May 29, 2023


Now as far as pharmacology which always shows up on the nclex and always shows up on exams guys i can’t stress this enough this is the only part of the video that you ever watch i would focus on this so we use the acronym a b c and d for blood pressure lowering drugs again always on exams and end clicks select all that apply questions a is for ace inhibitors

That lowers the blood pressure these guys end in pre oh like lisinopril so guys think trill is like a chill pril for the heart and so the blood pressure lowers we have arrested and relaxed heart now our main side effects is ac ii which is kind of like an ace inhibitor a for angioedema we get a swollen red tongue c for a hacking cough patient coughs like every five

Minutes and e is for electrolyte imbalances we have low sodium called hyponatremia and high potassium called hyperkalemia now our second day is for arbs which also lowers blood pressure these guys end in sergeant like losartan so guys just think sour tan sounds like relaxed man or sour tan retirement plan we have less workload on the heart and more relaxation to the

Blood pressure they let out fluid out of the body and into the potty so it decreases the work now b is for beta blockers we slow the heart rate they in an lol like atenolol so guys think be four blocks beats or be four breaks on the heart or you can think since it ends in lol think l for low or heart rate now big caution before giving beta blockers that blocks the

Beats and slows the heart rate remember the four beats bradycardia anything below sixty heart rate or less we cannot give this medication b for bottoms out the blood pressure anyone with hypotension we have to hold this medication we can’t give it beta blockers also constrict the bronchi so any type of breathing problems even a history of copd or asthma you can’t

Give the drug and lastly blood sugar masking for hypoglycemic this low blood sugar patients so guys big caution for diabetics always monitor their sugar closely now next is our c4 calcium channel blockers calcium channel blockers calms the heart so think c4 calms the heart and c4 controls the blood pressure our famous three that show up on tests is neff cardizem

And verapamil now to feta pine ends in d pine-sol d pine rhymes with break time calm and relaxed heart lower blood pressure now cardizem ends in zem so think like yoga zen-like perfectly calm dand relaxed heart lower blood pressure and lastly for wrap a mil think calm and chill relaxed heart and low blood pressure next is d for diuretics so think d for decreases

The blood pressure by d draining the fluid from the body into the potties which also d dehydrates the body so guys think a dried body now we have potassium wasting and potassium sparing diuretics so for potassium wasting we have furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide both of these rhyme with pride now we only give potassium wasters if potassium is normal between 3.5

And 5.0 anything less than 3.5 is a big no-no you don’t give the drug now potassium sparing diuretics s for sproat a lactone think s for spares the potassium this guy blocks aldosterone directly to let fluid out of the body and into the potty and it ends in tone so think it blocks aldosterone now spironolactone retains potassium so avoid potassium rich foods like

Green leafy veggies fruits and even salt substitutes big test-tube right now our last tea is for dilators aka vaso dilators so think d for decrease the blood pressure by d dilating the blood vessels making them wide to decrease vascular resistance our famous vasodilator is nitroglycerin so guys always think nitro is like a pillow for the heart rested and relaxed

Decreased blood pressure now a big caution we can never give this if a patient is on viagra or erectile dysfunction drugs it will widen the blood vessels way too much and dropping the blood pressures so low it’s gonna kill the patient now last but not least we have a different set of drugs that have nothing to do with blood pressure but these guys help prevent black

And clots they help by preventing the clogging of the arteries so think ac4 anti clogging the artery’s a is for anti platelets like aspirin and clopidogrel brand-name plavix this guy prevents platelets from clumping together and forming clots and c4 cholesterol-lowering drugs guys these end and statin like lovastatin so remember stay clean because it cleans out

The arteries keeping them free from cholesterol now since statins prevent the production of cholesterol in the liver it is very liver toxic so guys don’t give this to patients with liver problems like hepatitis or cirrhosis oh and also avoid grapefruit juice since it blocks statin drugs ok very last but definitely not least when drugs don’t work then we use the

Abcs of heart surgery to prevent a heart attack aka a clot in the coronary arteries the little oxygen tubes feeding the heart thanks for watching for our full video & new quiz bank click right up here to access your free trial and please consider subscribing to our youtube channel last but not least a big thanks to our team of experts helping us make these

Great videos alright guys see you next time

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