January 26, 2023

My update

Now we’re doing youtube basically this is an update video for the anxiety thing that i’ve got going on and as some of you know i’ve been on 20 milligrams teleprompter for about three months now i’ve got to say that it’s had an extremely positive impact on my life currently i mean it’s kind of mmm not gonna put it it just stopped me from up in my panic attacks and

It’s really really made things a lot simpler and i’m able to deal with a lot more more than what i could really and secondly i mean my friend i’m gonna be starting up a a website which is gonna be forum based for all people with anxiety and panic syndrome for them to share their experiences and pass any type of questions that they want to give anonymously it will

Be strictly anonymously based so you don’t have to kind of reveal any any personal details or whatnot and i think it’ll be a good thing more like group therapy cuz i really really want to start helping people with it i mean they son last year i was at my lowest bit too much detail to go into but it was really bad and i managed to persevere through it and due to

Friends and whatnot and i think that if these people if some people who experienced it haven’t got anybody saw to it can be really really bad and it can really start to take over your life don’t ever think that anxiety and depression and panic syndrome aren’t as important to any other disability that’s out there medically my doctor said they it’s just as severe as

Anything that’s out there it can it can crush it in an instant if you like take control of your life and the main thing is to is try and keep positive so you know and can you relay a kind of techniques that are used which help me an awful lot the technique is called the square syndrome and basically what you can do and in your house you everywhere you look you’ll

Be able to find something square and when you’re going through a panic attack and simply go from corner to corner so just follow the corner and count to five bring it up and bring it down it’s a note in fact that yes your brain can’t concentrate on more than and two things and more than one thing at once so it’s a good way to kind of bring the panic downs work to

A level where you can get on with your life and if anybody you’d be interested at then i’ll leave my facebook account below and you can just get in contact and whatnot and but i really do recommend it it’s gonna help a lot once it’s up and running i’ll post it up and if anybody wants a link and he’ll be doing it in my next video and okay thank you very much for

Listening to this it was just a quick update and so cheers thank you

Transcribed from video