episodes people in used weight and second at the beginning of at the present it meant that there might be some side effects like now that reduced appetite and so the real potential of with gain can be seen much later

After six months twelve months or even after more than one year in fact this is typical case of fluoxetine where it gives an initial weight loss this is why in the past it was considered good and the person for weight loss but now we know that in the long term the weight gain may be apparent for some subjects also with fluidity and so in this final table we can see

A comparison of some of the side effects of the most common antidepressant as you can see weight gain is a problem with paradoxically murtaza in particularly among these ones while less for other compounds but being red it means given weight gain is not always a problem we can consider it for some patients underweight patients gaining weight would be a positive

Effect and moreover for the decision in prescribing the right and the person for everyone we should consider also the other possible side effects as you can see from the slide also sexual dysfunction induced by antidepressant is quite common for some compounds unless the same for sleepiness or insomnia and for some and the present also there is the issue of utc

Elongation so this double is meant as a guide that not to decide which are the best antidepressant in general because there is no under the present that is better than the other overall but which is the most appropriate for each subject some subject may be can need some sedative effect while other subject that may be can need some effect on increasing appetite

And therefore it’s important to choose the right one for every patient for a very end and specific individualized treatment

Transcribed from video
Antidepressants and weight gain By Alessandro Serretti